4 Replies to “Georgia Park is awesome”

  1. I wish someone would get rid of that stupid “West End” skateboard “art” that’s in the planter box in front of Georgia park. It could not look more terrible, I can’t believe people actually buy products with that horrendous logo.

  2. I brought my 3 year old there on friday, and I agree that it is great. The water area is separated by a fence, the swings are separated by a fence – perfect.
    I do have two complaints though. Why are there two enormous structures for kids ages 5-12 and a tiny little thing for the little ones? I understand the ‘safety’ concept, but my daughter was not interested in the structure for the toddlers and only wanted to climb and play in the larger one.
    The older kids attend school and then are usually in camp. We really needed something bigger and more entertaining for the younger ones.

    And a side note…. The ladder at magnolia park (that leads to the big slide) seems slanted and should be aligned. Again, not the safest for an active 3 year old. Plus, in both olaygrounds, the big kids are not very aware of the little ones…

  3. Love LB, If you believe there is a possible safety concern with the equipment in any of our children’s playground you should notify the city. While posting on this blog is good so that other people will be aware of the issue, the only way to get something resolved is to let the city know there is an issue. If they do not know there is an issue that will never be able to correct it. If you can take a picture of the issue you can use the Long Beach Response App and send the info to the city. If you do not have the Response App please call the city at 431-1000 and let them know. If you do contact the city, please post what the city’s response is to this issue that effects our children.

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