There’s no business like no business.

I’m hearing about three more businesses that are either for sale or closing. Oh, at least they probably will be replaced with more nail salons featuring cheap and exploited labor.Seriously folks. This is not good news. I feel like the Chamber doesn’t even care. As long as they have dinner dances and street fairs filled with vendors who are not even from Long Beach selling crappy food and junk you don’t need.

I’m sorry to be blunt, but nothing is working. It’s all a bunch of BS. Economic team, chamber. All BS. I want to post the full list of stores that are for sale, but the owners will go nuts if I do. Not to mention the several store owners who personally told me they are in trouble.

I’m so glad I have this blog where I can express myself. It’s my personal belief that the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce is a bunch of outdated horse shit. Every member should quit and somebody should start a new chamber.

Welcome to vacancies by the sea.

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  1. I was very disappointed when the west end cross fit people were chased out of town by their neighbors while people complain about vacant store fronts and bars/nail salons.

  2. Hess is gone and replaced by Speedway Gas!!!!!! We moms blame Jack Schnirman!!!!! If only Higgins was City Manger, this would all be fixed.


  3. And you guys said I was cynical? This place is finished. Look at Long Beach in 1975 and you’ll see the Long Beach of the future. A Democrat hell hole like the rest of them: Mastic, Baldwin, Freeport, Roosevelt, Rockaway.

    When your City Council says “Income Inequality” is our biggest problem, watch out. They aren’t intending to raise up the slum, they’re looking to bring down your values and they are.

    Why aren’t stores renting? Perhaps their $50,000 per year property tax has something to do with it? Maybe the proposed 23% Democrat tax increase? Maybe the school tax increase — the largest permitted by law? Try 20% Flood Insurance increases each year.

    The building of 550 Section 8 ‘Workforce” units, just like Rockaway’s projects certainly attract business owners.

    And have you seen the list of unqualified idiots the Republicans are nominating? We’re doomed.

    Just about every apartment building owner has sold or put their places up for sale. Both major developers have left the sinking ship, one for Great Neck, the other for Virginia.

    It’s over, folks. Like the owners of the 377 homes for sale now, your only hope is to get out before our leaders make your home worthless.

  4. Anthony, I could not agree with you more about the Chamber. They are a joke. Not sure what can be done about them. I really wish there was a group of motivated young blood in Long Beach that would bring new ideas to make this town thrive. I my opinion, there is just nothing to do here. No movies, no bowling, no shopping (no offense to local businesses but I have to leave town to buy a pair of shoes, jeans…etc. basic necessities). There are a ton of bars in town but you go into them and there’s noting to do but eat, sit, and drink, and stare at TV’s. No pool tables except for Shine’s. Dart Boards seem to be in corners where they are not accessible. The bars need to do a better job of bringing people in and keeping them there. Brixx and Barley is the only place in town that has a consistent crowd. I love this place! Why are they always busy and every other place is empty. The Park…right across from the train station and they can’t even pack that place for Monday Night Football?? All the local businesses will do fine in the summer but LB needs a way to keep people coming in the winter. For Long Beach to survive it cannot continue to be a little secret that people don’t know about. We need to bring young hip people here. More musicians, artists, How about a comedy club? An art Gallery? A music venue that can attract some known artists. There is no magic bullet to solving the problem but we need a group to come up with a plan to help save local businesses or attract new businesses that will keep people in Long Beach to go shopping. I did not grow up here but have lived here for almost 10 years now. I’ve seen lots of places come and go in that time span. There have been many improvements made. I think it’s much nicer here than it was when I moved here and the rebuild after Sandy has made it better than ever. Let’s keep it going Long Beach…We…Can…Do…Better!!! Whose with me…say YEAH!!!

  5. You’ve nailed it. There is a quiet exodus of long time LB residents underway, and all those for sale signs tell the tale. Let the next generation have their turn, the political tilt of the town is too far to the left now to come back – the people get the government they elect, let them deal with the taxes and the massive bonding, etc, they all think things are going fine here as they jump for joy when the next food truck, trolley car, or festival is announced. Personally, I think LB is eventually going to face a fiscal bankruptcy, but that won’t come until the taxpayer base is bled dry for several more years while their home values steadily decrease.

  6. I agree..why not try the Mermaid Art Studio on the west end for a Friday night of creative fun! we are a fairly new business trying to make it work despite all the obstacles…come visit and learn about us…. You will love it!

  7. YEAH! I have faith in the spirit of this place. I’ve been here for 67 years in one form or another, though never as a permanent resident…. I now own and pay huge taxes on 2 homes here, living in a small apartment in one of them while the other is be rebuilt from Sandy into our forever home. (We’ve received no NYR or FEMA $ help because at the time of the storm neither house was our permanent residence). Regardless, there is nowhere on earth that I wish to spend my golden years but right here where I started when I was 3 months old. There have been ups and downs and terrible government (always) but this is a special place. I wish I was smart enough to offer solutions but what I do know is that the way to effect change is to stay in it and work for it. In reality, not everyone is able to do so. I count myself blessed to be among those who can stck around and work toward improvement…. my great hope is that the strong bonds of community in LB will see us through to the other side.

  8. Id be interested in knowing which businesses are closing.

    Are they bars/restaurants?

    Are they over saturated industries – nail salons (impossible!), pizza shops?

    Are they craft stores?

    If a brick and mortar retail store is closing – I think it has less to do with the economic failures of LB Chamber of commerce, and more to do with the shift in our American economy, led by the Internet.

    Is it possible LB doesn’t need as many locations zones relegated for retail purposes?

    “Shop local” chat is all well and good – but are there truly that many places locally that you want to shop?

    There are businesses doing well here, too. I recently spoke with an owner who is investing in their business and expanding it over the next few years.

    So it’s not only bad news.

    I’ve heard so many different “facts” quoted about the taxes businesses face here, but a well managed business knows how to not pay taxes. The most likely culprit forcing businesses out are high rents and low foot traffic.

  9. I’ve lived here for 10 years and have never heard of either one of these stores.

    I too would like to know what type of stores are close to shutting down. If it’s a retail vs. a service, I’m not really surprised at all.

