“The filth on view while seeking to choose one of the restaurants for dinner was really saddening.”

“A few pics from around 7pm Saturday night on Park…The filth on view while seeking to choose one of the restaurants for dinner was really saddening.”

That’s what I was told by the photographer of the following images. Pretty filthy and unappetizing. And we wonder why we’re losing businesses…

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  1. It must be all those out of towners leaving their garbage. And they probably didn’t buy any of that trash or produce the things inside those garbage bags while supporting local long beach business people. Smh. You people complain too much. Street sweepers aren’t 24 hours but they do come around quite often compared to other parts of Nassau I have to say.
    I don’t think it looks that bad.

  2. Agreed Anthony!! Long Beach is disgusting 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and that is with Sanitation getting overtime for the weekends. Stores should not be allowed to throw their garbage outside in front. It should be wheeled down the alley and to the back when available. Most stores have them, but never use it because it is easier to just throw it out front…

  3. As you know from my forward of an email to the blog last season, Mr. Schnirman responded to my pent up reaction to seeing this filth by saying he would remind the shop keepers of their responsibilities and put Sanitation on alert to take care of their frontage. I will remind him. Too bad the shop keepers don’t prioritize and self patrol this given the obvious turn off it is to customers. Trying to keep my business in LB, my wife and I went to a restaurant on Park btw LB Rd. and Riverside. Her first reaction to approaching the business, seriously: “this area is disgusting”. That pathetic Chamber can’t grasp this I suppose, as the schlock fest they put on last week was equally low rent, smelly and disgusting. I feel for the hard times that local merchants face but for gosh sake, is a little effort to hose down and swipe sidewalks and properly dispose of garbage too much? Chip in, hire some roving clean up crews, respect your business space as you ask for our business. Or, Jack, enforce the ordinance. Where’s the pride.

  4. Classic LB response – “you got a problem with X? Move! We’re in a perpetual state of decline and we like it!”

    I’ll never forget when people were debating how much Waldbaums sucks, and someone said “if you don’t like Waldbaums move!” Really?

    So now it’s, if you don’t like garbage all over the street take your clean vibes somewhere else? Classic.

  5. It’s not the out of towners, and it doesn’t really matter who’s “responsible” for it. The burden falls on the shop owner.

    Walk around NYC and other places, and you’ll see shop owners sweeping cigarette butts and shit away from their store. They don’t go hunting down the “out of towner” who put it there.

    It’s also good business just to keep your place keep.

  6. People have been commenting about this for years – its never going to get any better. Merchants need to be fined, property owners fined for not repairing the concrete sidewalks in front of their property. Anything short of that is a waste of time.

  7. Right after Anthony posted the filth at LIRR it got cleaned up when people wrote LIRR and the city to step up.

    You’re consistently pessimistic, but at least you’re consistent.

  8. What’s depressing to me is that LB could be so much better with a minimal change of attitude.

    There are many seaside communities along the coast that are clean, well maintained and much more inviting.

    There’s an acceptance of mediocracy here by the city fathers and residents alike which contributes to this mindset.

    I know, I know, I’m looking at the glass as half empty. But that’s the way it seems to me.

  9. The boardwalk isn’t much better btwn LB blvd and Edwards. Garbage bins constantly overflowing. Also the giant black bin on corner of LB and E Bdwy has been overflowing for almost 2 weeks. I did the LB response app and still nothing!!!

    It’s an embarrassment when people come to visit. Noticed how bad Park Ave was while walking to dinner in that exact area for Mother’s Day.

  10. Not all the local businesses are slobs. However, there’s enough of them to make parts of Park Avenue fit the description in the movie about Long Beach, City By The Sea ; “Seedy, like bad Florida.”

    The Chamber Of Commerce should be addressing this issue. It’s money out of their members pockets when customers go elsewhere.

  11. This is even more striking for me since visiting Patchogue recently on a Saturday night. Restaurant after restaurant PACKED, as well as bar after bar, with the whole main downtown area looking pristine. Something to strive for.
    A performing art center would be a great start.

