Torres, Eramo and Adamo VS. Lomonte, Quinn and Higgins [City Council Election 2015]

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.53.33 PMMultiple sources are telling me the Democrats have their picks for the next election: Incumbents Anthony Eramo & Len Torres, plus Karen Adamo [RE agent and holds Vice President position with the Long Beach Historical Society.] Fran Adelson is apparently not running for re-election.

We learned about the Republican canditates last week: LOMONTE, QUINN and HIGGINS to RUN FOR LONG BEACH CITY COUNCIL

The stage is set. Fans of Long Beach Politics rejoice! May the best persons win.


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  1. A debate, sponsored by Sea By The City, with Anthony as the moderator will separate the wheat from the chaff, giving rise to a third party, with candidates Anthony, Allison Box and TTMS building on the good work of the Schnirman administration.

  2. I am not sure if you are being sarcastic or not… But I really hope you do not believe the Schnirman administration is doing good work? I know you probably drink tap water, but that means we might need the EPA to test your houses water supply.
    Are the streets cleaner now than when he was hired?
    Are the roads safer now?
    Do we have less potholes or more potholes since he was hired?
    Are taxes lower since he was hired?
    Are people moving to Long Beach or trying to move away from Long Beach?
    Is there a general feeling of optimism in town or pessimism for the future of Long Beach?
    Are stores opening or closing in town?
    Are vacancies taking longer to rent or becoming easier to rent?
    Have there been more shootings and violence in Long Beach now or before he was hired?
    Do we have more debt now or before he was hired?
    Did we have a pathetic dirty smelly unsightly “shoregasboard” before he was hired or is this the one item he can hang his hat on?
    I do not think you can answer one of those questions, with things are better now than before….

  3. Richard, we are on the same wavelength which is scary for one of us 😉
    I messaged Anthony the idea of a DebatebytheSea. The current ones that are held are so lame and residents have real questions. You moderate, you ask the questions submitted and let it be held not in the library but someplace where I can bring a flask or order a beer 🙂

  4. Love This City it’s difficult to judge how this administration is doing when they had to follow a morally and financially corrupt administration before them then while cleaning up from that disaster we get hit with Sandy. Did you forget about any of that?

    There has always been empty storefronts and places coming and going. More since Sandy, you bet. Did Schnirman create Sandy and force people out of their homes plus shutter the hospital and movie theater which had a direct impact on local shops? Suggesting that whole list of things were results of this admin is just absurd. It’s going to take 10 years before we reflect preSandy LB but better.

  5. Lovethiscity you are very correct. Similar to a failed president, the blame game is very present here. Dem or Repub, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you get done. I will disagree with the argument that Sandy and a previous administration has caused this. At some point this administration must take ownership of the City. It’s been four years. two since sandy. There were incredible amounts of money pouring into this City. Instead of making great strides and using that moment as a new beginning, this group of political zeroes decided to up the ante and make this a political cash bonanza. Incompetents running major city agencies, police commissioners making $300K, unchecked overtime, borrowing at unprecedented levels, crumbling streets, failed businesses at levels that ARE NOT NORMAL. This is the legacy of this group. Adelson leaving is addition by subtraction. The only problem there is her sidekick will now try to replace her. Another Dem Club hack trying to continue this legacy. remember, this is a City of residents. It has been taken away from us by the politicians. The money they waste on their cronies could be going toward better, safer streets. It could be going to better public transportation, which in turn would greatly enhance local businesses. It could go toward keeping a cleaner, more attractive City, which would lead to investment. It could go toward restoring public perception that Long Beach is a solid City, niot a political cesspool. That would help greatly in lobbying for a hospital. It’s all connected. So when you read what Lovethiscity is saying, he is spot on. It’s not about Dem or Repub. It’s about competence.

  6. Just a thought; we should make sure that this potential debate focus on ideas to better the city for it’s residents and then review the actual plans that will be actionable and feasible. I don’t want to be a part of party finger pointing…spend the time to solve city issues!

  7. If the Democrats are fed up with the way the City is being they will not vote for the current council……But then again the other side of the coin
    is the Republicans RARELY win in Long Beach so time will tell how
    it all plays out

  8. Seriously, dems are STILL blaming the previous administration from 6 years ago (or was it more?). And, they look the other way with the corruption in the current. The cycle just continues if you keep these guys in.

  9. I am not a “dem” and reject the political parties currently offered in LB which is why I am seeking to start my own party…

    Box Dance Party

  10. @AllisonB – it’s really not that tough to judge this administration…

    Tried to give themselves life long benefits on the backs of tax payers.

    Shootings are up – fact. One right in front of the police station.
    How is that a result of Sandy?

    They shift taxes to fees to make it look like they didn’t raise taxes as much as they have (eg. sanitation)

    Did Sandy bring a 10 story building in front of the beach?

    Insane (and possibly illegal) overtime – technically that is a result of Sandy, but was it ever resolved if they were eligible?

    You need 10 years to reflect on this?

  11. The real question for all voters is, are you happy with the results of having a 100% Democrat city council? Right now it’s one party rule, which is allowing for a great deal of unchecked power and spending. If you’re happy with that then vote for Eramo, Torres and Adamo. If you’re not they vote for Lomonte, Quinn & Higgins .

  12. Just another thought, but a glaring one. How does a guy who was named Council Pres by his “teammates” and, in cowardly fashion, disposed of barely one month later, run on the same ticket with Torres? And Adamo (who as a Dem Club exec had a heavy hand in his disposal)? What deal was made to get him in line? What does this say about his character or trustworthiness? Long beach as usual I guess.

  13. Maybe the electoral process should be reviewed. Citizens United allow’s billionaires to buy politician…perhaps, we can find a solution that allow’s, smart, innovative citizens a chance to manage the city instead of party politics buying government.

    I know this is a pipe dream, but good folks do not have a chance at running for office because they do not have the funds. But, locally and with the help of social media, there could be a grass roots movement.

    Say what!

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