18 Replies to ““I’m curious as to what people say about my sign” – Reader Submitted [Traffic Safety Slogan]”

  1. I was thinking something along the lines of “what’s the rush your already at the beach” or “slow down your only minutes from the beach” or “slow down your already at the beach” something to that effect

  2. Not enough threat of violence if you disobey the law. If you could photoshop blood on the sign and a mangled corpse with tiremarks on it, Id call it a winner.

    Or just remove the word “please” and the line “slow down share the road” with “expect strict enforcement if traffic laws” Is be totally down. Behavior will not change because of etiquette, it will change with the fear of getting caught. Or look at it this way- do you see signs that say “please don’t steal”? No, “shoplifters will be prosecuted to the full expend of the law”.

    And of course actually ENFORCING traffic laws would help.

    high-five to whoever took the time to put this together- it’s obvious they put a lot of thought into it and that is awesome. The sign icons are perfect- love the surfer pedestrian one!!

  3. I see those signs and roll my eyes. Not being a troll, just telling you the other side. A sign or two won’t change my attitude when bikes get in the way of my driving. And, I do ride my bike on the roads.

    Those cutesy slogans on the survey are annoying.. pretending LB is any different from the “mainland”. And, they won’t change anyone’s driving habits. Waste of money. Like Allison said, you have to enforce the laws. Dang, I agree with Allison.

  4. scare tactics are a good way to go.. although one of my April Fools jokes was to say how the city was replacing STOP SIGNS with photos of naked people. That way, people would be sure to stop.

  5. “Expect strict enforcement ” really, by whom? The overpaid keystone cops we call a police department? What a joke.

  6. like the message and but WAY TOO MANY WORDS and too busy in design. no one takes the time to read through such much text. just my opinion!

  7. @ Larry Moriarty…

    I just got off the phone with the guy you bought your new house from. He has been following seabythe the city from Florida.
    He agrees with you. They have speed traps there. They work.
    Maybe it’s time to lobby city hall for them.

  8. That’s funny because it’s true. It’s like we have some respect for Pt Lookout that we don’t have for LB. However, it’s not even a mile long, two lanes and surrounded by shops and I guess most people go the speed that they see others going… which is slooowww.

  9. Years ago RVC had a reputation for treating speeders harshly and everyone slowed down when entering that jurisdiction. Just the opposite here.

  10. No one is commuting through PLO. Just one aggressive driver on Park causes everyone else to rise to the challenge. With commuters there is always at least one aggressive driver. Add lights that are somehow STILL not timed correctly and, yeah, park avenue insanity (and side streets even worse).

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