38 Replies to “Bathroom / Concession at Riverside is coming along. There is still some time to buy colorful paint!”

  1. Approximately $8,000,000 for 5 locations on the boardwalk. $1,600,000 per site.

    I am not sure if that sounds high or low for a structure like this. Would it be possible to have a quick yes or no vote?

    Can you reply –

    YES – it is a great price for the city of Long Beach – sounds like a great bidding process and great negotiating skills… taxpayers should be thrilled at their return on investment. now they do not have to walk up to their clean apartment bathroom or back home they can wait in line and use the impeccably maintained and clean public restrooms


    NO – seems like maybe we could have gotten something better for that price or could have built the same structure with the city labor that Jack constantly boasts about saving the city money after FEMA funds came in…. maybe we could have had more smaller structures and fewer concessions, so we do not compete directly with other places around Long Beach.

    Any thoughts?

  2. How many “lost” parking spaces now being taken up by these new bathrooms? 10 per bathroom? so 50 total spots now gone for visiting cars?

  3. Yes, another poorly planned project. Make life more difficult for the residents for the sake of visitors. And we just lap it up!

  4. I know! WTF is the City thinking?! 10 less parking spaces means less room for the whaaaaambulance to pull over!!

    God forbid you might burn a calorie parking 20ft further away.

  5. Yes I have thoughts on this and they were addressed at a City Council meeting MONTHS ago. Where were yo u , with the rest of the recent posters who mysteriously appeared after the Republican candidates came out?

  6. the previous poster is right! I had no idea these were modular, that was not made abundantly clear. $8 million for modulars is insane. For the price of one of these you could build three modular homes in the west end. And these guys want to talk about well they manage the cities finances! I could too if I was doing it with a tax payers funded credit card!

  7. Sean516 new to the area? Have you ever seen 50 parking spaces open on Broadway or any of the “blvd” sections between Broadway and the beach during the summer? especially on a nice weekend? those 50 spots for 50 cars would have to go somewhere else….
    The city is constantly discussing parking issues and then removes them with no plan. They already have 1 hotel with not a single parking space, not one!!

    this means more added traffic on the relatively quiet “penn” streets and all the other residential blocks….

    Atleast in my opinion…

    You are entitled to yours..

    Did I answer your prayer?

  8. First name “tool”? How are simple numbers a political issue? This is not a Democrat or Republican issue this is a mathematical and financial issue. If you have ever read this blog before I am confident to say I have been concerned about the fiscal responsibility even during Republican “reign”. And voices my amazement at the cost of these bathrooms when they were originally announced.
    Last time I heard the city council doesn’t take our concerns and we are not allowed to “address” our concerns directly to the “high court” and we are relegated to blasting off here, THANK YOU ANTHONY!! At least if local government won’t listen we can type our hearts desire away, they have not taken that away…. yet….
    So you went to the meeting and your thoughts were addressed and therefore no one else can continue to disagree with $1,600,000 bathrooms?
    So “freedom of speech” unless some one disagrees….
    I am an AMERICAN not a democrat or republican, you should try it some time….. you will start seeing things clearer…

  9. You are correct every time you can not find a parking spot in Long Beach, there is one just a mere 20′ away. Don’t worry when you have groceries or babies to carry, fear not “box” said there is a parking spot 20′ feet away. Calm down, don’t get frustrated on a hot summer’s day on your way home from work and need to find a parking spot, “Box” said drive 20′ more feet and stop complaining about it. BOX SAID so we must ALL listen…..

    Closer to 50 parking spaces and I believe there are more “bump outs” in the works, which will remove even more parking….

  10. In blindly objecting to the $1.6 m cost you’re overlooking the significant added feature/benefit that modular structures will automatically disassemble in the next storm and float, guided by GPS, directly to the Waldbaums parking lot where they will provide restrooms and shower facilities to National Guard and FEMA personnel as well as residents,thus benefiting others and not just the residents who live here and who might have gained selfishly from investing that money in a community project.

  11. @Box – you either don’t have a car or you have a car in a driveway – or you have the world’s greatest luck w/LB parking.

  12. Your username is hysterical!
    Parking far from my house or wherever doesnt bother me. Id rather walk the distance then live in a place paved over and full of cars.

    I didnt move here to be able to drive and park easily, but moved here to not drive and leave the car at home for in- town trips.
    If i wanted easy parking id move to the suburbs. This aint the suburbs.

    You guys want LB to have easy parking? Tell the City to pave over all those grass strips on Park and all the boulevards. does that sound appealing to you? Not to me, ill take the grassy strips and 2-block walk home in the summer.

  13. It’s not the distance – though for the elderly, disabled, etc, it might be – it’s the time it takes to find a spot, even far away. I know, TILB – we don’t fix problems here – you don’t like it? Move to the suburbs. But problems, when not addressed, only become worse.

  14. The 8 million dollar bathroom set up is being done by Grace, the same company that built the 53 million dollar boardwalk and counting. The first issue should have been the hospital. Forget about the tourists. I have watched the traffic from the LIRR coming and going and maybe a little bit of the tourist money goes to the local economy. Possibly the food trucks make money and many of the food trucks are connected to restaurants here in Long ‘Beach. And who hired Grace, the city council. How many more DOA’s do we need arriving at SNCH. At least when we had a full group of LB Professional Fire Fighters, you stood a chance in arriving at SNCH, but the city council felt that, that cost was too high What is a LB city resident’s life worth? A big O. The city council hired EMT’s probably just out of several months of training. Who else will work for under 45 thousand a year. I have been to the UCC set up by SNCH. The doc’s fee was 800 dollars, the Xray was 400 dollars. The total paid by medicare ws 2400 dollars. I was there for a half hour. Did anyone note the ambulance at the side of the UCC. It is a senior care ambulance the kind that takes people to a doctor or transfer a patient from hospital to nursing home. When LB Professional Fire Fighters took me to SNCH treatment was started in my home. Wish they could have taken care of me in the ER. I was then there for 8 hours. My physician was not called for 6 hours. The next time I was ferried by our LB Professional Fire Fighters at their I called my doctor from the ambulance. He got there about a half hour after I arrived. He got there at 6:30 a.m.

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