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  1. This is so pathetic I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Look at this scene! Weeds, dirty Superstorm leftover sand, cyclone fence barriers held up by sandbags, metal shipping containers, outdoor carpet covered plywood mini golf, a mass of overhead power lines, bulldozers. With your permission, I want to download this picture. I may use it as the cover of my “Reasons I left Long Beach” scrap book. At least now I’m laughing. This city is so ill-bred.

  2. The bocce courts/Mini Golf are not organized by LB, but by several residents who really care about our city and want to bring more fun and entertainment to all. They are doing this with their own money and time.

    I actually ran into them literally minutes after I spoke to them on the phone yesterday and we talked about the location. They have a concern with the land as well. They told me they rake and rake and rake, but it’s nearly impossible to clean it up 100%. Being that these ‘pop up’s’ are on the superblock, this location is temporary.

  3. It actually makes it worse that this is not city run. I was already well aware their lack of aestheticism. This is a business, and as such, I would expect that they do this “with their own money and time”. It doesn’t excuse the fact that it looks like some schlock operation from an underfunded fair in piss poor Appalachia. It’s embarrassing.

  4. I think what makes me so cynical and negative about LB is when I think about what, with a little imagination and élan, this place could be. Then I look around and see what it actually is.

  5. I do know this: we didn’t have bocce last year. We will this year. It has already created a ton of excitement already. You can’t build Rome in a day. It’s a work in progress. They’ve been trying to clean that land as much as they can, but it’s land that is owned by iStar and work could start this summer.

    I am not sure what else the bocce folks can do other than what they have accomplished already. It’s a miracle that we even have it, as it took a lot of work to get it where it is. Chances are, those courts and mini golf will be in a different location next year.

  6. Bocce Courts = tons of excitement.

    School Budget Election today with ANOTHER tax increase = Duh?

    Long Beach = screwed by ignorance

  7. All I see when I see these photos and pass by the golf and bocce is something awesome. Residents bringing something social to a community with not a ton of options besides drinking and eating.

    If you don’t like the way it looks, be the resident that goes over there and cleans it up.

    If you think keyboard jockeying and harsh criticism directed at initiatives like this are going to bring MORE resident driven opportunities like this to LB you’ve been out in the sun too long.

  8. I’ve lived in LB for only 6 months but continue to be impressed by the sense of community I keep finding at every turn. I think that’s why I was so offended reading some of these comments. Is there nothing else to criticize that you feel the need to pile on about a bocce ball court? Nobody that would ever be enriched by these courts would ever turn their nose up at the lack of pristine grass around the courts or the condition of the immediate surrounding areas. You people criticize something like this then you’ll criticize the perfectly manicured gardens created by iStar. Complain. Complain. Complain.

  9. Jim or JLM or whatever, my eyes are bad. There are quite a few pissy, whiny crybabies that post here. Anthony is very nice about it and lets them have their whiny say. I think someone even whined about the long overdue street signs on the boardwalk. Go figure.

  10. You’re correct, but that’s because 75% of the LB population considers the following activities the true definition of fun: complaining, being an inconsiderate asshole, throwing garbage on the sidewalk, babbling ad nauseam about sandy, blaming surfers for the impending zombie apocalypse

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