  10. I am trying to type this and submit before “Ed Glister” starts telling us about how government can help us if we just do this or this economic development plan, more democratic government/private quasi crap….
    When they announce a formation of a local development corporation, it sends a signal to entrepreneurs and private business people that the local administration has decided to compete with you in private business. It also sends a signal to members of that political party to start lining up to line your pockets.
    It is odd when reading about the istar agreement last week that the $4,100,000 was not given to the people of Long Beach / the City of Long Beach but to the “Long Beach Economic Development Corporation”? What? The city made an agreement to give money meant to offset the development to a private company run by political appointed people? That $4,100,000 should be in the coffers to pay off the 68% debt we now have on a yearly basis. Take every dollar and pay down the most expensive debt we have!! NO – let’s give the money to the local development corporation!!
    I will write some of the businesses I have seen on-line for sale. If it is posted online it cannot be that private and maybe the list will help them sell it or increase their business enough to reevaluate and maybe stay open. The issue these days, in my opinion, is not tourist number issues, they come in the summer and forget about us in the winter.. lived here my entire life, everyone is your best friend and most frequent visitor in the summer and the world forgets about you in the winter, that is what northeast beach living is like… Even the Jersey Shore. Our current city manager is new to Long Beach and doesn’t have the capacity to understand how great it was and how horrible he has made it…. The restaurants are empty because we have a drastic decrease in population compared to before the storm. We need more residents, not more tourists…. Definitely need LESS DEBT!!
    Businesses and private individuals are packing up and leaving because this is NOT SUSTAINABLE!!

  11. Sorry, but you got me thinking Anthony!!
    Every morning I am scared to open my morning “Zillow” e-mail. It is usually a frightening read. It usually contains 8-10 homes for sale, some new ones for sale, some that have been on the market for months, even years. Got some in this morning’s email being reduced by more than 20%!
    People in Bushwick, Northside, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, East New York are in bidding wars!!! Prices are astronomically high and rising in BUSHWICK!!!! have you been to Bushwick 5 years ago? Yesterday still does not look great, but you can not touch anything there and it will be more expensive tomorrow. Long Beach? There is a bidding war by the sellers trying to lower prices fast enough to sell!!!
    I bought a house in Long Beach, great idea at the time…. I have over $19,000 taxes and about to go up at least a few hundred dollars or 3.19% – friend just bought a house in Lido Beach – larger house and comparable lot but only $11,000 in taxes!!
    Now they announce the Shoregasboard is back? That is great ALL these restaurants for sale, so let’s just put the nail in the coffin and make sure even more restaurants close and more people lose their jobs!!
    I hope I am not the only one who thinks it is really not an appealing facet of the beach experience. Loud generators with greasy dirty food eating areas and faux island decor at a street corner? How about close it and setup a kiosk and give out maps to the visitors of all the great taxpaying restaurants in Long Beach? and the great local shops we have?
    How about do nothing? because it seems like everything the city meddles in is ruining Long Beach business. So let the private businesses and local buissinesses run their businesses and Jack and the city should start managing the city. Once he is done with the potholes and the excessive filth around town then he can start on the debt service….. oh and please stop with the photos jack.. The trolley, the social bikes too, you have way too much time on your hands if you are constantly taking photos, start working!! take a walk down Park avenue and talk to the shop owners about cleaning in front of their stores. Start going to the city yard and talking to the employees about respecting themselves and the city they work for. Start following the dozens of Long Beach pickup trucks that drive aimlessly around town “hanging out” while driving…Please do anything but what you are doing, it doesn’t seem to be working…

  12. OK so you want more people coming here let surf2live help, on July 4th we will be offering FREE surfing lessons for the day just to say thank you and allowing us to show we care.
    Surf2live has been is the oridginal surfing school in Long Beach for over 35 years and bring people to our great city to show just how great our city is.
    We encourage our visitors to shop in the local surf shops, eat at local food establishments and enjoy our beaches.
    Just go to our website and sign up for the free lesson its first come.
    We support all our great merchants and our great local people that come to our beach…

  13. LTC, your premises are spot on, but the specifics of the iStar agreement are slightly off. The 4.1 Mil includes $3.78M for the city to use to offset the impact of the Superblock development, including measures to make that property more resilient to storms. This is supposedly in addition to the sewer and water main upgrades previously promised by iStar. The additional $320K is what is going to the black hole named “The Long Beach LDC”

  14. I’m surprised Karma’s Angel lasted this long…it never really fit in. And LB Wellness is in a challenging location a few doors from the failed Blue Bungalow. Billy’s is shocking news! BUT maybe there’s a personal issue causing those owners to sell. I’ve heard Sugo was recently sold and is doing great! At least, like Sugo, like Billy’s is for sale and not closed! I see there’s an Asian restaurant taking the entire location that was Paninis and Bikinis… That’s a good thing! Down west there’s also a new little bakery… I think it’s called Patty’s though I haven’t gotten in there yet (near Beech St. Taxi). There’s a constant ebb and flow here of businesses but I still get a knot in my stomach everytime I walk by Rourke’s and Buddy’s. I know it’s often easier said than done but we need to do our best to support local business…..

  15. “The act or practice of enhancing or exaggerating one’s own importance, power, or reputation”. That’s the definition of self-aggrandizing Elliot, in case you didn’t know.

  16. The hardware store closed because the owner lost all of his rental equipment, his kids didn’t want to take over and he wanted to retire. Sucks for us from a convenience standpoint, but I don’t fault the guy for wanting to retire.

    Buddy’s was sketchy, is anyone actually upset it’s gone? Go to Local, solid prices and great service.

  17. Why don’t you come to a Chamber meeting or go the Chamber and bring some fresh ideas to the President? The best ideas such as the Shoppers Crawl, where people signed up and had to visit participating stores for a stamp on a card was a unique way to get feet into the storefronts. But the Chamber has no more plans to do this again. One of the board members runs those street fairs, which do nothing to bring people to the restaurants and storefronts as the Chamber thinks it will. Anyone going to the fairs is eating from the food trucks on the boardwalk, not going down to Park Ave to eat at a restaurant.

    The Chamber is stuck in the 60’s mode with a board that no one votes on, they are put in place and no votes from members. We need people who have ideas on unique ways to help these businesses. Why not post your ideas here and take them to the Chamber? If no one brings idea to them nothing will change.

