11 Replies to “Would love a proper ‘shade’ park in Long Beach like this one in Great Neck.”

  1. It’s a lot easier on the North Shore to grow tall shady trees without the offshore salt winds keeping them low and sparse here in Long Beach.

  2. There are trees on the side blocks. Since we have tree planting going on anyway, now is a good time for the suggestion. I believe FEMA is paying for trees and the city has a new supervisor specifically delegated to the tree planting task. I agree with you Anthony – wouldn’t it be nice to sit by the bay in an area with some nice shade trees. I’d like magnolias.

  3. I wish the city would utilize the trees we have at Kennedy Plaza by adding a few benches. That would make it so much more inviting.

  4. Grass? Trees? We ain’t got no stinkin grass or trees!

    Why only a short time back, instead of implementing a plan such as this at the bus turnaround at Beech St and Nevada Ave, the City revealed it’s philosophy of cement instead of grass by ripping up the existing grass and cementing it over. There was no discussion with the local residents or forewarning.
    Rather than improve the area by planting some shade trees concrete was liberally applied by the troglodytes that inhabit City Hall.
    Shade? Why for as long as recorded history there have been no shaded areas on the boardwalk. It took a catastrophe such as Sandy and a poll of the citizens for recognition that shaded areas were desired and more healthy.
    Hopefully we will see these in the near future. Hopefully. But
    TILB after all so who can tell.

  5. Ummmm- so if i ride my bike on the BW or elsewhere in LB I have to carry along an umbrella in order to sit down and take a rest stop without having to risk enhancing my chances of getting skin cancer? I wonder why I waste my time even replying to such a thoughtless comment.

  6. Ummmm- it took you a week to come up with that reply? Why you’re a world class wit and commentator.
    And you left out the question mark. That must have been taught that day in the fourth grade when your kitten was sick and you stayed home.
    But you did use one three syllable word in your two replies. Keep at it , you’re getting there.

  7. It wasn’t a question. It was a statement. More than a week later this time and let’s see …. I’ve given it deeper thought …. Who cares!! (Notice I used exclamation points not question marks). As far as your skin cancer worries, use sun screen.

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