The Price of Nice Nails: New York Times article on the ‘rampant exploitation’ of salon workers

New York Times: The Price of Nice Nails

“There are now more than 17,000 nail salons in the United States, according to census data. The number of salons in New York City alone has more than tripled over a decade and a half to nearly 2,000 in 2012.But largely overlooked is the rampant exploitation of those who toil in the industry. The New York Times interviewed more than 150 nail salon workers and owners, in four languages, and found that a vast majority of workers are paid below minimum wage; sometimes they are not even paid. Workers endure all manner of humiliation, including having their tips docked as punishment for minor transgressions, constant video monitoring by owners, even physical abuse. Employers are rarely punished for labor and other violations. [LINK]

Long Island is heavily mentioned in this article. [I’m putting my politically correct hat down] I’m sure you can tell what nail salons this article is referring to. Are you ok contributing to the ‘rampant exploitation’ of these poor workers? I really think everybody who frequents these types of establishments should read the article. Hopefully it will make you think twice over what salon you should be going to.

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  1. Jeeez what an eye opener! I had never even been inside a nail salon before. I hope our city officials and law enforcers do all they can to make sure this type of exploitation doesn’t happen in our city.

  2. People love their $15 mani/pedi in Long Beach. Ask your manicurist how much she makes an hour.

    And now you know why so many salons open up here.

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