  12. @Anthony, I’ve been noticing you are becoming more critical of the goings-on in Long Beach and it appears you are starting to seethe at our evil ways. This may be yet another disappointment, but Long Beach is a relatively dumb town. For the most part I’d say it’s Nassau Community, and if you’re lucky, a state college. Of course that’s not everyone. And no one ever seems to leave so it’s self perpetuating. People are slobs, and if not, are very tolerant of slobs. It will never be Williamsburg. This is a mecca of alcoholics and beach bums and not young creatives. We elect politicians who haven’t had a creative thought in their heads in ages, if ever they did. After a while you’ll stop noticing as substandard becomes your new norm. Could you imagine a seaside community like Virginia Beach or similar, giving a permit to a company that staples outdoor carpet to a sheet of plywood and calls it mini-golf? or happily granting permits to a company that plops down shipping containers for storage? Hopefully you don’t adapt too quickly and become like me. I don’t go out in Long Beach, I have friends over for BBQ’s and I limit my exposure to the “experience” of Long Beach. I used to bike the boardwalk at any hour, but since a bike lane has escaped the simple minded Council, I now have set riding times. And as tax increases finally force me far from Long Beach, I’ll look back and wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.

  13. Yes, we have a problem. The comments about a dirty city are too often true. And, there are many lost opportunities to make the city more beautiful e.g. trees, flowers etc. Here are some actions that are under way, or soon to be initiated.

    – The City has agreed to establish a a Beautification Committee, comprised of representatives from Civic groups, the Chamber and City. This will help the City hear the problem from the point of view of the citizens. One expected first step is to establish Beautification metrics: e.g. Sweep the streets x times per week, or clean garbage cans x times a week.

    And, establish customer service standards for Beach Tickets takers, since Beautification requires friendly people as. Well as clean streets.

    And, grade our cleanliness, as well as highlight those who don’t comply. And maybe even recommend the color palette we choose for ticket booths.

    The Committee will coordinate with the Arts Council. And, will help coordinate the work of volunteer groups, including those that plant as well as clean.

    – Have volunteers help. Last year Project Challenge cleaned West End tree pits of weeds. This year they’ll do the same for the business district. We are asking the High School Principal to coordinate student volunteers. And also working with Girl Scouts.

    – Community groups can help. The West End Beautification Association (WEBA) plans to donate $500 to pay for a person to clean West End streets weekend mornings this summer. And, they offered to match contributions from others. The Chamber has already agreed to pay $500 towards business district clean up during the same period.

    – Compliance is needed. The City had an employee dedicated to compliance. This needs to be improved.

    – We need to recognize we are part of the problem, not just visitors. The 3 most frequent items littering our streets are Bud beer cans, Marlboro packs and pizza paper plates. Everyone should be able to walk them to the nearest trash can.

    And, while I don’t expect everyone to do it, I frequently pick up loose litter as I walk through the City.

    Bottom line: it’s a fixable problem. Let’s fix it.

  14. Ed has a government excuse for everything!! We need a group of people in a “beautification Committee” to put together “Beautification Metrics”? What are you and Richard smoking? Pass that!! Don’t be so selfish, share with the rest of us!!!
    Next you will tell us we need to hire a “Beautification Expert”! That is why there are rules and regulations on the book already, just enforce them. He is the metric ED, When there is garbage SWEEP!! When there is filth, MOP or POWERWASH! when those are not done the building’s department gives a written warning, then a fine….
    Why should the community groups hire anyone to clean anything? We pay an incredible amount in sanitation taxes that is where we “donate” our money and time, so they have a job, We just need a city manager and his public works official to leave, so someone can actually hold our city employees to acceptable standards…
    I am not part of the problem!! Speak for yourself ED!! I do not throw garbage on the floor and I make sure to pick it up when I see it, within reason!

  15. Ed, I agree with you on a lot of things, but really? A beautification committee? Throwing orange vests on the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts?


    You own a shop here? You clean up in front of it.

    Has this beautification committee met yet? Where does this fall in the city’s priorities?

    Metrics? How long does a study have to be to figure out how often a place needs to be swept? It’s not like Long Beach is new or civilization is just starting.

    I dont remember why, but I remember the arts council making me roll my eyes the first time I heard about it, and the idea that we need the arts and sanitation to come together to get garbage of LBs streets is crazy.

  16. The City should enforce rules and regulations, whether it be with respect to commercial areas or homeowners. They have historically done, and continue to do, an extremely poor job in that regard. I applaud and thank Ed for his constant efforts, which are far more than words, but actions too. If a a handful of folks undertook an nth of Ed’s efforts that would be a great thing for this City. And that can be by complaining to the City manager and council at meetings, by email, etc. We can all do your part, which must go beyond commenting in this forum.

