6 Replies to “Homeowners Flood Insurance Forum [May 26th @ Lindell School 6 pm]”

  1. Another product of FEMA’s propaganda mill to tell us that we need to pay more to this tax disguised as “insurance,” whether we want it or not.

    Nobody will mention that this tax will increase 15% a year until your home is worthless. No one will mention that landlords will pay an additional $250 per year on top of the increases — costs passed along in rent.

    The Feds are confiscating your homes, taking every dime of equity you earned. And they are holding these community forums to celebrate and make you thank them for it.

    Why not ask Denise Ford who will buy your house in ten years when your mandatory “flood insurance” tax is $12,000 per year?

  2. From Newsday this week:

    “Nassau County Legis. Denise Ford spoke against the proposed PILOT (payments in lieu of taxes) during a Long Beach city council meeting last month.”

    This week she said,
    “I’m not against PILOTs per se”

    Wtf is it denise? Did Alphonse tell you to support this pilot or else?

    I read that Todd Kaminsky now works at the Harris Beach law firm representing Istar. Politics in this town is awful. Can anybody confirm that Todd Kaminsky definitely works at Harris Beach?

  3. If you have no mortgage, drop the policy. That’s what it’s going to come to – if there is another hurricane, you will get paid anyway through disaster relief. You are correct, over time these flood rates are going to erode real estate prices in LB because buyers who need mortgages cannot afford the policies. That’s another reason why you see so many houses for sale in LB now, people “in the know” about what is going to happen with flood rates, are getting out now. Not every house can be raised, it’s just not practical. The only real hope here is that the ACOE project, when completed, can be used to get the flood maps for LB renegotiated and get the elevation levels raised to lower these rates. Everything else is, as you note, just a sham – they have a “community forum” to tell people they are going to be crushed by this.

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