  18. I am surprised Karmas Angel lasted as long as it did. It was a very specialized store that, unless you are into natural cosmetics, had a limited appeal. And I am not sure what Long Beach Wellness did, it never looked like it was open.

  19. Buddy was a thief, no big loss there.

    Can’t blame a local hardware store for closing, how can they compete with HD, Lowes and even Ace?

    Restaurants, personally I would love to go have a drink in a social setting but not when I can buy the same bottle of wine in a store for what they are charging for a glass. 400% narkup, sorry I can’t afford it.

    I spoke to the owner where I get my hair cut about the empty stores on that strip and he said the landlord wants an unreasonable amount of money for stores that still have damage from Sandy. Someone offered him to fix up and rent a store but wanted a break till he was actually able to open and they guy wasn’t interested. He would rather it sits empty. Same story with the stores near Gino’s. Remember the Korean fruit store/deli that was on the corner for years, she had to close because of the rent situation.

    Maybe the landlords need to be held accountable for having vacant stores which make the town look bad. Is that even possible?

  20. grandma, Are you referring to the president of the Shamber© of Commerce? A business owner spoke at a previous Good & Welfare and brought up the issue with the street fairs that are run by the Shameber© and how they drain business from the local stores. She said she spoke with the Shameber© and was told by them that she should get a booth at the fair. To top it off, while she was speaking the Shameber© president actually got up and walked out of the meeting.

  21. Hess is gone because Hess got out of the retail gasoline business. They are focusing on the upstream portion of the oil and gas business, so all Hess gas stations will operate under new names. So unless you are planning to start a new chain of gas stations with the name Hess, nothing will bring them back.

  22. The Long beach chamber of horrors is the biggest scam in town. It’s a front for the democratic club house. Kerr and his cronies are all buddy buddy with zapson and his crew. Mark Tannenbaum doesn’t even live or work in long beach! That street festival brought no money to the business in town, just stuffed the pockets of the chamber so they can “lobby” politicians. Get ready for this years chamber dinner dance. Biggest scam in town!

  23. That’s all true Captain, I was at the meeting and shocked when he walked out. The business owner had a good point and a sad message. They can’t afford to keep businesses open if the CofC is holding weekend fairs.

  24. I’m glad to see this conversation growing. I would like to ask all of you what you’d like to see the Chamber do differently? What is the function of the Chamber?

    I also agree with the comments regarding sustainability and population decline after Sandy. Sounds like we do need more development and rebuilding here. smart development. Look at the houses for sale, Many of them aren’t in move in condition or are priced too high for a flooded house that needs to be raised.

  25. The Chamber is a private organization paid for by their members and whatever grants they can apply for. As such I do not care to even think about them. If they suck they suck. The lcoal businesses should decline membership, cancel their membership, or demand a local leader who lives and breathes Long Beach. Someone who has the “skin in the game” BEFORE hiring them for the position. Without a natural inclination to be in Long Beach one doesn’t understand what it is to be in the best little beach city in the world… Sort of like the current city Manager and public works department….
    I do not necessarily agree that we need so much development. We need to get the people into the homes that were already in existence before they were wiped out.
    We need to get the public schools to stop hemorrhaging money!! I cannot understand where how and why they are hiring about 10 new teachers. How is that possible that we as a school district need more than 10 new positions? If we are all in agreement that the population is in decline, how is it possible that we are in need of these 10+ new positions. Especially 3 newly created FULL-TIME positions with the title “English as a New Language.” WHAT? All of a sudden 3 new positions teaching kids english for the first time? Does not sound plausible to me.
    Further in the Herald article, it is explained that Albany sent an additional $1,500,000 towards the school budget, but that is not being taken into consideration in the current tax levy equation, for the simple fact that they want to increase their reserves to get closer to sustainability. They bring up the point that last year they only increased the tax levy by 1.02% and De Vito (Michael, not Danny, even though this guy has some funny lines) Said, “The board has been very kind and very generous to the community the past couple years by not going to the cap.” HE REALLY SAID THAT!! But here is the truth, the levy increase was only 1.02% but they took the other 2% budget increase out of the reserves!! SO it looked like only a 1.02% budget increase to the taxpayers, but the budget actually increased by 3% last year!! And now when they say it is not prudent to rely on the reserve account to balance the budget they are correct, but again it is because the reserves are now GONE!! so there is almost ZERO in the reserve account to go to this year!! Then they have the audacity to tell the taxpayers it is because of the bonding of the high school stadium, middle school stadium, ALL the spending that they were told repeatedly WAS NOT sustainable, they now sight as the reason taxes have to go up is to sustain the unsustainable plans they created that they were warned were not needed or sustainable!!

    In conclusion – I have been on this island my entire life and out of no where there is a need for 3 new positions with the exact title “English as a New Language.” Sounds like we are getting children brought to our school system who are attending English language American schools for the first time. This at the same time the state gives the district an unexpected $1,500,000 – so, I could be wrong, but I deduce we are being compensated for educating some of the thousands of new children who entered over the last year or so on our southern borders. Until there is another plausible explanation for a spending plan that “includes additional special education teachers, a part-time psychologist, three new English as a New Language positions, arts program instructors, a new fifth-grade elementary teacher, permanent substitutes for the middle and high schools and math and literacy coaches for the elementary schools.” These are ALL NEW positions…..

    Sorry but I will be voting NO on MAY 19th and that is the first step towards righting the Long Beach Ship. All stores and businesses closing is a direct correlation to the property tax increases and school tax increases.

    According to the Long Beach Public Schools website – “Long Beach has seven schools servicing a school population of approximately 4600 students. The district consists of one pre-kindergarten school, four elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, one alternative high school, and an adult learning center.”

    4600 Students – $131,900,000 yearly budget = $28,673.91 That is an incredible amount of money per child and is amazing when you compare it to other much better performing school districts. That means we could give every single child a voucher to a private or religious school of their parents choosing and lower our tax bills – DRASTICALLY!! Private school and religious schools run about $8,000-$20,000 per year per student for tuition. We could close the public schools and fund an account to send every student to the school of their choosing and SAVE money….. That would get the population numbers soaring…..

    I think I am done writing today…..

