18 Replies to “What to do with the foundation on foundation block. Discuss.”

  1. Well the location would have been great for the skate park, instead of next to the sewage treatment plant. The foundation could have been included into the terrain of the park.

    But since that is not happening how about using it as the background for outdoor art installations or a sculpture garden instead of a canvas for graffiti. Or embrace the graffiti (which has become a mainstream art form), regulate and allow it something like ‘Street Museum of Art’ (SMoA), in Brooklyn or “5Pointz” in Queens.

  2. How about putting blacktop, making it a real parking area for the summer (non-residents pay) and using it for the farmers market and town festivals the rest of the year?

  3. It could serve as the city’s Central Park. What other city or village has an empty piece of real estate in its center where it could offer so many uses? If it is ever developed it will complete the wall of apartments that line the boardwalk – very sad.

  4. Silly question, but who actually owns that piece of property? Do the taxpayers of Long Beach actually hold title to that land or is owned by private interests?

  5. I’m glad we all have ideas for how someone should be using their privately owned property and, in some cases, the price point they should be charging for parking…

  6. Are you serious? A parking lot? While I agree “Ha” below that we have no business telling someone what to do with their own property, a parking lot is the LAST thing we should suggest. Do you legitimately want to put a huge expanse of black top next to a beach? Talk about an eye sore . . .

  7. Better idea!
    Just leave it alone so that all the peor can bring their dumpsters, toilets, boxcars for crapola, and whatever else to keep up the disgusting eye sore it already is.

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