LB Republican Response to Transparency and Disclosure

The Long Beach Republicans, who just recently announced their candidacy for Long Beach City Council, have responded to my article on transparency and disclosure on contracts.  Please read their statement below: 

LB Republican Response to Transparency and Disclosure

Amid renewed calls for transparency at all levels of government in regard to lobbyists and public contracts, the Long Beach Republican Committee and their 2015 candidates Angelo Lomonte, Catherine Quinn and Brian Higgins have released the following statement:

Seeking to engender a new level of trust between City Hall and its constituents, the Lomonte/Quinn/Higgins ticket endorses a set of tough new ethics laws requiring full disclosure by elected officials, top administrators and political leaders of all business dealings and investments both within Long Beach as well as outside the city limits.  Additionally, they believe in the disclosure of all family relationships in the hiring and promotion of city personnel and the awarding of city contracts.

Said Lomonte, Quinn and Higgins: “We’re looking to institute a level of transparency in Long Beach where our constituents can agree that the best person, people or vendor(s) were awarded a contract, not just the most connected.  As concerned members of our community we believe all residents need to know that the contracts given out by the city are based on merit and affordability, and if elected we will effect an intelligent and transparent bidding system that benefits residents of Long Beach and our greater community at large.  We would also bring forth legislation to disclose any conflicts of interest in the hiring and promotion of city officials and employees.  What has been the regular for past administrations, whether Democratic or Republican, cannot continue to be the norm. As elected members of the City Council, we pledge to forge legitimate and lasting reforms that everyone involved can be proud of.”

25 Replies to “LB Republican Response to Transparency and Disclosure”

  1. Whatever side of the political spectrum you happen to fall on…we need this! LB has a horrendous history of shady business deals and nepotism. It’s time to stop it.

  2. I am an Independent and I have worked with Shelly Silver–leader of the NY Democrat assembly– as well as Dean Skelos–leader of the Republican assembly–power does strange things to people. The only thing you can judge is actions; so I would be cautiously optimistic.

  3. The first thing the republicans should after they get elected is replace the corporation council and city manager. Get all the stench out of city hall.

  4. Given where we came from during the last administration – are we really listening to republicans talking about transparency and disclosure ? Please…. Let’s get a mayor.

  5. Life Long – do you mean get rid of the City Council or the Corporation Counsel? And if the former , do you mean the position or the present incumbent?

  6. I commend this ticket and their stance, but what a struggle they will have going against all of these entrenched fiefdoms that have been in place for generations. And then there are the unions getting out the vote, and all the rest.

  7. What a great way to introduce themselves to the community! Acknowledging a dicey past for both parties while promising legislative reforms that will require full disclosure has gotten my attention. I hope they have the specific operational language of this legislation ready for the campaign and that all candidates from both parties can take a position on it.

  8. personally, I’m anti-mayor. the city manager job, in theory, should at least allow a qualified person be installed in the position. who among the current city council or any of their announced opponents would anyone consider qualified for the job?

  9. @John McNally – but just as easily, an unqualified person could be appointed. A mayor needs to live in the area. They likely have roots, own a home, family/friends that they need to do right by.

    A city manager could be appointed in and use the position to wield special interests.

  10. agreed, mayor wilson, but at least the CM position provides the OPPORTUNITY to hire someone qualified. a mayoral system means the most popular, not qualified, wins. to listen to folks on this board, the people who do and have served as city council members – who live here, have roots here, own a home here and have friends/family they need to do right by – haven’t always acted in the best interest of the community when party allegiance and or orders come into play.

  11. @John, I disagree to a great extent. Our current system of City Manager has failed us for too many years. I think we need to have an election for not only mayor, but more importantly, departmental heads. Considering the Police Commissioner of LB makes more than the commissioner of the NYPD, what type of candidates would throw their hat in the ring? How many real Engineers might run for Public Works? What real financier runs for Comptroller? Who steps up and runs for Fire Commissioner, Parks and Recreation?, Etc, etc. We would get to see all the resumes.Now we have a marginal popularity contest and entrust people with virtually no business running a city to select someone to run a city. And the truth is, they are told who will be selected local Democratic committee.

  12. Good start. You begin with looking at the City Mgr and his sidekick in Public Works. You ask for all contracts awarded after SuperStorm Sandy. You know, the ones that never went before the City Council. We look to see how many of their friends in Brookhaven who got these contracts. Maybe we find out why our garbage sat around for three weeks. Then we look at all the deals that the Dem Leader and his cronies were involved in. You know the LDC deals that their friends at the Suozzi law firm are getting rich from. Then we connect the dots. We shouls ask why Grace and LiRo get all the large contracts here and why the prices are so vastly inflated. Let’s really see why our Police Commissioner has a contract that nobody evr voted on. Boy oh boy would transparency be fun to watch. Can that Council woman even spell transparency? I’m praying that the rsidents have finally had enough

  13. How about we start using the same language that the state uses in most other municipalities! You know the ones the Democrats turned into a toothless dragon many years ago so they could plunder our taxes! Do a little digging folks. History is a great teacher!

  14. But thats where we as the residents need to call upon our neighbors to rise up and get behind people who are trying to defeat years of entrenchment.

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