We got another trolley. Now let’s fix the routes.

One of eight public transit vehicles replaced with federal funds after Sandy severely damaged City’s fleet

(Long Island, NY) U.S. Representative Kathleen Rice joined Long Beach officials today to unveil the City’s new federally-funded trolley, one of eight vehicles replaced after the City’s public transit fleet suffered severe damage during superstorm Sandy. Rice and Senators Schumer and Gillibrand announced in February that more than $2.7 million in Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Sandy Emergency Relief funds would be provided to reimburse the City for the purchase of five buses, two trolleys and one open-air trolley. The FTA funds cover 90 percent of the slightly more than $3 million cost of replacing these eight vehicles, and the remaining 10 percent is covered through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant Program. The state-of-the-art trolley unveiled today is fully accessible, with a wheelchair ramp and two designated seating areas for disabled passengers.

Rice.LBTrolley1U.S. Representative Kathleen Rice joined Long Beach officials today to unveil the City’s new federally-funded trolley. Photo Credit: NYS.

“Today marks an important step in the ongoing effort to make Long Beach whole again,” said U.S. Representative Rice. “Public transit is at the heart of Long Beach’s economy – it takes residents to work every day, it brings customers into the City’s small businesses, and it gives visitors access to all that Long Beach has to offer. Getting these vehicles back on the streets will help this community continue to recover from superstorm Sandy and help residents get back to their normal lives.”

“Replacing the Sandy-damaged trolleys is essential because Long Beach residents, as well as visitors and beachgoers, rely on public transit when exploring all the amazing things this community has to offer.  This new federally-financed trolley—which we worked hard to secure– will help Long Beach residents, businesses and more return to normalcy and help restore much-needed transportation options in Long Beach,” said U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer.

Rice.LBTrolley2Pictured is one of eight vehicles replaced after the City’s public transit fleet suffered severe damage during superstorm Sandy. Photo Credit: NYS.

“As New York continues to recover and rebuild from the damages caused by Superstorm Sandy I am pleased Long Beach will get this federal funding for a new trolley,”said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. “I will continue to fight for the resources necessary to rebuild from the storm so local taxpayers are not stuck footing the bill alone and so that local residents have the reliable, affordable transportation options they need to get to work every day.”

“This new trolley is part of the City’s continued commitment to making transportation easy, fun, and convenient,” said Long Beach City Council President Len Torres. “It offers our residents and their visitors a way to get around to enjoy our restaurants, shops, and activities without needing a car.”

“We appreciate our partners at the federal level, Congresswoman Rice and Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, who have assisted us obtaining this new federally funded trolley,” said City Manager Jack Schnirman. “We look forward to having our new trolley out on City streets in the very near future.”


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  1. Hopefully we can hire two new employees with million dollar benefits to drive the empty trolley around town. Maybe this one can be specificall for nail-salon and pub crawls!

  2. @allison – it’s part of the continued effort of making it fun, easy and convenient! So some people have to walk a couple extra blocks to use public transportation – it’s not a door to door taxi.

  3. This is the priority?
    Need we say anymore?
    Is the Councilfool Torres serious?
    How many Dem Club exec members are in this picture?
    A picture is worth ……….

  4. Now, if we could only encourage our young aspiring gangsters to stop destroying the interiors (and to get whomever has been smoking inside of them to stop)

  5. I bought a new fork truck, I really bought a “used” fork truck, but who can afford new these days, anyways, me and the crew did not have time to stop and take pictures for the wall or the local paper. So pathetic! Add up all the wasted hours and at least Schnirman should be fired for theft of services… If I came back to the warehouse and saw the employees taking photos with a new piece of equipment I think I would explain in a very harsh tone how much of a waste of time and money these photos are, go “clock out” and take them on your own time..” It would be hard for me not to throw in a curse word here or there just to make myself abundantly clear…..
    If/When I become city manager, I would tell them,” Thank You, but I am working now, I am not an elected official, I was just hired to MANAGE the city, I am too busy for photographs, but thank you anyways, I have a few hundred thousand potholes to deal with, and most probably should start figuring out a way to get the city off of the worste financially stressed cities in the state……….”
    Kathleen Rice is enjoying her new position, now that she got into the U.S. House of Representatives she made it to the “country club” and now she can take these photographs while thinking in her head how dumb ALL the people who voted for me thought I would be fighting for them non-stop everyday instead of taking photographs on a single lone “faux” trolley in Long Beach. For all intents and purposes they are taking a photograph on a single public transportation vehicle and we should congratulate them? Not even a fleet, a single bus deserves commendation? People should look at this picture and ask themselves do you have time during the day to take photographs like this with your co-workers and employees? Is this a good management of our time and resources? Should we re-elect people that have this much time on their hands when we are ALL paying for it?
    When did we reward non-work? When did we elect people to do nothing? When did this country commend such trivial accomplishments? When did we start commending public employees and elected officials for simply doing their job? Have we as a country and an electorate become so used to “do-nothings” that we need to see photos of them doing something? anything?
    Damn, sorry this went so long, but like they say – a picture, I mean a “photo op,” is worth a thousand words, but I hope this costs them a thousand votes…….

  6. Sorry, even though it is a total of eight vehicles, it is still pathetic….
    Anthony can you please repost the Long Beach Herald article on The City of Long Beach Public schools budget. I think everyone should read how our Public School portion of our taxes are going up the state maximum of 3.9% this year! The vote is coming up very shortly!

  7. Love This City, I commend you.
    In reality, shouldn’t we be glad that Councilfool Torres even showed up for anything? In his mind, that WAS work!!
    As far as the rest are concerned, I am sure they considered that work as well. Therein lies the problem. These boogers have never really worked hard at anything except spin. Look at the picture and you see all of the people who have made a living being paid by taxpayers. Nobody ever had a job where they were accountable. Rumor has it the City Manager did, but he was fired for non-performance which made him a perfect fit for this City Council to hire!! Add in the illustrious Gordon Tepper, our Propagandist Extraoridnaire, and there we are. The most mediocre of municipalities. Aren’t we great?????

  8. As I looked at the picture of “public officials” I was wondering at what time Karen Adamo became a public official. Probably just another BS ruse to promote the new Democratic City Council Candidate at taxpayers expense or gullibility.

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