  26. I’m going to agree with you on the Shoregasboard. When it was initially announced I was psyched and ready to get fat (well, fatter) by eating there all the time however it turned out to be a really tasteless version of what food trucks can be.

    I’d rather see the food trucks gone or minimized and permanent shack erected for rent by shops/restaurants. That place on NY at the end of the boardwalk? Something like that but smaller, almost like Bryant Park-sized popup restaurants but more permanent structured.

    As for the photo opp’s…..
    I’ve seen a few people criticize the admin for taking photos when unleashing the bike rentals, trolley and whatever else.

    Not only were there constant photo opp’s with our previous admin, but they were mailing out glossy photo’s of themselves every month on your dime. And during election time it was a full blown photo opp next to anything bolted down and mailed out, again on your dime.

  27. LTC, Am I reading the budget incorrectly or are they not taking $2.4M from the reserves this year to “balance” the budget?

  28. Well said Allison. A little man with a Napoleon complex who doesn’t even live here.
    He does not care about the businesses in town, just his own self-importance.

  29. Your Bushwick comparison is wayyyyy off – in fact, the entire comparison to BK is off. For starters, Brooklyn and queens were completely rezoned under Bloomberg – the type of development that took/is taking place would never be tolerated by residents – fuck – you can’t build a 7-11 here without people freaking out. Also, I’m not sure rezoning is the answer to Real Estate prayers in LB.

    BK real estate is benefitting from a drastic reduction in crime and close proximity to the city; which, for all its flaws, is so much cheaper than the LIRR – $125 a month, and you don’t need a car to live there. In many ways, the cost of living is cheaper in the city than Long Island.

    Add to that, it’s a part of NYC, and you can be in Manhattan in 15 minutes.

    Add to that, people being priced out of Manhattan go to BK, now queens, Bronx is next. People aren’t prived out of Long Island and pushed into LB.

  30. Once the iStar building is complete, it will put LB on the map! It will be a huge windfall for local businesses – lets hope to see shovels in the ground this summer!

  31. The new bakery in the West End is called PammyCakes. It’s a family owned business headed by a wonderful, talented young lady named Pammy. West Enders have wanted a bakery for such a long time so we now have one. She also makes specialized and beautiful cakes,
    desserts and some are even glutten free. Please support her and keep her flourishing! This is something good especially for the West End. She should be featured is one of your business videos.

  32. The musicians are here, people have to get off their butts and support the bars and clubs that feature them. The Library was packed for The Long Beach Music Festival and will be again for The Barrier Beach Blues Festival. But we have been trying to upsize to the beach for this for years, the city is it’s own worst enemy. We could do a yearly festival on the beach that would bring in thousands of people to spend the day and nights.

  33. Don’t wait for them to do the right thing at the Chamber. It will take too long, and they obviously don’t care about what residents or business owners think. Long Beach businesses should do what Mark Tannenbaum did in Island Park. He started a competing Chamber of Commerce to the existing Chamber of Commerce, (he doesn’t own a business there either!) all the while constantly citing what a great job he did in Long Beach! (He would be a joke if he didn’t hold people’s livelihoods in his control.) Start a Long Beach Business and Residential Chamber of Commerce, and run it the way one ought to be run.

  34. Not surprised about Billy’s. That place has no life to it. That may not be why it’s for sale though. Synergy is probably squeezing it out. The weights being dropped on the floor from above cannot be helping the environment at Billy’s. I’m sure Synergy would love to buy it so they can expand but not sure if they will pay the asking price. Hopefully someone will buy the liquor license and move it somewhere else.

    I wish we could clean up the whole Waldbaum’s strip and make it a little cooler too. Look at the King Kullen strip in Island Park. Everything is new and clean and inviting. Waldbaum’s parking lot is sketchy to say the least. Get Rite Aid out of there and put in a trendy bowling alley and a couple new restaurants. Fill that parking lot up and there will be overflow to all the surrounding businesses.

    As for ideas for the Chamber I have a few I’ll throw out.

    1. Why not do a street fair on Park Avenue. Close off 1 or 2 of the parking strips in the middle and setup booths for Local businesses and not outside food vendors. They can do the same thing on Beech St. on the West End.
    2. Get more active on Facebook. Reach out to all local businesses and share their posts on your page. I find out about local events by searching Facebook pages of local places but that’s b\c I know the names. If you don’t know the names of local places you don’t know where to look.
    3. Create a website that focuses only on local businesses and is updated with current events, weekly specials, and links to all local business websites. I get more information from Anthony’s Blog about what’s going on here than either the LB City website or the Chamber.
    4. A weekly flyer that’s available at the train station and on buses, and boardwalk entrances with a map of all the local businesses. It could have coupon’s from local restarants.

    Just a few to throw out there…anyone else got any?

  35. I feel slightly responsible for the food trucks, being that I was told by the city how they got the idea from the blog. I really loved the idea in the beginning and still do like it, but in the wake of post-sandy Long Beach, I am not sure anymore… so confusing. I do like that they are local places, but then I feel bad for the restaurants who cannot afford a truck.

    When it comes down to it, I just want a simple taco place with the best ingredients and a small menu.


  36. @LBCanDoBetter

    Great ideas.With your idea #1: I was contacted by a former retail business years ago how they tried to get the chamber to do something with retail like what they do with restaurant week. They had a similar idea that you mentioned, but it went to deaf ears.

    #2 with social media: I agree. Case in point: the current restaurant week. Speaking with others who run facebook pages (I know most of them), none of them were contacted by the chamber to help promote it. They need a PR person.

    #3 thank you for your kind words! I will admit, running a website is a pain in the ass. They do have a website, but they need to bring it more to social media. become friendly with all the Long Beach-related groups. Share and share and share.

    #4 love it. The city does have the map kiosk now at the LIRR and boardwalk. I do believe the chamber mails a coupon book, but I do agree that something more can be done. In the past I mentioned bulletin boards where places can post events. Garden City does this pretty well. There is a photo somewhere on the blog about that. I do love how LB Rec started posting events a few years ago.

  37. Businesses are always for sale (even when they’re not).

    Some of this sounds alarmist. Even when people talk about the “quiet exodus” that gets referenced time to time.

    When people “vote” with their feet out. Others “vote” with their feet in.

