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  1. If there’s one thing needed it’s more signs. More signs. More rules. More tickets. 3 seconds to merge – 4 seconds? $90 bucks.

    And Less things allowed on the beach. Two bottles of water? Nope. You get one. Thirsty? Bring a big one. Also, 1 towel p/customer. 1 chair p/customer.

  2. Not sure how big of a cluster F*^K that is going to make over there, considering how busy it gets, but it is a mistake using a solid steel base with a clear path for water entry. Water will get under in the winter, the ice will raise the steel and set it back down. The freeze and thaw cycle will eventually damage the concrete and cause issues for the concrete under the steel base and most probably loosen the anchors. Eventually this will happen…

  3. I’m all for bike sharing. This doesn’t appear to be well planned station. Added bikes will decrease egress along this very busy walking area of the Boardwalk, no?
    Did the bike share program that left us have a station in this area?

    I’m assuming these aren’t permanent structures?

  4. terrible location! why not install the bike stations on the sidewalks and leave the boardwalk without obstacles. way too much traffic there and this will make that section of the boardwalk more difficult to navigate.

  5. @FC you are so right. What dipsh%$ ok’ed this location?Why in God’s name would they force more people to walk into the bike lane? Oh, that’s right, we don’t have a bike lane anymore. Wait, the majority of non-tax paying day-trippers typically walk the boardwalk. So why not just put smack in the middle and overtly screw us some more?

  6. Agreed. Also the cost of doing business on our $44million boardwald and public sidewalks should be higher than what we will be receiving from this company.

    This is not going to go over well.

  7. Social Bikes is awesome, great people and bike share in general is an awesome transportation mode but this is not smart. The City needs to include the public in this process.

    I am confidant that this will be fixed, that the Sobi racks will be moved to street level by the regular Bike racks and beach entrance with signage.

  8. Clearly this is going to increase the possibility of bike pedestrian accident in this area, the interesting point is would the city be liable? I can see both pedestrians getting struck by a bike as they walk around this installation or as a person takes a bike from the rack without looking and backs it up into the bike lane and takes out a passing cyclist.

    I don’t recall where did they have the Deco Bike kiosks on the boardwalk?

  9. I know for sure there was a Deco down the Neptune end. Pretty sure there was one mid boardwalk as well as off boardwalk in several locations.
    You people are really a bunch of whiny crybabies.

    Anyway, what I would really like to see in the way of signs is street signs on the boardwalk. I am constantly being asked by people what street am I on,

  10. The City doesn’t need to include the public on every decision, they need to stop hiring half-wits. You have to be a complete idiot to stand there with a tape measure and think this location is ok. Unless it’s a parachute drop or you’re staying at the Allegria, you have to walk up onto the boardwalk. Put the damn bikes the ground level. It’s mystifying how City government bends over backwards for people who “contribute” to Long Beach maybe 12 weekends or 24 days a year in a good season. I can’t wait to see this photo-op, City Council all siting on Social bikes with dopey grins. Please tell me they’ll be wearing helmets.

  11. @hallycat, Really? Whiny crybabies? I like to think of myself as someone who expects reasonably intelligent decision making. Come on, for $44 million dollars we can’t have the safety of our old bike line back? I can understand that they weren’t smart enough to know that ipe wood is too oily to hold paint all that well, but then why not try something like replacing the outermost board with white plastic wood. People just get fed up with looking around this city and seeing dopey decision making time and time again.

  12. could the installation of the boardwalk bike racks maybe not wait until the bumpouts are done in a month or two? would seem to make a ton more sense to put them there out of the flow of traffic. i’d keep them on street level until that time.

  13. Leave it to these thoughtless morons to mess up and screw up the Boardwalk once again.
    We don’t need No Stinkin Bike Rentels on the Boardwalk.
    Put in in the Councilmens Backyard.

  14. @unsustainable yes, that is what I called the posters here. Sorry, I call it like I see it. I could have said worse but I am a lady 🙂

    I think the rental bikes were a great idea when they were here before. And nobody paid attention to the bike lanes when they were there anyway.
    Folks crossing the lane and stopping dead in their tracks, little kids on the loose running in front of people who think the boardwalk is a stage of the TDF.

  15. @unsustainable

    Great idea with the white boards at the edge of the bike lane. Wouldn’t be terribly hard to have the ipe boards pulled up and replaced with a composite white wood to designate the bike lane.

  16. Those bump outs are another ill conceived plan. Parking is already limited and now more of the street is eaten with the bump outs. The city really gives no thought to the needs or wants of the locals, it’s all about the “tourists” who allegedly keep the merchants in business.

  17. If those yellow things are painted steel they will sooner or later rust and stain the concrete. Each one has 3 fastenings drilled into the concrete. If those fastenings are plated steel they will be rusting after 1 season of exposure to the salt laden air at the beachfront. All other fastenings on BW are stainless steel and everything else fastened there should be ss too.
    Each of the 60 holes in the picture, over time will admit water which will freeze/thaw many times each season, no matter how they are sealed/caulked. The result will be a crater at each fastening point.

    The whole installation with bikes will block most of the concrete lane to foot traffic, diverting walkers into bike traffic’ Entire thing is stupid and a cobbled together mess. Competent architects and engineers designed the BW and skilled carpenters , dock builders and ironworkers built it using the best materials. Now the BW is in the hands of the morons and unless all of this kind of crap is stopped and placed in the hands of competent architects/engineers and craftspersons, the BW will be ruined. Bike racks belong at street level, not anywhere on the BW.

  18. The photo opp has been posted on the City Facebook page. It was a private non-publicized launching of the bike share Sunday. City admin only.

  19. The bikes are in the racks at the Edwards Riverside racks.
    They don’t take up that much room off the boardwalk.

    What they need to do NOW though is mark the bike lane somehow. During the busy Sunday afternoon there were people wandering right down the middle of it oblivious. Riders (NOT on Social bikes mind you) were flying down the bike lane screaming bike lane to the clueless. And how would they know anyway?

  20. “They don’t take that much room off the boardwalk” is an opinion, not a measurement of anything. How about a photo with people near the bikes for purposes of scale. Simplest thing to put in the picture for scale is a common yellow pencil–everyone know how big that is. Put it right by the bikes, not 10 feet away.

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