16 Replies to “Social bicycle kiosks are going up”

  1. WHAT? With no resident input? NOT OK. This is NOT how a bike share is suppose to work- the City does not tell us where the kiosks go, we tell them where WE want them to go.

  2. @Alllison…Because here’s how resident input always goes…

    LB Office: So we’re putting in a social bike system, and we wanted to know where you think they should go.

    LB Resident 1: I don’t want it anywhere near my house!

    LB Resident 2: I want it right near my house!

    LB Resident 3: How could you be putting in bikes before we have a million bike lanes! I want a bike highway from my house to all the places I go in the world!

    LB Resident: I want LB under 24 hour surveillance of a speed camera and the city speed limit to be 2 miles an hour!

    LB Resident 4: Only a local bike company should be used! Yeah! Only local businesses should be allowed to gouge residents!

    LB Resident 5: How can you put in bikes before we have a hospital? My arms been broken for 2 years!

    LB Resident 6: We have money for bikes but not firemen?! I’m tweeting Billy Crystal!

    LB Resident 1: We need more parking!

    LB Resident 4: Where do I contest my parking tickets from 2004!?

    LB Resident 3: I want it near LB resident 1’s house! And I want another Irish Day before I agree to this!

    LB resident 5: I want NO Irish days before I agree to this!

    LB Resident 2: We pay all this money in taxes and my kids can’t read – teachers are overpaid! Also, we need a hospital, a fire team for every house, and a Trader Joe’s! Also, less trolley’s, more bikes, more buses and a hotline for the LIRR schedule!

    LB Resident 1: I moved here for the beach and am surprised people come here for the beach! No bikes!

    LB Resident 6: This is all a ploy to get rid of cars! This is all Obama’s fault!

    LB Resident 2: We have to get rid of cars?! They’re going to turn the bikes into Section 8 housing!

    LB Resident 3: They should be free for residents and $1 trillion dollars for tourists!

    LB Resident: I want a free helmet!

    LB Office: Well, thank you for your input. We’ll just put them wherever…

  3. Hallycat you are sorely mistaken if you think residents will not be using these. In fact I just put my family’s bicycles up for sale on craigslist and we will be using these exclusively this summer. It will be so convenient, when I want to go for a bike ride I will simply walk a couple of blocks over to Park Ave, hop on on our new trolley(does anyone have the schedule for that thing, does it even go down Park Ave?), walk from Park Ave to the rec, unlock the bike (for a small fee) ride up to the boardwalk do a quick up and down and head over to Key Food in the West End, do my shopping, stop at the beer place and pick up some cold ones and then I will head back to the rec with my bags hanging off the handlebars and my 18pack balanced on them. Once I get to the rec I will lock up my bike and pay my rental fee (if there are available spaces) and then lug the shopping to Park, wait for the Trolley, and wait, and wait and if it comes I only have the few blocks walk back from Park Ave. This is going to be much more convenient.

  4. Stupid, stupid, stupid. More space removed from the most congested part of boardwalk. Unbelievable. Can’t wait for a nice weekend walk or bike ride down boardwalk. Should be no problem with walkers in bike lanes, as they will have to avoid those yellow posts.

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