Hands Across the Sand – Saturday @ 11am!!


On Saturday, May 16th, make your voices heard and join the City Council, in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation, at the National Blvd beachfront at 11a.m. for the City’s “Hands Across the Sand” event. City residents will be joining hands at the beachfront to show our unanimous opposition to the Liquefied Natural Gas terminal, Port Ambrose, to be built off the coast of our beachfront. We encourage you to come down in support!

For more information on the event, see the flyer below or click the link here:http://goo.gl/ZU28Lf



7 Replies to “Hands Across the Sand – Saturday @ 11am!!”

  1. Long Beach teeters on bankruptcy. The Council announced yet another tax increase. Flood insurance is confiscating our homes. The Council approved 500 low-income apartments and wants to make you pay the $9 million/year tax bill. Half our storefronts are vacant, with more businesses closing every month. 12% of homes are up for sale.

    And the City Council wants you to hold hands and chant against global warming.


  2. This administration is really out of control. No wonder people are all selling out and running. I gave them the benefit of the doubt while they indebted us for over $100,000,000. This holding hands bullshit is the last straw. Who, other than some emo case in Mom’s basement is going to tolerate this?

  3. well to be fair, it’s against off shore drilling, To be honest, industrialization of our ocean would make me move out of Long Beach without a doubt.

    And this isn’t organized by the city.

  4. @By the Sea; @Jay , If Republicans and Democrats can agreed on one thing ,a man made Gas Island off a Residential Barrier Island, is a direct threat to our Domestic Homeland Security, Public Safety and Environment as evidenced by New York State Senator Skelos, New York State Assemblyman Kaminsky, Nassau County Legislator Ford and the Long Beach City Council have all called on New York Gov. Cuomo to VETO PORT AMBROSE. How do think a similar LNG Project, by the Atlantic Sea Island group in 2009, would have held up 13 miles off shore, in 30 to 47 feet waves during Super Storm Sandy ?

  5. Port Ambrose will be a export facility for gas produced by fracking in New York & PA.The Koch Brothers with the support of the Democrats will get it built. Cuomo thru LILCO out of NY and brought PSEG which raise the price of Electricity. Don’t ask Cuomo to help Koch Brothers have him in their pocket.

  6. @JOEL R. The power of Lobbyists and money. Went to New York State Assemblyman T. Kaminsky fund raiser yesterday at the Park, with the intension of seeing, if there is anything that can be done, to move the payment for accrued vacation pay, owed to LBMC Employee’s. When making my contribution, i heard something interesting, the woman collecting the contributions, told two woman behind me, Assemblyman Kaminsky, does not accept contributions from Lobbyists ,however, the two woman were politely told, they were welcome to stay. Still not clear when the LBMC Employees will receive their earned accrued vacation pay, but left with a sense of hope, that maybe we will get medical services restored to the Barrier Island and the Governor Cuomo might actually put the health and safety of the Barrier Island residents over the interests of the Energy Industry and VETO Port Ambrose, but then again, the Barrier Island has been without a 911 Ambulance Receiving Emergency Department since October 29, 2012.

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