Long Beach Movie Nights is looking for a classic

From Long Beach Movie Nights:

“Hey, we have a quick question- What movie would you like to see this summer along the lines of last year when we showed Casablanca? We are looking for an older classic that you would like to see.

Any ideas? The Godfather? This is Spinal Tap is an older classic, as far as I’m concerned.

19 Replies to “Long Beach Movie Nights is looking for a classic”

  1. Oh! Love the Hitchock suggestion, though I think I’d prefer ‘Rear Window’
    Stifling heat would lend nicely to a summertime beach viewing 🙂

  2. Cary Grant movie or any Spency Tracey Katherine Hepburn movies.
    An Affair to Remember, The Awful Truth, Houseboat, Woman of the Year, Desk Set, Adams Rib

  3. That’s 4 for Hitchcock (including my vote) and Patti wants to see Cary Grant, who just so happens to star in North by Northwest.

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