  17. All they need is to get some proper garbage cans rather than leaving bags and boxes on the street and it would make a massive difference visually, with smell and will potential debris spilling onto the street.

  18. You’re right Publius. The initial focus of this thread was the downtown and its ongoing problems with respect to appearance and cleanliness. While getting Boy/Girl Scouts sounds nice, this issue needs to be addressed by enforcement of ordinance first. No need for metrics Ed, participant observation and reaction finds consensus on this issue, the south side of our Park Ave. business district is disgustingly maintained and presents a horrible first impression to visitors. Larry you are right, we must acknowledge those businesses that do their part. Maybe enforcement in this area will force its representative body, the Chamber, to address the problem. Please email the City Manager to request this.

  19. Why should any business in this town bother using their paid labor to clean up the streets? Each spring, neighborhood groups under the guise of beautification go out and weed the streets, power wash the sidewalks, clean the overwhelming private canals and perform other various tasks that should be the responsibility of the property owner. While their actions are somewhat commendable, as long as they continue to do this, the businesses will always expect it and thus not undertake initiatives on their own. “Hey its getting very weedy around that tree, oh don’t worry they will come by soon and clean it for me.”

  20. Sec. 23-8. – Duty of property owners and others to keep sidewalks, curbs and gutters clean.


    The sidewalks and curbs, abutting or in front of every building or lot in residential areas of the city, shall be kept clean and clear of any litter, garbage, trash, refuse or other debris, except in proper containers and at proper times for collection, by the owner, tenant, occupant or person in charge of each such building or lot.

  21. I’m saddened by some of this. I listen to Ed and I try for Anthony’s sake to be respectful. At some point cheerleading must stop and good, honest discourse needs to appear. First,this Beautification Committee has been around for years. Some great people down West have put their hearts into protecting the beauty of the City and they are given little from the City. The bars and alcohol rule this City. WE PAY FOR SERVICES!! That means sanitation, police, fire etc. The City is to be protected by the various agencies and cleanliness should be a priority for a litany of reasons. Why should volunteers be doing what we pay for? Why should bad players who make money in this City be immune from the laws? When did common sense and courtesy disappear from our City? Committees and volunteers are not our answers. Would they accept this in East Hampton? Would they believe a Committee and volunteers would be the answer? Would they allow businesses to dirty up their City? Wake up. If the people that run the City think that it’s acceptable then they must go. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

  22. There really is a sulutions to this pro men.
    Have the Sanitation Dept or the Police Dept. give store owners and or the public Tickets for littering. And you’ll see the difference

  23. Residents should request the City to enforce the codes. Residents should email the Chamber and ask it to police itself and members. Residents can ask business owners to clean up or mention it affects their purchasing decisions. Residents can also take volunteer efforts to do things to beautify where they live. This last item has been a constant in improvements of neighborhoods, whether it be Red Hook, Bushwhick, Ft. Greene, Lower East Side or Patchogue. At the same time, though, residents should do the other things. How about every one of us writing here email the City Manager, every City Council member and the Chamber of Commerce on this today? I already emailed the City Manager and will now move to the others.

    Have a great day.

  24. Sorry this got cut off: (b)
    In commercial areas, it shall be unlawful to place any garbage, refuse or ashes upon the sidewalk or street for collection, or to permit such material or containers to remain upon the street prior to 5:00 p.m. or after 10:00 p.m.”

  25. We have been paying an sanitation inspector for 4 years to do this very thing. He was hired to correct this problem. The problem isn’t fixed and we now pay someone to drive around in a new sanitation inspector car.

  26. Getting Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts also promoted PRIDE in the place where you live! When my children were in East School 3 years ago, the garbage blowing around the playgrounds was horrendous!! Disgusting! What does that promote in our children? Certainly NOT pride. So, I (7 months pregnant) got garbage bags and walked around cleaning the 2 joined playgrounds. Parents would walk by and ask why I was cleaning instead of just complaining to the school (I had) and getting the janitors to do it (they never did!). Mind you, none of them lent a finger to help. One of the PTA moms that lived across the street (also a Boy Scout mom) saw me, helped me, got his two sons to participate and suggested that their Boy Scout troop organize clean ups around LB.
    I was told by the school that since the garbage was from the surrounding neighborhood and not from the school they weren’t responsible for cleaning. They were completely apathetic to children playing amidst blowing plastic bags, pizza boxes, soft drink cups and so on.
    That’s what wanting other people to clean up garbage blowing around a town teaches children.
    LBers SHOULD have representatives that work FOR them. They really don’t and it’s a shame. But, while fighting that fight SOMEONE NEEDS TO PICK UP THE GARBAGE!

