12 Replies to “I still can’t believe people like these”

  1. Diane, agreed. Happily, you should expect a change soon. The City has approved having volunteers repaint the booths in a more pleasant set of colors, and will redo the signs to get the safety message across without the large print NO.

  2. If they are going to be left open like that they will be used as toilets and worse, late at night. The side window is fine but if the opening is without a door on the right or left side the kids working inside will be roasted to death by the sun. A door hinged at the top would be a good sunshade when open. I agree, it looks like they went out of their way to make them as ugly as possible. Your $200k/pa Beach Maintenance Crew in action. They have only done this for about 100 summers so far so don’t be too harsh on them

  3. They need to be completely redone not just painted. Theses were slapped together with plywood. The old ones and I can’t believe I’m saying this were nicer. If it rained kids could shut the windows/doors to avoid the elements. Also the old ones could be painted nicer.

  4. Anthony, yes. I attended a meeting with the City Manager, Commissioner Public Works and Director Operations Beach Park regarding establishment of a Beautification Committee.

    During the conversation we discussed Beach Ticket Booths and it was agreed that volunteers could help improve the paint job.

    The City, with volunteers, is taking very positive actions to beautify our city. We’ll prepare a blog on this in the near future.

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