New Trolley Route! [and YES, Inspired by the route created here!]

Here is the new city transportation map, including the new trolley route:


Trolley ride is $2.25 or FREE with beach pass! FREE! Now you have no excuse!This could be a real big boost for local businesses, particularly those in the West End attracting us hate-to-drive-and-park East End folks.

Believe it or not, but the city took inspiration from the map John McNally and I created last summer:  A GRASSROOTS RE-ROUTE OF THE TROLLEY ROUTE. I’M REALLY ROOTING FOR THIS!



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  1. Well it’s a start. Let’s see how it works. But nothing at night? What if I want to avoid the parking hassle in WE at dinner time?

  2. Looks very nice in the LB Travel/vacation guide but is really useless(waste of taxpayer $). Brownie points for the council and a 100K job that’s all!

  3. Not a waste but a smart alternative to driving for some, a necessity for others.

    I pestered and pushed for 3 years to get someone to answer the phone, ADA compliant buses and stops, a bus map, list of stops and schedule accessible for all- not just online or printed once a year in a calendar, outreach for what riders want and transparency in how the department is run. I questioned reports pulled from the National Transit Database and the budget.

    This is not a perfect redesign by any stretch but its one massive improvement and I have to give the City Manager a handclap for that. Also, Anthony Eramo and Fran for pushing my emails forward. Its nice to see an administration care.

    Looking at this redesign it is sad that I am settling for this but quite frankly with a City that deputizes a meatball who was once incharge of that department due to qualifications being a political party, well this is the best we will ever get. Zapson must not like buses or bicycles.

    I have thrown my hands in the air with the bullshit politics mattering more than qualifications. I give constructive criticism and get pushed out of having emails returned and get thrown on the Project11561 list of being deemed a pain in the ass.

    For every complaint I make at least Im actually doing something in real life about the issues- be it lobbying Albany, DC, writing letter or emails, working and volunteering in the alt transportation industry, attempting to organize here and offering ideas to my local officials- offering to work at minimum cost to pull together a cohesive transportation network. Nope, not connected enough or something. I dont get it. This is not how government is suppose to work.

    I think Im trying to push a square peg through a round hole by living here and thinking anything will change.

  4. I don’t know if it being free is necessarily a good thing – overcrowded. Maybe $1.00? Whatever. LB never misses an opportunity to lose money.

  5. Can someone tell me if I’m reading this wrong or not…..

    If I am in the East end of LB, I cant just jump a trolley to the west end? I have to go to the train station to transfer??

    The map looks like its two differnt loops. Wouldnt it make more sense to have the trolley(s) do a FULL lap around the city??

  6. @JPK – I’m with you. I feel like Anthony’s map is easy to read, but the website’s map I don’t totally get. So I have no idea, haha.

  7. Allison- both myself, friends and acquaintances, when taking the bus, missed outgoing trains by minutes and were confronted with buses leaving the station minutes before the arrival of the train thus requiring me to wait 25 minutes for the next one or get crammed into a taxi for $5 and a tip.
    So we gave up and now for the most part drive to the station to catch the train, when the bus is really easier and takes a car off the street.
    For years I waged a one man battle trying to get the bus schedule changed so that all the buses are coordinated with the LIRR. But I was met with replies such as “that’s the way it’s always been”,” we have to negotiate with the union”, ” the drivers rest breaks have to be considered”, ” the railroad changes it schedule four times a year” etc, etc.

    The then City Manager was dismissive, his assistant agreed there was a problem but was taken ill, letters to each of the council members, showing in detail the discrepancies of the schedule, were unanswered , conversations with a council member resulted in his concern and promise to get to the root of the problem. Of course nothing ever happened.

    I’m a fairly persistent individual but there comes a time in each persons life when reality must overcome aspirations. I’ll never be a movie star. I’ll never win the world surfing championship. I’ll never play in the Stanley
    Cup finals.
    And I’ll never change the LB bus schedule.

    Time for a stroll on the beach and a cold one.

  8. Seriously, there is something extremely unsettling about you. The fact that you are now stalking me on this blog needs to stop. You do not know me and your issues with libru need to be directed there. Lb streets has nothing to do with your bus obsession.

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