  27. @Alexis…Playgrounds, beaches seem like appropriate places for civic groups to clean up.

    Delis, Restaurants, nail salons – free labor from children?

    Sounds to me like you’d be teaching children that businesses don’t need to have pride in where the operate.

    Then again, we have a for profit thrift shop that people give their things to – so LB is a topsy turvy place.

  28. I totally agree with you! I believe there has got to be a way to snap LBers out of this lethargy. How about shame? There should be a group of shamers, dressed in SHAME ON YOU t-shirts that clean up in front of stores during peak business hours. Draw attention to the problems and the people responsible for them. If they don’t like it maybe they will complain to the city, maybe the city will force them to take responsibility. People should fell ashamed when they let their children play in trash but that’s an emotion that has been lost by a lot of LBers, too much indifference.

  29. Ed, the metrics should include the effectiveness of the sanitation inspector. Number of warnings and tickets issued each week, section of the city where warnings and tickets were issued. Would be good to see what comes of it.

  30. Hi Alison. While I agree, it is important to note that so much of the garbage seems to be coming directly from the stores and left around the trees and the curbs. That sanitation issue is not about littering as much as figuring out a way for businesses to put out their garbage in a way that doesn’t make Park Avenue look so bad.

  31. Agreed! and having actual garbage bins rather than chunks of cardboard and garbage bags sitting on the ground will make a difference visually.

  32. Alexis, Who from the school told you “I was told by the school that since the garbage was from the surrounding neighborhood and not from the school they weren’t responsible for cleaning.”?

  33. Thanks to those who support the above ideas to improve Beautification. And to those who disagree, here are responses to your comments.

    – You think we don’t need a Committee: So people complain that the City doesn’t listen to the Community, but when the City enables a communication path the naysayers deride it. And your negative comments come out even before the committee has met. If you’ve never been in a successful committee that says more about you than about this potential solution.

    – You think we don’t need Beautification metrics: Tell me if you know these answers:
    o What should be the cost per mile of street sweeping? What % of total sanitation costs should be overtime?
    o Should the street sweeper do a main street once a month, once a week, or two times a day? At what cost?
    o Should money be spent on planting sea grass or hiring another Sanitation Inspector?
    My guess is you don’t know the answers. These answers would be defined in metrics. And if you doubt we could develop metrics that improve efficiency and results, FYI I developed 450 metrics for the Mayor of New York when I was an Executive-on-Loan. Those metrics worked.

    – You think we don’t need volunteers: What are your answers to these questions? Was it good to have volunteers plant sea grass on the dunes or would you have required City workers to do that? If A volunteer is about to pick up a beer can Saturday at 5 am on Beech St is he supposed to leave it for a City worker? And, InformaTuttle, before you answer this wouldn’t be done in a East Hampton, suggest you read the minutes from the most recent Hampton Beautification Committee, where they awarded volunteers for this kind of work.

    – You think that issuing tickets is the total solution: I agree compliance is critical. In fact, read my article in the West End Beautification Association blog in September 2013 when we interviewed Jamal Taylor, the City Inspector. But, as much as compliance (voluntary and enforced) is critical, it’s only a part of the solution. TTMS provided the code. Do you think under this code the owner has to weed tree beds, or clean medians on Park Avenue? And, beyond cleaning garbage, a Beautification plan should define how many flowers should be planted in public areas, and what color should be ticket booths. Beautification is so much more than just issuing tickets.

    You may disagree with these ideas, but at least recognize they have been used successfully elsewhere.

  34. Beachguy, here’s the status: Commissioner agreed to do the pilot, with planned May start, for six months. A Police representative came to Oregon St two weeks ago and painted initial markings every 18′, which would yield addition parking spaces. Last week Police rep expressed concern since “standard” space is recommended to be greater than 18′. A few days ago I sent email to Police rep that I wanted to show him video of 2 nights of actual parking, demonstrating that 18′ spaces work. Now awaiting response from Police rep. Will update you next week.

