Should we be required by law to bag all our trash? What stricter garbage laws should LB adapt?

The following image was sent in by resident Richard Boodman, who adds:

A NO BRAINER FOR LB RESIDENTS AND BUSINESS. LET’S HEAR FROM YOUR RANTERS. Don’t forget to remind them to tie the bags.unnamed

That Richard Boodman has a point. There is way too much garbage blowing in the wind these days. How much of that ends up in our ocean or bay? I would love for our city to enforce stricter garbage laws. Discuss…

(Oh and don’t forget to tie your bags)

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  1. Not surprised Boodie would jump on this one, but you? While the goal has merit, given various other ways to control this problem short of adding tons of plastic bags to the wastestream, I think a broader analysis of the problem and potential solutions is in order. If you support stricter garbage laws/ enforcement, sure, but adding more plastic bags requires a cost benefit analysis.

  2. YES! I would love to see this. I have wonderful neighbors but unfortunately, they do not realize what happens with their garbage….

    I am out there EVERY MORNING before I get showered for work, picking up trash from my lawn and the curb, street, sidewalk. Further — for those who are weekenders who put their garbage out on Sunday afternoon (sometimes morning!) — it is blown away by the time Tuesday comes. I have offered to put out their trash can (and return it for them — to no avail).

    I take pride in my little slice of heaven — and wished everyone saw the results of their actions. The unintended consequences are a dirty city, defiling the streets/others’ properties and pissing off nice people like me!

  3. Hmm interesting. I did not think about that. I’m going to have to change the title while I give this some more thought.

    I do think there should be stricter laws… somehow.. I just don’t know what. I see many buildings on Shore Road and Broadway with piles upon piles of garbage. A lot of it blowing around. Something must be done.

  4. I take a paper bag and place it inside a plastic bag, both of which I get from the supermarket. After filled, I fold over the top of the paper bag, and tie the handles of the plastic bag before throwing out.

    Simple, sturdy, and leak proof. Oh, and costs nothing and reuses two items that could otherwise be thrown out.

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