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  1. I have a small child so my hubby and I wanted to try it so we called to do takeout and as the guy is preparing to take my order I’m assuming the manager or owner told him no they were too busy to deliver. So we tried again at ordering another day during a walk and we stood on a mini line at the door and couldn’t get service. So I guess it’s good for them that they are busy but in order to accommodate all customers they should work on service. I’m a tad turned off but willing to try a third time.

  2. I went last Saturday evening, and had some of the best Indian food outside of India (where I travelled to last year!)
    Service was a bit spotty but they were only open a few days and it was really busy but they were incredibly friendly and the quality of the food made up for the short wait. The menu says delivery up to 2 miles so I was concerned that didn’t go as far as Shore Road, but they said they’ll deliver to Lido.
    This is an excellent addition to Long Beach Restaurants and I will definitely be returning ( a lot).

  3. The owner has another Indian restaurant in Baldwin that I frequent as it is pretty darn good food (and where I have never had a problem with service). The LB location is just as good based on the one time I’ve gone in. I’m sure they’re still working out the kinks. And I’m glad it seems they have been kept busy since opening.

  4. Went Saturday evening-service was great – ordered lamb korma & it was better than any I’ve had in the city. BYOB is a huge plus also-will definitely crave it again soon! Any service issues others are having will probably be worked out with a bit of time 🙂

  5. Look at it this way- by not serving/ delivery they were able to focus on the customers there. It is worth the loss in sales to not spread the kitchen or staff thin. As a former restaurant worker who wore every hat from cooking to management, I have seen too many owners trying to squeeze people /orders in when the kitchen or staff is already overwhelmed…only to have everything either crash or quality reduced. By not delivering or seating someone they are actually showing they want to do right by their customers.

    At least that is what I am guessing the situation was by your posting and for that, I definitely look forward to going there knowing they actually give a shit. Cool.

    An particular dish recommendations from anyones who has been?

  6. Great point…however there are more professional or service geared ways to deal with that…simply saying no…Instead of starting to take an order and then say “no delivery” or having a line of people waiting to place an order at the door. I respect maintaining the dining room but to keep a good business reputation and maintain future customers it makes more sense to not offer takeout when it’s busy or at all until you get a handle on the flow of your customers. With that said I understand things happen and we will still try it out when we have a sitter.

  7. Went last night. Service was great. Chicken Tikka Marsala was perfect. Yellow lentil was awesome. Chicken Saag was good. Have had better but have also had much much worse. Mango Lassie was on point. Just as good as any place in Jackson Heights or the city.

  8. I lived in Hicksville for a few years and was spoiled by the dozens of Indian restaurants in that area. I tried this place out, and although it is a step below what I’m used to (in terms of authenticity), it was still worth going to again.

    The saag paneer was good, but next time I will order it a little spicier (I ordered mild and it didn’t have any spiciness at all). The vegetable samosas were delicious!!!

    Being a vegetarian, it’s nice to have a place like this around that provides lots of options on the menu.

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