35 Replies to “Get this guy off the boardwalk. LB always up to the same old s***.”

  1. One of the many UMARKED City vehicles that we buy, insure, maintain and fuel up. A couple of months ago someone said on this blog that they were going to ask for the names of those driving City vehicles, I told them they would never get and answer. I wonder how they made out with their request.

  2. ALL BOARDWALK USERS AND BEACHFRONT DWELLERS SHOULD PHOTOGRAPH SCUMBAGS LIKE THIS. Three cheers and a bravo to Anthony for publishing the photos.

  3. Honestly I’m glad there is some police presence on the boardwalk although it should be bike or one of those golf cart things they have.

    Last night I was out on the boardwalk and there was a group of 8 kids that couldn’t have been more than 16 walking down the boardwalk with a 30 case of natty light opening drinking as they went for a stroll.

    Did I report them, no. Shame on me, I remember being that age and thinking at least they don’t have cars yet.

    The part that worries me is that they aren’t concerned in the least that they will stumble into a police officer. 8 open cans and a cartoonishly small boy struggling to carry the rest by that flimsy cardboard handle.

    If they aren’t worried I’m not to sure I feel all that safe up there. I honestly can’t wait until they put that satellite station up on the boardwalk.

  4. I remember the LBPD bragging that they were using a “Smart Car” for patrolling the BW becaused it weighed 1/3 of what a full sized PD car and wouldn’t harm the BW. Maybe they are using SUV’s on the BW because of the bad habit’s of LBPD high ranking officers running over beach goers sunbathing on the sand. What happened to the smart car?

    The old BW was endlessly being rebuilt because of heavy trucks and police cruisers needlessly traveling on the BW. THAT BW COST $45,000,000!!! What the hell is wrong with these morons?


  5. Guest:
    Over the years the kops had motor scooters, bicycles, Segways, motorcycles, smart cars, and even (gasp!) their feet for use on the BW. Why is it suddenly necessary to have SUV’s there????? All of the above do vastly less damage to the $45,000,000 boardwalk than SUV’s, and heavyweight cruisers.

    The motor scooter was the best. It was nearly silent and could sneak up behind the beer toting teenagers every time. With a rides menu like this it is stupid beyond belief to be driving SUV’s and heavyweight police cruisers there. What does the weight of police vehicles have to do with how many people call the kops? Has anyone confirmed that that is a LPPD vehicle in the photo?

  6. You fools! That’s Jack Schnirman’s — the City Manager’s — car. It’s usually parked next to City Hall when he’s in the office, generally mornings before 1 PM.

    Jack drives on the boardwalk and beach quite often.

    Equally foolish is your believing that driving on the boardwalk is somehow harming it. It was built to carry a fire truck.

    Just ask Mr. Schnirman, he’ll tell you…

  7. You cannot see him in this picture, but there was a LBPD officer sitting in the drivers seat. An active and engaged police presence on the boardwalk would be great, but he didn’t even look my way as I rode past him taking pics.

    There are much safer and effective ways of patrolling the boardwalk.

  8. Finally the residents wake up!! Bravo!!! The flunkies in City Hall that promised they would never use a City vehicle (Hi Jack!!) are all filling up on Long Bach Road and going off to see friends and family in Oceanside, Merrick and Rockville Centre. The hypocrisy of these people to have made these promises and now we find them roling on the boardwalk, sleeping in their cars and going to their kids games out of town, all on our dime. November cannot come fast enough.

  9. Maybe Ed Glister can get to the bottom of the “Who has the take home cars”. Jessie asked and FOILED and has not gotten an answer.” . And while Ed is at it maybe he can find out who and why so many of the take home cars are unmarked. Since Ed seems to be on the City Councils good side and is a great fan of CM Schnirman maybe he can help us get an answer !

  10. Only time I saw any City of LB official comment about LBPD misuse of a vehicle in the Beach Park was when a moron Kop ran over a beachgoer sunbathing in the sand, while Kop was talking to his daughter on a celphone. The comment was that they had promoted the kop to Inspector rank. True Story.

  11. No the old Boardwalk was endlessly being repaired due to it being built out of cheap wood and its proximity to the ocean (salt air and wind).

  12. Great let’s have no cops on the boardwalk. What a great idea. Maybe we should put them on bikes so if there’s an emergency somewhere else in town it will take then 20 minutes to get there. Or even better put them in a smart car so when they are responding to an emergency no one gets out of there way.

  13. You “think”. Thats a weasel word for “I don’t know”. Why don’t you try to wring the facts out of city hall or Chief Wiggims?

  14. Ok. I write as a fact that he wasn’t. Why don’t you write as a fact “that they had promoted the kop to inspector rank. True sorry.”
    You can easily do a google search but instead you decide to spew lies that you allegedly heard or read. While I may disagree with certain people on here I’ll listen to what they say and hopefully somewhat respectfully disagree but not if they’re just lying like you.

  15. Do you also say that no LBPD kop ever ran over a sunbather on the beach while driving a LBPD SUV , and the kop was yapping with his daughter on a cell phone at the time?

  16. I say that you are stating the cop in question was promoted to as you heard “inspector rank”. I have no idea if he was on the phone or not. But you talking about him being promoted to inspector is a lie. His name is easily searched and his salary and rank are shown over and over again. I’m just saying that you called someone out for not “writing the facts” while you are posting false information.

  17. @guest, the officer involved was rewarded for running over this dangerous tourist in a very low chair, with a promotion to Sergeant and a very very very large salary! Figures available on seethroughny.net for those curious to know where our tax dollars go.

  18. Be nice Gordy, stop trying to minimize content you don’t want out there. Good luck in November you’re going to need it. Start getting you resume out there.

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