  35. InformaTuttle, you need to improve your data sources. I’m familiar with the West End Beautification Association you mention, since I’m the co-Director and I interact with the City. While we haven’t gotten everything we requested, we have had many successes for the a West End by working with the City.

    And check out what the Hampton Beautification Association does…similar to what I’ve suggested regarding working with the City and using volunteers.

  36. Ed you are talking about beautification and make some good points. This article began as a conversation about the filthy condition of the downtown. The code addresses that, let’s begin there. I don’t need metrics to see the filth and to realize that most of my fellow LBers feel same way. Me and many others beautify our neighborhoods and do a damn good job at it. Good luck with your committee and your good work. To all of the rest of you who beautify Long Beach in big ways and small and simply ask that shopkeepers be made aware of their responsibility to take the garbage off the sidewalks, respect the ordinance, thank you for all the beautification that you do without fanfare. I appreciate it every day, every garden. Ed thank you for your passion but I can do without your scolding and your regular reminders of all you’ve accomplished in New York City or with your spreadsheets that “prove” that hospitals that should be closed need to be reopened. Oh and let’s go Rangers!

  37. Why Oregon? Seems BLVD median parking would make more sense and would be an easier straightforward application. Is it because it is one of the narrow streets? Canals have narrow streets.

  38. Committees are for people who like to hear themselves talk and like to be with other people who like to hear themselves talk. Why does anyone need a channel to city government? They are located right there on Park Avenue? It is a sad day when you need a committee to get the city to do the job we are paying astronomically high taxes for them to do. Oh I am sorry, the committee isn’t for that purpose, it is to open communication. What, we need a committee to open communication to let the city know the streets are dirty? Hey Jack, go take a walk around town, there ED I did my part…. Jack gets paid a great grand salary, know we need a committee to open the channels to let him know it is dirty in town? ED do you see how low your bar of expectations is set at? And you deride people that think it is unreasonable to have people perform at the level they are paid and were hired for? From Jack down to the garbage men we are ALL paying for mediocre at best results. And you need a committee to open communication to inform them that they suck at what they do?

    ED what mayor did you work for in NYC producing metrics for? And it sounds like you do not need a committee, sounds like you can answer ALL those questions on your own….

    It is different for volunteers to be planting Sea Grass then to have volunteers cleaning the main business district, what is worse is that you do not see the difference…..

    Did you ask the inspector how many tickets he gave out in the last year?

    How many plants to be planted in public areas? What is this North Korea? There is going to be a specified number of plants in a certain area? when did you get so crazy? Clean is Clean, Dirty is Dirty, Go plant flowers and go water them, We are not even close to the point that we should be counting flowers in flower beds… When we have no more gazillion potholes, when garbage is actually cleaned up, when sidewalks are actually power washed on Park Avenue, When police and city vehicles are not on the boardwalk, When the skate park is finally built, when the 8 million dollar bathrooms are completed on the boardwalk, after the movie theater reopens…… after the 40-50 houses up for auction are actually re-inhabited, then we can start counting the amount of flowers in flower beds….

  39. Here is a simple idea to help keep the streets cleaner, just modify the city code with detailed times of enforcement. All businesses must clean the streets an 18″ into the gutter AND the sanitation inspector WILL give summonses for non compliance during the following times 9:00AM to 10:00AM AND 5:00PM to 6:00PM. Have the inspector walk or ride a bike up and down the business sections for 3 weeks during those times handing out notices that on a certain date this note will be replaced with a summons and accompanying fine. The times can be changed to say something like one hour after opening or 9AM to 10AM whichever is earlier. And also change it to say any business with normal hours after 10:00PM MUST sweep the sidewalk and gutter prior to or immediately after their closing time (this will take into account the bars and the cleanup from their patrons.)

    What does everyone think of this simple enforceable measurable act? I wonder what the candidates for city council think about it?

  40. Positive suggestions and actions by all of us can make a difference. Complaining here only without some follow through and attacking each other ain’t gonna change a thing. This forum allows us to see we have common concerns and interests — it’s a meeting place where we can thrash out some issues and then take action. I know my contacting City Hall alone stands a very low likelihood of changing anything. Concerted and repeated efforts are the only chance of forcing change. Just about everyone here seems to agree cleanliness is an issue. Call, email City Hall and Chamber today. Perhaps agree with others here to show up at next CC meeting and get up one by one at good and welfare and raise this issue. Or just complain here about metrics, whose job is what, etc.

