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  1. Who put the cones out? A city worker? They will learn never to do that again and be made to go out under cover of darkness and groom the beach rid of such things. That’s the kind of thing that stops a dune project dead in it’s tracks. So, if any of you “protectors of shorebirds” are reading this, I would suggest immediately documenting the nest, recording heavy truck work, and sending the info and location along to the Nature Conservancy http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/northamerica/unitedstates/newyork/placesweprotect/longisland/ and the Audubon New York chapter http://ny.audubon.org/. Watch how much bulldozing and beach raking goes on in the days leading up to when the dune project begins, in particular, at the start of shorebird nesting season.

  2. I’m confused. Oystercatcher Casino……Are you saying that the cones should not have been put up. The City workers have always been very respectful of the nest, often placing the emergency lane posts around them. Again I’m really not sure what you are saying….. I didn’t place the cones but have put up stakes and string for the last few years as soon as I see the eggs. But, I will send the info to the Nature Conservancy and the Audubon New York chapter. What do you suggest we do when the dune project begins?

  3. Sorry Anne, it was an attempt at humor. Of course the cones, or any measure of protection, is a good thing. And yes, i would expect the City workers to be mindful of shorebirds. That is, until they get a directive from the top that “progress” is not to be stopped. It happens in various townships that nesting shorebirds (piping plovers, oystercatchers, etc) nests are eradicated undercover of darkness for nefarious reasons of “progress” – expensive seaside house rentals beach access is interrupted, dune replenishment projects get halted. There is a litany of reasons. So keep your eye on it.

  4. @sam. You’re leaving too much to chance with a bird’s nest. I’ve been burying remnants of an old slave ship around the Superblock..

  5. When the jetties are rehabilitated, the beaches will grow to the south. Dredging sand will grow the beaches still more. This happened in the 1940-50’s in the West End. Beaches there went from waves lapping at the street ends at high tide, to beaches 300 feet wide, in a few years. Sadly, over the years, no maintenance work was ever done on the jetties. The scattered remains of those neglected jetties are still there–take a good look at them and remember what you see. All of that is because of total neglect by the City of LB government, regardless of political party. Once the beaches begin to grow, more and more dune grass should be planted and snow fencing installed. Oyster Catchers and Piping Plover will multiply like bunnies with conditions like those. The biggest threat to ground nesting birds are house cats and their feral relatives. No matter how well house cats are are fed, they still kill everything they can. Take a look at some of the websites featuring “cat-cams” ,vidios of cats with mini cams attached. They spend almost all of their time stalking and killing songbirds, toads, turtles bugs–anything they find, they kill. Mention this to a cat lover and they look at you like you just began speaking serbo-croatian–dumb stare of denial of what they already know to be true.

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