  38. I think that long beach benefits and suffers from geography. The summer is obviously great for business but during the rest of the year it hurts that no one is going to simply be driving through long beach. We are out of the way for everyone. Honestly, I don’t see the concern. We have some great restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. We have frozen yogurt and playgrounds. Also, yoga and gyms. Everything else I can get online.

  39. Shitty local restaurants make for shitty local food trucks. If long beach starts focusing on getting quality product into town, instead of trying to promote our mediocre local fare, the quality fare will attract more of the same! At the very least entertaining some original concepts would be nice. Food trucks are a tough business so I’m not sure we could get any good ones from the city anyway, but the fact we didn’t try is sort of sad.

  40. @ real captain, I agree, but only in part. Long Beach “suffers” geographically during extreme weather conditions and that’s it. There are seasonal beach-side communities along the entire east coast in which good business models sustain themselves, or simply close their doors for the off season. Many of these failing businesses either had no business opening up in the first place,or the owners were simply buying themselves a job. The problem is not geography. The problem is bloated government which equates to high taxes. We’ve discussed $300K policeman, $150K overtime for beach maintenance supervisors, unnecessary second sports stadiums, etc ad nauseam. But that IS the problem. Very few seasonal businesses, even the good ones, can afford the taxes. There is no end in sight for the runaway spending, the millions in bonding, the borderline criminal nepotism. There is no more money to fix the roads, the flooding, the sewers. It seems like the only thing LB City Government is trying to do is to build tall building,cram in the units and collect more taxes so they can hire more friends. Bankruptcy may be the only way out. Get absorbed by the County so the costs of all the repairs are spread out across a larger population, dissolve the PD, clear out City Hall, and get rid of all these departments that would be redundant under the County.

  41. @unsustainable – (legitimately asking) why would the county want a bankrupt lb? And it’s not like Nassau County’s financial picture is so great either.

  42. I think the County could run it better and generate real revenue. Start eliminating duplicative positions. No city council, no police and fire commissioner, no tax department, no building and public works department, no court system, no separate sanitation and road maintenance, pensions and health care under one umbrella, and on an on. Obviously you need personnel to run a city but it would a lot less inexpensive. Do you think they would be paying two beach maintenance supervisors $150k each in overtime? Not a chance. LB city government is just so bloated and mismanaged.

  43. As long as LB property holders continue to believe that the value of their property lies in what they can get out of it and not what they put into it LB will be in the wind. Overvaluation of property by real estate agents HURTS all residents.

  44. I’m with you on the school budget. I always vote no. Like someone posted long ago, no one moves to Long Beach for the schools. According to Newsday article, there are 3,626 students, so the per student amount will be even higher.. We had three children go through school here, and now a grandchild going to school. Too many assistant principals, and other administrators. I don’t begrudge anyone a good salary, but the school salaries and benefits are clearly unsustainable. But, this is a long island problem, 130 school districts, is insane. Every little fiefdom with too much patronage, and inefficiencies. Oh well, I guess we will get screwed again. VOTE NO on school budget

  45. @Tree
    What are these losses you think I should cut, exactly? That my real estate expertise cannot be proven to you and so my opinion is invalid TO YOU?
    But if everything that differs from your (expert???????) opinion falls on deaf ears…
    “Suckers think that you cure greed with money, addiction with substances, expert problems with experts, banking with bankers, economics with economists, and debt crises with debt spending”
    ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  46. How do real estate agents over valuing properties hurt lb? Do you have proof of this? Are they more interested in advertising high prices than actually making sales? You’re stupid.

  47. Give DeBlasio a few more years as Mayor, the NYC boom in the outer boroughs isn’t going to last. You are forgetting that this current boom was built upon 20 years of good city government and policing from Giuliani and Bloomberg. Remember what NYC was like before that, it will become that again. But you are correct about the upkeep in LB making the business district more appealing. Sidewalk paving is poor, merchants don’t clean in front of their stores, etc.

  48. Google and read some articles about the California cities that went into bankruptcy. The problem for LB is this – first you have to elect a city government that look at the financial picture and decides it cannot possibly put the debt service and spending on the backs of its taxpayers, so they seek bankruptcy protection. That’s never going to happen in LB, because the electorate here is comprised of many people who have no stake in the tax base – renters, subsidized housing, people who pay no property taxes through religious exemptions (an increasing trend in LB), and add to that people who would never not vote for a Democrat – and that’s a majority in LB. Elections are a pro-forma thing here now. So you are never going to get a government here that is going to do anything except raise taxes to the levels needed to cover the debt and the spending.

  49. wut?
    You are right, I am stupid. Real estate bubbles and overvaluation don’t ever happen. Lord knows no one had ever tried to make as much money as they could by selling real estate without any regard for the neighborhoods they sell/rent in. I made that stuff up. Sorry.
    But srsly- if English isn’t your native tongue you can post comments in whatever language it is you speak and I’ll run it through Google translate. It will surely make more sense than when you try to express yourself in English.

  50. @sam, You are so right. If you add the people “who have no stake in the tax base”, as you put it, to the huge number of municipal employees, teachers, and their friends and family, the Democrats will always win and the School Budget will always pass. Oh, and don’t forget the nursing home residents whose write in ballots are always Democrat. I’ve been told by a number of knowledgeable people over the years that they have a “guarantee” in the nursing homes. I really think a Nassau County takeover would be a good thing. Would anyone really care if it was Long Beach, NY instead of the City of Long Beach?

  51. @unsustainable – no. What possible benefit could there be to keeping it a separate entity?

    That being said, I don’t know why lb being comprised of renters makes the voting process farciclle. NYC would face the same issue, no?

    It doesn’t matter. So long as there’s a boardwalk, fireworks and photo ops – the lb voter will assume everything’s going great.

    Let everyone argue over where to put the bike racks while the spending is flat out out over control.