  41. Metrics? We aint got no stinkin metrics!
    WTF are metrics?
    Committees to discuss whether trash needs to be picked up or where to plant flowers and how many?
    The amount of energy wasted on these stupid topics could light a city.
    TILB! Nothing will change.
    The City is run by incompetents.
    We need to spend our time debating whether garbage should be picked up by City employees who are paid to do so?
    We need to debate whether business owners have to keep their storefronts clean of debris?
    We need to hear that after years of discussion we are now at a point where the debate is over the proper size of parking spaces?

    Enough already! Get out the pitchforks and torches.

    It’s something in the water perhaps. Everyone substitute beer and wine. We will all be happier and operate at the same level as City employees.

  42. Gee Ed, I’m not sure what to say. Maybe this explains a lot. The West End has the same issues that it has had for years. That is the inordinate amount of garbage and unruly players disrespecting the properties of our City. I’m sure that your heart may be in the right place, but the results have been minimal and the friends that I have down West are up in arms. the amount of homes for sale might be an indicator. Beautification Associations are always an asset to a municipality, but if you are going to mention the Hamptons, then also get your facts straight and mention the zero tolerance approach that the municipalities enforce in their towns in an effort to maintain a clean, safe and beautiful environment. Talk about property values there and property values here, much closer to the beach, and explain to all of us how the beautification association has had this great impact you speak of.

  43. Captain my Captain….you are the messiah. Amen!!! If the municipality (like the Hamptons) is willing to enforce simple common sense codes, then we would benefit greatly. You are da man!!

  44. Love the idea of shaming these businesses into complying with code. How about a weekly post of pictures/comments of a business that is blatantly not doing their part. This site gets results and while not all businesses would change (keep their storefront clean), most would !

  45. Well Ed, you seem agitated. In reality, you can have 1000 metrics and without a change of attitude, you will gain zero traction. I use the Hamptons as an example because my family has lived out there for 50 years and in spite of the enormous influx of tourists and developers the one constant was the municipality aggressively defending the town against litter, unruly behavior, uncooperative businesses etc. In short, the beauty and safety of the towns was not negotiable. Volunteers are always welcome, but the taxpayers paid for services and DEMANDED that those services be provided ALL the time. Flowers, painted beach pass booths, dune grass these are all pleasant additions, but the overall culture must be changed and enforced by the municipality if LB is going to move ahead. FYI, check out Far Rock. I sat on numerous committees there over a thirty year period and the success that we had moving blighted areas out and developing a first class, BEAUTIFUL boardwalk are successes that I am proud of. The difference was two municipal leaders, back to back, who supplied the political will to create a better place and resources to protect it. Those are facts!

  46. Done. I forwarded the communications we had last year to the CM and each CC along with the ordinance. I was assured action last yeast so I reminded them while directing them to this thread. Hoping for response but action would be better.

  47. Couldn’t agree with you more Anthony. Mr. Glister is shining example of excellent citizenship. That said, it is okay to point out or imply the metrics that Ed chooses to ignore while asking others to be cognizant of the ones he believes are important.
    Capt O, excellent. InfoT and Love, all points on the money.

  48. @Love this City – Ed doesn’t have low standards, he just has a lot of patience. He consistently has the city’s best interests at heart, and he’s very involved.

  49. Shaming is not cool in my book. Circumstances and factors we don’t know about could cause a terrible injustice to someone who is struggling to do their best. While I also feel outraged by the situation, I would hope that we can agree that shaming is a last resort concept or should be part of our fantasy minds until we come to our senses and remember our higher values. It doesn’t feel right.

  50. I understand your point. The idea is not too bully someone struggling to make ends meet with their business. However, the businesses that I am thinking about could easily afford to spend the ten minutes it takes to sweep their storefront and occasionally power wash the sidewalk. Take some pride in ownership ! If you cant, and the city won’t do its job with code enforcement, then the public should know and decide whether they want to spend their money there. On the flip side, we should recognize those businesses that do an exemplary job of keeping their storefront.

  51. I won’t mention any particular business, but I can think of one on Park which has a sea of cigarette buds on the sidewalk. It’s so filthy every time I pass by. It without a doubt makes me not ever want to eat at this place because if the sidewalk is so dirty, I wonder what the kitchen looks like. Poor management all around…

    I agree that a 10 minute sweep would do wonders.

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