Breaking: Buckets of paint have fallen from the sky and spilled all over Cancun

unnamedI actually haven’t been to this place since they opened. I can’t remember if I liked the food or not because a Mariachi Band chased my crying toddler out, so we had to get our food to-go. This was like 5:30pm…an early dinner.. So yeah Cancun is little too loud for the Seabythecity family.  What do you folks think of Cancun? Any must-have dishes?

Cancun Mexican Restaurant
777 West Beech Street

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  1. Actually, their food is pretty good and their margaritas and other cocktails are excellent. I haven’t been back since the fall — and it was VERY QUIET in there when we went during prime time Saturday dinner.

    While I am unsure about those vibrant paint colors – it did need something more festive, vibrant and more Mexican looking than it was.

    BTW – I was there when a bunch of 30-something women were on the mechanical bull; it was hilarious!

  2. No amount of paint can “cover” the HORRIBLE service, bad vibe, poorly run, expensive drink, low class horror that is Cancun….I cannot believe they are still in business! Walked out so fast after numerous flubs…we didn’t even get to taste the food….

  3. My family and I ate there towards the end of the summer. The food was good, service was good. However, I tried to speak to a manager about the litter that was surrounding the restaurant, on Beech St., the parking lot, New York and Walnut. The manager was “not available”,and the bartender made excuses for the litter. I told him that I lived in the neighborhood and that many felt the same way. Nothing changed,.
    . I will never go again. How hard is it to send a busboy out once a day to clean litter for a few minutes. Respect ypur neighbors, show some pride in your business ,
    And yes, paint job looks super amateur, walked by it yesterday! Color is nice though, if done well.

  4. I can’t remember having any worse experience in s Long Beach resturant, I don’t know which was worse, the food or the amusing and the utterly terrible service

  5. Why don’t YOU go pick it up? It’s no more their responsibility than it is yours. It’s not like this is a food truck and their garbage is blowing in the wind.

  6. Ate there last summer Food was delicious. Service good. Had drinks at the bar afterward. Got a little weird when the disco lights went on and Mexican music was replaced by some really loud 80’s music. All in all we’d go back

  7. Hey, I do pick up litter in my neighborhood, on the islands, on my block,,,,do you seriously think the restaurant shouldn’t take some pride in their neighborhood, right outside their place of business. Vito’s never looked like that outside, nor do most other places of business,,,they send someone out to clean.

  8. Couldn’t agree with you more. The food was awful and greasy when we went. It was barely edible. Granted, it was the first weekend it was open, but it was so bad, and the service was awful, that we will never go back! Can’t believe they are still in business either, let alone putting money into it!!!!

  9. We live nearby. Haven’t been to it yet because I heard the music is very loud when eating.

    I want to be able to have a conversation while dining:)

    What’s with the color they painted for the outside? They are close but it’s a miss. Between the beach entrance beige and this.

    I’m starting to wonder if a lot of people in LB are colorblind.

    After reading the comments the mechanical bull does sound like fun. Probably starts though after my bedtime. haha

  10. Went there last night. Very good service and the owner or manager let my 5 year old go on the bull, which he loved. Food was so, so. Bungalow West has much better tacos, I think. We’d probably go back for the bull, not the food. And it wasn’t noisy at all.

  11. Many restaurants and bars “clean” up in the west end and on park by sweeping cigarette butts into the sewers followed by dumping their mop bleach buckets into them. All going into our bay. I’ve made complaints to the city. Walk by when they open on weekends and watch. Or just peek in the sewers outside some of the bars.
    All bars in long beach should have multiple cigarette butt collectors. And in general long beach needs better and more garbage cans on the streets

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