  52. I think the comparison to NYC is different. I suppose a landlord in LB passes along a somewhat higher rent as their homeownership tax burden is greater but it’s not in direct proportion to what the owner pays in taxes. Someone living in NYC pays a higher resident income tax to cover operating costs of the city, no?. For instance, two beach maintenance supervisors receive a combined $300K in overtime (as reported in Newsday) on top of a bloated $2.5 million beach maintenance budget added to a unionized lifeguard crew of $1.2 -$1.4 million seasonally. Renter really has no skin in the game and plops down $40 bucks for a season pass and calls it a day. The City of LB attracts more patrons with discounted admissions, beach is now dirtier. Renter complains enough and so City hires more pensioned, medical coveraged employees. Beach is clean, renter is happy, votes for the party that “cares”. Who’s paying for this?

  53. @unsustainable – also, in NYC they don’t vote on school budgets.

    Maybe most renters here don’t plan on staying?

    Maybe they have more options? A voter affected by something in Manhattan would face the same policies in any borough.

    Maybe change feels more possible in NYC? How much media coverage does the nonsense here (2 beach managers) really get?

    People might also feel the effects of a rent increase less because there’s a few people in a house, so it gets divided more ways.

    Probably though, the average person here isn’t someone who would be likely to vote. If you look at the demographics on Wikipedia – we have a large percentage of people, unmarried, young, low income and other characteristics associated with non-voters.

    Maybe it’s changing, but for a long time the average person I met had no clue about the issues being discussed here and on the patch. Even today you can’t get people to agree whether or not their taxes have increased.

  54. Sorry guest, but you have no.idea what went on their. That type of business needs a special location and the owners didn’t understand that.

  55. Here’s one positive comment about the Chamber and it’s President.

    The single best opportunity this City has of increasing jobs is the building of a Long Beach Hospital. There could be potentially hundreds of new jobs here, depending on the amount of our FEMA money that South Nassau invests in LB.

    The Chamber, and specifically their President, has been an extremely supportive voice for a Long Beach Hospital. Tannenbaum has written Op Ed pieces, attended meetings with City, South Nassau and Politicians…as an avid supporter of a LB Hospital.

    If LB gets a Hospital those jobs will be the direct result of his efforts, working with the Beach-to-Bay organization, the City, Kaminsky and Ford.

  56. What you are referring to is not a Long Beach problem. It is a NATIONWIDE problem.

    Progressive liberalism is a cancer that is destroying this country. These liberal progressives are like locusts. They invade a city or state, consume everything, leaving only devastation.

    Think I am nuts? Look at Detroit, Flint, Cleveland, Newark, and many other cities. Everyone one of them is a dump. And each have the same thing in common: they have been run by liberal progressives for 50 years.

    But, liberal progressives are all for “social justice,” “income inequality,” and other fabricated “rights” designed to give more power to the government.

  57. @Jack – OK Jack – enlighten us all over how progressive liberalism and “social justice” are the problems in LB? If all you’re going to point to is a few section 8 houses, stop.

    Yeah, yeah – Detroit, Flint, Cleveland – blahblahblah – Detroit was amazing until it’s entire auto industry was swept out from under it.

    Liberal cities doing well: Boston, San Francisco, Orange County, CA, Boulder, Colorado, a bunch in North Carolina.

  58. Landlords do not need to be held “accountable.” A vacant storefront is a useless asset. It costs money in terms of mortgage and taxes. If a landlord is dumb enough to keep a property vacant, whether on purpose or because of high rent, then they will lose the property.

    The free market will take care of the empty storefronts soon enough. Your proposal to make the landlords “accountable” will add more government and more regulations making it less attractive for anyone to invest in real estate.

  59. You are describing every government in the country, including the Federal Government in Washington.

    We could fire virtually 50% of all government employees in every village, city, town, state and Federal agency. Most people would not notice a difference.

  60. Do people really buy this political drivel? How about you think for yourself and don’t blindly swallow what any party tells you to.

    Seriously? Your claim that they are run by a political party is the common thread? You’re going to completely skip over the fact that they had a robust manufacturing based economy which is gone?

  61. Can you site a specific example when Kaminsky called for a full service hospital? When did the City of LB demand a full service hospital? It always seems to be some safe statement such as ” much needed medical services”, or a “24hr ambulance receiving facility”. Which amounts to nothing. It is unquestionable that a full service hospital would be great for the economy of LB. Image 1,000 new full time jobs. How many nurses, physical therapists, doctors, technicians would love to live in LB? Maybe use the bike share with new bike lanes and kiosk out in front of the new hospital. There is close to 200 million in FEMA funds. However, Al D’Amato’s lobbying firm has been paid close to a million dollars by South Nassau in the past 8 years. $120K in the past 24 months to lobby for “funds related to Long Beach Medical Center”. If the zoning board and the City Council actually gave a sh%$, they would have re-zoned the property for medical purposes and actually made statements in support of a full service hospital. They have not, and I don’t believe Todd has made definitive statements either. What the City is choosing to do is let D’Amato’s developer buddies get their hands on the property and have the FEMA funding directed toward Oceanside. You think Al is going to eat sh$# on this one like he did on the Sands of Atlantic Beach. I think not.

  62. I believe that free market capitalism with minimal laws is required for growth. This will not happen if politicians do things for money, votes, or power.

  63. Chamber Maid, thanks for agreeing that a Long Beach Hospital
    could add hundreds of jobs. It is a tough fight to get the Hospital we
    deserve. You asked for statements where the City Council
    and Todd have stated that they support a Long Beach Hospital (not just an emergency room). Here are some citations:

    – City Council: May 7 letter to DOH Commissioner Zucker (copy currently on the LN web site): “We strongly believe that all of the hospital facilities our barrier island needs and deserves should be restored.”

    – Scott Mandel: April 13 comment at Public Forum speaking to South Nassau CEO and DOH “Listen to the residents…which may include a full-scale hospital”.

    – City Council: February 18 letter to South Nassau CEO “We believe it is imperative that all of the 154 million dollars provided through FEMA goes directly to the construction of the future facility to be built in Long Beach due to the unique geographical constraints of our barrier island.”

    – Todd Kaminsky: February 24 web site “South Nassau must do more to restore proper medical services to the island…tomorrow we will continue our fight to make sure that Long Beach Hospital is a fully functioning hospital again.”

    – Todd Kaminsky Web Site: “But an urgent care center alone doesn’t provide the level of care residents of the Barrier Island deserve. As Assemblyman, Todd will advocate for expanded services, plans and deadlines for the full needs of outlying communities.”

