Garbage Pickup on Park. Let’s have a constructive conversation, please :)

It’s Friday night. Time to unwind, go out and grab a bite to eat. Why are there bags of garbage on the sidewalk on a Friday night? Is garbage pickup for Park Avenue on Saturdays?

These following photos were taken tonight [Friday] and sent in by the same reader who emailed me photos last Saturday night [Link]. Again, the theme is garbage, but while last week it was general uncleanliness, this time it’s all about bags of garbage.

What’s with the bags of garbage? Especially near where people are eating. I’m not trying to be a complainer here. I get that our stores don’t have the luxury of having a rear access, but there must be a better way. Especially on a night when so many people go out to eat.

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  1. There!!! Not their……and at least they bagged the trash and people do go by and dump THEIR stuff not only he store owners….found junk and trash by hourse in front of house by passersbyers all the time…

  2. Anthony –

    I just ran to taco bell and sanitation was picking up garbage on park ave. at 11:30pm. There was a garbage truck and a white sanitation car?

    Brilliant stuff…..

  3. Once again our city leadership is worried about skate parks and trees and not basic needs like sanitation and safety(fire dept staffing). All about them looking good. Can’t wait to vote them out of office and give Jack his walking papers.

  4. Fixing this cannot be that difficult or costly. 1 — for store garbage, have shop owners only place garbage out right before pickup and have pick-up at midnight or after — I think this was the program about 10 yrs ago. 2. for street garbage, between the City and the biz district, they should be able to come up with a regular program of a person sweeping/picking up every day, throughout the day. Like we saw in the Times Square and Wall Street areas beginning about 15 yrs ago. 3. Sidewalk cans should be maintained and emptied regularly. 4. Fine owners for non-compliance. My Dad owns a small biz in Brooklyn for 25 yrs and is his garbage or cans are out anytime outside the designated pick-up hours, he gets a ticket. He avoids tickets like the plague.

  5. Besides the garbage, the sidewalks themselves are filthy. The moribund Chamber of Commerce should be power washing all of the business district (east,west and central) sidewalks 3-4 times yearly at least. The business owners, not the taxpayers should foot the bill–it’s rightfully part of the cost of doing business. Entire block in photos is an eyesore there isn’t one tree in front of any stores. There is a tree stump in one picture. Chaotic signage looks more like and Arab bazaar, Pitkin Ave or Bed-Stuy–crappy and cheap. How about one central dumpster on one of the traffic islands for store keepers to deposit all of the little white bags in. Dumpster pick up’s to be determined by volume–that could be done around midnight and dumpster can be concealed by a hedge.

  6. Lol. Jack saved the city from bankruptCy and after Sandy but a garbage man wasn’t standing by to pick up trash before you saw a picture of it on a blog. Therefore jack must go.

    Republican logic at its finest.

  7. @republicans hate – saved the city from bankruptcy? The city’s debt has skyrocketed w/Jack. You do not understand bonding.

  8. @Marlene Always classic to see a snarky post criticizing someone’s writing (could you tell us how awesome it feels to be so perfect?), and that post is chock full of grammar/spelling errors.

  9. Kayo, I had the same thought when I read Anthony’s initial post, take one parking spot on the central median of each block and place a dumpster in there for the businesses to use. I see this dumpster cover that would make it somewhat visually appealing perhaps some kind of beach colors. Of course the area around the dumpster would need to be maintained.


  10. Are you really suggesting that commercial pickup take place after 12 midnight and that store owners not put out their garbage until right before pickup ?Who is going to “maintain and emptied regularly ” empty sidewalk cans ?

  11. If this is a real problem…perhaps city management could coordinate their pick up timelines with city business. For example, west end pu starts at 3pm…all garbage out by 3pm and picked up by 5pm…and roll the pattern down through the city…I don’t know their capabilities or time sequencing…but it should not be difficult to analyze. And maybe you can be so exact that you could reduce the area pick ups to an hour…so that garbage on sidewalk is their for only one hour.

    The city knows how many trucks are picking up, what their manpower resources are and their capability to stay on schedule. Business would be given schedules that include day/times to put out their garbage, and if they did not comply to those schedules they would be fined.

    Seems simply enough to me…I would think this would be a win win for all…the citizens, the businesses–because a cleaner city generates more business–and the city because it takes randomness out of management.

  12. In the West End in the 1940’s, 50’s 60’s there was one man assigned by The City of LB to keep Beach Street clean from Nevada to NY Ave, all year around. He had an old fashioned two wheeled cart (wooden spoked wheels) with a large galvanized garbage can and the tools of his trade in a rack thereon. He was at it 5 days a week all, all year around. Beach Street was spotless, always. The cart was kept behind one of the stores that had room.

    I have recently seen 7 men, supervised by 2 men in a pickup truck who never ever get out or clean anything. The men have no tools, just a red plastic box and pick up stuff and put in in the box, shuffling about, missing more than they pick up. BRING CAMERAS AND TAKE PICTURES.

  13. Saved the City from bankruptcy? Check this latest budget. Look at all the part time jobs. Look at the cash flow that has disappeared. Look at all the borrowing. Look at what is coming and how they are not planning for it. Watch when they borrow again. Jack has done more damage to this City than all the prior administrations COMBINED!!

  14. How about busnisses leaving garbage in dumpsters BEHIND their store?
    Dumpsters go to SiDE STREET on pickup days Pickups are either very early or very late so traffic isn’t disturbed. This is how RVC, Garden City, Manhasset and most well run towns run their business district. It would take some thinking by our genius city mgr, but if they want investment in a City that sorely needs it they should consider it.

  15. This picture is yet another reason why Long Beach is never going to attract wealthy people. Go ahead, build another expensive building ala Aqua. Nobody with that kind of money wants to live here. The place is a pigsty with a homeless cat shelter in view of our beautiful new boardwalk and trash all over the streets and on the boardwalk after the weekend.

  16. Typical bullying! Allison said nothing wrong. She speaks for many of us who just want a clean and safe community we can be proud to live in. And we also expect to get the right level of service from our civil servants who chose this career path.

  17. ATTN:

    Please do not put your words in somebody else’s mouth.

    That being said, Park Avenue is fucking filthy. If we do have a program that is supposed to keep Park Avenue clean, then it should be completely revamped because it’s OBVIOUSLY not working. As a taxpayer, I am fucking pissed to hear that we ‘allegedly’ have such a program. Our streets are so dirty and I can post a million photos from all times of the day to prove it. Buy yourself some eyeglasses if you don’t see it.

    If the provoking continues, some people will be blocked.

  18. There is a City Council meeting tonight (7pm) and as with every CC meeting there is a good & welfare session, where these issues can be raised to the Council (as well as by email to addresses I’ve previously posted).

  19. Publics is right. Express ourselves at City Council Good & Welfare. Write our representatives. Vent our passion to those who can make changes.

  20. And dump that new “sanitation inspector” who is another waste of $123,000/year. What a great job he’s doing – NOT!

    How’d we ever manage without him since 1910?

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