Bike Sharing racks will most likely go on the bump-outs [once they are made]

There seems to be a lot of conversation in this thread regarding the placement of the Social Bicycle kiosks on the boardwalk:

IMG_2473Have no fear. “Obstructing the boardwalk” was a major concern at the Boardwalk Phase II meetings (BOARDWALK PHASE II MEETING – MY EXPERIENCE) and the city responded:

“Keep activity and Kiosk queues out of the flow of the boardwalk traffic [LINK]

The bike kiosks will most likely be moved to the bump-outs upon completion. Based on the Boardwalk Phase II Timeline, the Riverside Blvd Comfort Station should be completed on May 25th. I took this photo the other day of the progress, but so much has been done since then:


As you can see behind the WALK BIKES sign at Edwards Blvd, work on other comfort stations have already began as well. In other news: What’s the deal with that WALK BIKES sign? It’s clearly not for the ramp.

2015-04-26 14.17.10


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  1. Thanks for the updates!!

    I’m guessing the “walk bikes” sign is for the fair this weekend? For each end of craft booth area?

  2. Whenever the boardwalk has an event LBPD puts those in the middle of the bike lane to get people to stop riding through the highly trafficked area.

    I guess they just got tired of dragging them all the way back to the station and left them off to the side.

  3. “most likely go on the bump outs” are weasel words. Most likely means maybe they will, maybe they’ll go up on the BW.

    If those yellow things are painted steel they will sooner or later rust and stain the concrete. Each one has 3 fastenings drilled into the concrete. If those fastenings are plated steel they will be rusting after 1 season of exposure to the salt laden air at the beachfront. All other fastenings on BW are stainless steel and everything else fastened there should be ss too.
    Each of the 60 holes in the picture, over time will admit water which will freeze/thaw many times each season, no matter how they are sealed/caulked. The result will be a crater at each fastening point.

    The whole installation with bikes will block most of the concrete lane to foot traffic, diverting walkers into bike traffic. Entire thing is stupid and a cobbled together mess. Competent architects and engineers designed the BW and skilled carpenters , dock builders and ironworkers built it using the best materials. Now the BW is in the hands of the morons and unless all of this kind of crap is stopped and placed in the hands of competent architects/engineers and craftspersons, the BW will be ruined. Bike racks belong at street level, not anywhere on the BW.
    The City of LB should have an architect/ engineer approve all materials and designs of anything on or near the BW, not some political hack whose only qualification is doing Zapson’s bidding, not the preservation of the boardwalk.

  4. Isn’t there enough to crap going on the Edwards block without more crap like a few dozen Bikes
    Let’s not turn this new Bosrdwalk into a Zoo like Conet Island . I’d like to see it by the Hotel, why the hell not?

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