9 Replies to “Save Long Beach Fire – New Website”

  1. Sorry your recent lawsuit against the city got tossed out big boy. Onto the next BS lawsuit huh. Biggest jackass in LB.

  2. Interesting how the “induction ceremony” expense is never offered in any public documents. the cost is usually near $50K (from what we hear) just so the same three guys can rotate as “chief.” The four City paid, Chevy Tahoes are the big perk. free gas and free personal use to go to all the kids sports events and dance recitals. watch the garage on LB road and see how often these vehicles get filled up (at our expense) and then maybe we can factor in the annual mileage on the vehicles (another closely guarded detail). then the explanation of why a city that is maybe 6 miles from end to end, has Chief vehicles that do 20-30K miles each year. are there that many out of town calls? do we need these expensive “induction ceremonies” each year? only in LB

  3. Boo Hoo Tuttle….maybe we don’t need the paid department all together for less than 8 fires a year. Lets wack the whole lot of 19 guys, which includes 11 of them being Lt’s….big $$ there too….11 Lt’s supervising 8 guys….only in LB.

  4. I agree. We don’t need a paid fire department at all. Insane payroll for less than 10 fires a year. Besides, these young guys in this “union” have the wrong approach. Scaring us and acting like animals at meetings isn’t very positive. I remember when fireman were humble and just did their job and people respected them. Today, these guys are nasty and feel entitled. My family is FDNY and we are embarrassed with that behavior. Shameful. It’s not appreciated and as a taxpayer, not needed.

  5. @sue – good points, but there’s probably some positive benefit from having a paid fire department. Personally, Im shocked how LI doesn’t have more paid FDs.

    However, the size, cost and structure of it in LB seems more absurd to me. 11 lts? Wtf? This is the problem that runs rampant in LB. This is what needs to be addressed. This is what needs to be fixed. And yet, it never does.

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