Traffic Safety Slogan – POLL

Long Beach just posted the Traffic Safety Slogan Poll [VOTE HERE]. Which one do you like best?

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.05.18 PM

They really just wanted a slogan! I really don’t know how to follow rules because I actually made signs! I guess it was a waste of time, but this is what I submitted, taking cue from the WELCOME TO BROOKLYN signs:allfivewelcome

6 Replies to “Traffic Safety Slogan – POLL”

  1. “Please obey all traffic laws”???!

    Could that be changed to “Obey the law, motherfucker, or AllisonB will cut you”

    Or a Shephard Fairy-style picture w/Commish Tangney OBEY

    This isn’t etiquette, there ain’t no “please” and “thankyou” when someones maimed or killed.


  2. None of those are any good because they are missing the most important part: The names of all of our elected officials and police commissioner etc.! Those share the road signs are hilarious, maybe you can see the message once you get past all the names

  3. All of them cute none of them very meaningful. I’ve seen signage in New York City and Washington DC that reminds drivers about bicycles right to use the right-hand lane. I’ve seen signage in Flagstaff AR that warn drivers making right turns to yield to bicyclists or pedestrians going straight. Functional and maybe effective to some extent. I agree with AllisonB that no pleases or thank you’s for obeying the law.

  4. I picked on that wasn’t my favorite because it had the 25 MPH on it.
    That needs to be there or people won’t know what it is.The signs are few and far between.

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