Social Bicycles is a go! [Watch video for Demo]

I caught up with a Social Bicycle spokesperson at the Farmer’s Market today and was able to record a short video on how this bike-sharing works with some notes below.

  • 100 bikes will eventually be in the system after Memorial Day
  • You can lock the bikes anywhere, but it will cost you a small charge ($1 or $2)  if you don’t lock it at a Social Bike Kiosk. The next person who uses that bike and returns it to the kiosk will receive a $1 credit. Social Bicycles have found that this system of penalty/reward has helped redistribute the bikes.
  • Computer on the bike will tell you: 1) how many miles you went, 2) how many calories you burned, 3) your carbon footprint
  • For locals/residents there is a $50 plan for the entire summer for 1 free hour of riding a day
  • $5 hourly plan

22 Replies to “Social Bicycles is a go! [Watch video for Demo]”

  1. I am sure there will be accidents the first week – all of which will be blamed on the motorists of course. Bicyclists are the most dangerous users of the roads in LB – they obey no traffic laws, use cell phones and text while riding, don’t keep to one side, wear headphones so they are isolated from the traffic noise, etc.

  2. Humans are a species that survived harsh winters with animals that weighed over a ton that they drove into extinction with crude weapons they made. They evolved out of caves to make cities and now on the verge of cloning the species they made extinct. Bike safety should be just fine.

  3. Sam, you are consistent… With negative comments about everything. And dire predictions too.

    Your last prediction about the Antique Car show being a failure was wrong. They had 45 cars, a thousand attended, and the sponsor wants to return again.

    Justified criticism that leads to improvement is welcomed. But continuous negativity, without real facts to support it, is, as Anthony said, a “yawn”.

  4. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that social bicycles and socialism have the same root word. First they take our rights to not be offered an opportunity to exercise, next they build the projects in our backyard. Be wary people.

  5. I don’t understand how anybody can even think of riding a bicycle when there are still people not back in their homes after Sandy

  6. Anthony- I just thought of this hypothetical situation, maybe the SoBi guys mentioned it? Say I get a bike from Edwards, ride down to the west end for lunch, and lock up to a street sign. Can someone else grab that bike?

  7. Yes. The bike share scheme is designed so you take it from point A to B as a mode of transportation. You get charged after after a certain amount of time. I havent seen the final price scheme from Sobi but its going to be similiar to any other bike share setup here you get a certain amount of time “free” with your membership or daily pass- once you go past that allowed time you start adding whatever cost per minute or timeframe and it gets billed to your CC.

    So keeping your SoBi active while you have lunch is going to cost you money…and its not exactly sharing so get a bike rental instead from Local Cycles.

    Now of course you might luck out and noone will take the bike.

    There are always people taking CitiBikes completely oblivious to the time thing then they freak out to be charged hundreds of dollars. That happened with DecoBikes but theor kiosk was horrendous with details.

  8. Sean, you can “hold” your bike while you eat lunch, but the clock keeps ticking. If you “return” and it lock it to the nearest street sign Social Bikes will charge you $3 for not “returning” it to one of their hubs.

  9. It’s not a “scheme.” The system of a bike available to you at your leisure, at no extra charge, is called “owning a bike.”

  10. The late Henny Youngman’s one liner about the parking problem:

    “I finally found a solution to the parking problem.”


    “I bought a car that was parked” (rim shot!”)

  11. Sam is one of thousand of LB residents who are members of a particular nasty species of humans. He is a “CAVE” person.

    “Citizens Against Virtually Everything.” This CAVE nutjob would be against paradise if he was given a free round trip ticket. Whatever the issue, this CAVE nut will be against it.

    And if you ever wonder why nothing gets done, it is because the CAVE people are lining up to voice their objections.

  12. I am not sure what one has to do with another. Should someone that just volunteered 100 hours in one week to help people move back not be allowed to ride a bicycle?

    Should we stop people from watching TV because people are not back home? How about attending a concert?

    Wait, I got it!!!! WE SHOULD STOP ALL PEOPLE FROM GOING TO THE BEACH because some people are not back home.

    Just another CAVE person. Against something without logic or reason.

  13. I did not mean “scheme” in the negative, as if “scheming”. Scheme as in program. In the bicycle world we refer to bike share systems as bike share schemes or bike systems.

    Insider lingo, pretty much. Nothing malicious at all. I’m a bike industry worker and advocate.

  14. Bikers have to learn that they should obey traffic laws the same way that autos do.
    Some of these people are the most obnoxious people in Long Beach.

    They think they own the road and have little or no regard for anyone else. They’re dangerously stupid and cause traffic. Ever see a cyclist stop at a stop sign? …me neither.
    I’m not a fan.

  15. @voodookobra…unfortunately, you’re (almost) not exaggerating. I’ve lived in the city, Brooklyn, two towns on Long Island, including Long Beach. I’m a triathlete and cyclist, and I can say, without hesitation, people ride bikes very dangerously in Long Beach – I don’t know why, but there is a real disregard for common sense and traffic safety among many. How is it possible for sharing the roads with bikes to be more stressful in LB than BK?

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