    – Todd Kaminsky: March 15 letter to DOH asking for public forum that was subsequently held…”so that your agency can better assess SNCH’s decisions with respect to the breradth of medical services it intends to offer the community”.

    And, just last week in meetings with Beach-to-Bay (this organization demands a Long Beach Hospital with appropriate medical services defined by a Community survey) the City and Todd were quite supportive.

  64. Please explain the rotting building next to Dairy Barn, thank you. When, exactly, will the free market take care of that eyesore?

  65. @Ed. Seriously? City Council “that all of the hospital facilities our barrier island needs….” that doesn’t say a damn thing other than we are willing to let SNCH determine our medical needs. No mention of what the NYSDOH determined. Scott Mandel…”which may include…”. Very clever Scott. Don’t piss off D’Amato. Means nothing again. City Council again ..” that all of the 154 million dollars provided through FEMA goes directly to the construction of the future facility”. What’s a “future facilty??? Come on City Council, you can say it…”HOSPITAL”. Todd Kaminsky …”restore proper medical services..”. Was he channeling his predecessor? “will advocate for expanded services…” Yawn. Still channeling Harvey. “we will continue our fight to make sure that Long Beach Hospital is a fully functioning hospital”. Hooray! Do you believe him. Buried deep inside lots of safe definitions and politico speak. City Council and the CIty Manager know full well Alfonse D’Amato and his VP, Anthony Cancellieri at his lobbying firm that he also has on the SNCH Board, and his Island Park developer buddy, john Vitale, also on the SNCH Board are taking the property, and redirecting the money to Oceanside. It’s public record that D’Amato’s Lobbying firm was paid by SNCH to Lobby FEMA funds for the LBMC. Where do you think the new LB economic Development Director, Patricia Bourne came from?, She worked with Cancellieri in the Suozzi Administration. You think she just likes the beach and coincidentally saw a job opening in the newspaper. City Council doesn’t want to cross D’Amato. They want big buildings filled to the brim to collect more taxes and hire more friends and delay the inevitable bankruptcy long enough to skip town.

  66. I have questions for Ed Glister. You seem to feel that government money ala a hospital would save Long Beach. It seems that we had a hospital for many years. It became a political cesspool for patronage jobs and the place was going bankrupt before the storm. I’m certain with the highly transparent group that you cheerlead for, running things, that this would never happen again and it will be the shining example of what an economic engine should be. My questions are these: Will your boss, Michael Zapson represent the hospital and sit on the board? Will the law firm that started the LDC ( and oddly also represents iStar now too!!) be representing this hospital? How many Dem Club members will get the first jobs there? Will our Economic Development Czar from Suffolk help this project soar as well? Will the Chamber handle the day to day business like it does other businesses in town? Will there be a day when your Club will finally say enough!! Let’s try to help this city instead of fleecing it? You may not realize this, but the folks in this town are a lot smarter than you give them credit for. The days are coming to an end.

  67. InformaTuttle, thanks for your inaccurate summary of my recommendation and my political affiliation.

    Read what I wrote: that the construction of a Long Beach Hospital would create more jobs than any other action currently planned. Do you disagree? If so, what’s your better idea…having the FEMA funds spent in Oceanside?

    And then you go into your reflexive rant about my “boss, Michael Zapson”. I never met the guy. I’m a registered Independent, not a Democrat. Stop calling people names when your comments have no basis in fact.

  68. Hi Chamber Maid. So you reject the public statements by the City Council and Kaminsky because you feel they don’t say “hospital” (sorry, but they do) or you don’t believe them (your comment on Kaminsky). I think this says more about you than it says about the statements.

    And, did you ever speak with the City Manager or a City Council member asking for a Long Beach Hospital? Probably not. But guess what, I and others who want a Long Beach Hospital did so last week, asking the our City representatives to keep fighting for a Hospital.

    Bottom line: are you for a Long Beach Hospital? If not, that’s unfortunate. If you’re for a LB Hospital work with us.

  69. Gee Ed, why the thin skin? Rarely do I force the issue here as Anthony has done a great job of keeping this civil, and I concur with that. In this case I must say you are a consistent cheerleader for the current administration. An administration that has sadly taken incompetence in Long Beach to ne levels. Now when it comes to a hospital there is a simple fact that I will call you on every time. The point is a hospital in Long Beach WILL NOT be this great economic boon that you keep mentioning. My facts are these: 1-The Long Beach Med center was bankrupt BEFORE Sandy. 2- Long Beach Med Center was A POLITICAL DUMPING GROUND FOR FLUNKIES THAT NEEDED JOBS. It led to the fiscal destruction of the facility. 3- As long as you have the same behavior in this administration, then your wishful thinking for a hospital will simply result in the same ultimate financial mess as before. 4-When speaking of a hospital the conversation should be very simple. IT’S ABOUT LONG BEACH RESIDENTS AND SAVING THEIR LIVES!! The only issue is keeping us safe and offering top notch medical services that will be available in the fastest method possible. There is no other conversation here. The City Council, our Assemblyman, our City Bumbling Manager they are all political tools that are only interested in benefitting the Dem Club. I too am an Independent, but I am a realist Ed. I call em like I see em and this one stinks.

  70. @Ed Glister- why would anyone not be for a hospital in LB? My understanding is the money is there for it – I don’t see how this would be a burden on residents. Is there something you hear from the opposing side that makes sense?

    @Chamber maid – you attack some comments as being too vague, and the ones that are specific you say are lies.

    And, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find fault in EGs belief that it would bring jobs to LB – not just jobs, but good ones – ones that pay well and require an education.

    Because some people think we need another Starbucks, nail salon built under some workforce development, doesn’t mean that LB wouldn’t benefit from having a hospital.

