The Battle of Long Beach: Color Wars Have Begun.

There are so much tension in this city by the sea over all the stuff we disagree on: Republicans vs. Democrats, Lifers vs. New People, Residents vs. Tourists, West Enders vs. The Rest of the City. One battle that I just cannot give in to is the war on color. Just seeing the movie theater tile being changed is just another sign of ‘somebody being safe.” This time it’s colorful tile being replaced with red, but it’s usually the overuse of beige.

I know there are so many of you that get sooooo offended when you see a building painted a non-beige color. You call it “bright” or “unsightly.” BLAH. Well, I find your beige to be extremely offensive, lifeless and blah. Yeah, you heard me! IT’S BLAH!  I vomit every time I pass a beige structure. Next time I plan on vomiting on the beige to at least give it some color. I don’t want to live in beige by the sea. We live in a freakin’ beach community! It’s supposed to be fun and colorful here!I was just talking to some of the Project 11561 folks on how this city desperately needs a color palette. We aren’t saying that everything should be painted the same colors, but it makes me wonder if some people want to use a color, but are too scared to choose. So they end up with beige because it is safe. Perhaps with some guidance (a palette?) we can end this beige-infestation once and for all.

Hey, this sounds like a job for the Long Beach Arts Council! Come on fellow artists, let’s make Long Beach a true art/beach town filled with vibrant colors. Let’s create some sort of official nautical palette for the city! Anyone?

(I know how this city works. If you tell me to concentrate on more ‘serious’ issues, just please start your own blog. I’m tired of you people.)

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  1. the three colors we (WENCA, WEBC – with help from the city) painted the planters along oceanview in the west end would be a good start to forming said palette.

  2. Hooray Anthony! I’ve lived here 48 years and have been saying
    Let’s look like a. Beachy- nautical town. Let’s put some life in our hometown! Bring on some color.

  3. I completely agree with everything you all have said here! I will miss the colorful movie theater tile too… And I would love to see more color and more art in our city! I think the WENCA colors are a great place to start – I hope the Long Beach Arts Council can take the ball and run with it!

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