  71. The only statement we need from ANY and ALL elected officials and Jack (not-elected) is that we need an Inspector General Investigation by FEMA. If FEMA sent letters to residents of nursing homes demanding $2,000 returned in inappropriate funds, then Schumer and his friends at SNCH should at least get a letter demanding an explanation as to why how and where they thought the insurance funds that were distributed to Long Beach Medical Center for damage at Long Beach Medical Center should be used anywhere but the address where the damage occurred. While I love reading Ed, the sun is always shinier when government is in charge of even the sunlight, Glister – but Kaminsky is a former prosecutor, he is formally educated in investigating where and how the money changes hands and why. He touted his experience when he was running, surely a letter to Preet Bharara might get something close to an investigation? I assume. How about Shumer? Shouldn’t he be livid that South Nassau STOLE this money and ran back to Oceanside, NO he is not because that was the plan all along. As long as the money is used in Schumer’s district he doesn’t care one way or the other…..
    If any homeowner tried this FEMA would prosecute and demand the money returned and fines imposed……

  72. Ed, keep up the good work. I don’t know that it will work, but what I do know is that if folks don’t take action nothing will get done. As for what LBMC was, that’s just the point — it’s in the past. It is no longer LBMC. It (the property/money) are now part of SNCH. The past means nothing anymore. A hospital would be great here given where we are, our population density, our demographics. I’ve been at SN many times the last 2 months visiting my Dad who has been admitted twice. Many times I’ve seen the ambulances coming from LB, stuck in traffic to the light at Mott/Oceanside Rd and then fighting up the Oceanside Rd traffic. I’ve also seen first-hand a 30 minute wait for an ambulance in central LB. I dread the thought of a serious injury to anyone and waiting on an ambulance and then a ride to SN from LB. On the other hand, a new hospital would attract doctors and specialists and retain those that are in LB. Good all around.

    Thanks again.

  73. Hi InformaTuttle, no thin skin on my part. Just correcting your inaccurate statement regarding “my boss Zapson”.

    And, regarding your 4-point misstatement about a future Long Beach Hospital. If we get a Long Beach Hospital it will be operated by South Nassau, not by the City.

    So, with that fact corrected, are you or are you not for a Long Beach Hospital, run by South Nassau, using FEMA funds, for the improved medical and financial health of the barrier island?

  74. Publius, sadly the delays you’ve witnessed in Oceanside are what we’re trying to avoid by building our Hospital in Long Beach.

    You and West End Tom recognize there are good health reasons to have a Hospital in Long Beach. And, while we’d also gain financially by building the Hospital here, improving our health is paramount.

    Let’s keep working with the DOH, Schumer/Gillibrand, Kaminsky, Ford, the City Council and Beach-to-Bay to get the hospital we deserve.

  75. Absolutely! iStar will help tremendously! Post Sandy – what LB needs is people – young professional people or empty nesters with disposable income. For a revival to occur – we need to build what these people want – and a brand new, tall, modern ocean front amenity filled building will have great appeal! Sorry – but no one wants to pay top dollar for a house that hasn’t been touched in 20 years and needs to be raised. Who would want the headache?? Just look at 100 W Broadway – anything that comes up in that building is under contract within a couple months. It is the type of housing stock that is in demand! I honestly can’t get my head around why anyone would oppose building a nice new building on the dump that is currently the superblock….It will have boardwalk front retail as well which will be awesome!

  76. @Ed G. Why are you not seeing this more clearly? You can only work WITH someone if they are working WITH you. Gov Cuomo IS the DOH. He clearly doesn’t want a hospital in Long Beach. He sat in a room with Dean Skelos when this was all hammered out. Skelos and Cancellieri are tighter than a clams ass (and that’s waterproof). Vitale has republican backing for his “gated hamlet” across from the LBMC property. Schumer doesn’t care because as far as he is concerned, he got the FEMA money for NY. He doesn’t care how it’s spent. He will win NY even if he was caught kicking a puppy. He doesn’t need your vote. Ford wants a hospital but will keep quite so D’Amato lets her keep her job. City Council is 100% aware that D’Amato is calling the shots. They are paying lip-service to the cause. They have already taken SNCH on “the tour” of other miscellaneous properties. They could have re-zoned the property and taken a real stand. As for Kaminsky, the jury is still out. His father was on the LBMC Board and must have been aware, or maybe part of, the nepotism, corruption, and subsequent financial downward spiral. Perhaps you’re saying “work with” but actually mean to say “fighting against”? Oh, and yes, I would absolutely like to see a newly managed full service hospital open in Long Beach. Again, I hope you are not being duped into thinking that LB City Council is actually helping. They have been given some latitude in what they can say to look good come election day.

  77. @Chamber Maid, where have you been since October 29, 2012? Your insight is correct. The only shot at getting vital and quality medical services restored to the Barrier island , was making the Public aware of the 174 million in FEMA funds that LBMC qualified for, as a result of damages from Super Storm Sandy. Say what you want about LBMC but it made 26 million dollars in repairs to the West Wing Emergency Department, prior to June 2013, to restore emergency 911 ambulance services and submitted a plan to the NYS Department of Health, in June 2013 reducing the number of hospital beds from 162 to 80 in accordance with the Berger recommendations,. That plan got rejected by the NYS Department in June 2013. So with no alternative LBMC, ” followed ” the recommended plan of the NYS Department of Health, filed for Bankruptcy, got rid of all its debt and delivered valuable land and buildings, debt free to SNCH, another not for profit Hospital. Which also allowed SNCH to qualify for the LBMC FEMA Funds in the amount of 174million. If SNCH, refuses to spend the 174 million in FEMA funds in Long Beach for a new medical center under SNCH operation, and under their Alternative use plan, then those FEMA funds should be split between SNCH , its sister Hospital Winthrop University Hospital and Saint Francis to “operate “and to rotate in their best Doctors and Nurses under the Federal Alternative Use Plan. Its not about the number of hospital beds, its about what medical services are coming back to the Barrier Island, and 174 million in FEMA funds, together with valuable vacant land and buildings can go along way in providing those medical services. SNCH “alternative use plan” has not yet been carried out, so there is still time for the residents of the South shore to convince our elected officials and SNCH to spend those FEMA funds on the Barrier Island for a new medical center providing vital and quality medical services. BUT NOW, IT IS UP TO THE PEOPLE, TO FIGHT FOR THOSE SERVICES, BECAUSE SNCH AND NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH , WAS CONTENT IN 2013, TO BRING JUST AN URGENT CARE CENTER, TO THE BARRIER ISLAND, WHICH COULD NOT ACCEPT 911 AMBULANCES.

  78. Are you saying that the President of the Chamber is buddies with Zapson and his crew? If you could elaborate on that then it could help explain alot of things.

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