Resident solution for Park Avenue Garbage/Recycling pickup

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.12.51 AMA possible solution for Park Avenue garbage pickup. Sent in by a resident who said the city tried this back in 2002 and it worked, but has since been abandoned for no particular reason. Let us know what you think!

“Garbage is a kind of blight.  It is not aesthetically pleasing and the longer it stays out the worse it is and the more likely it will blow in the street. So the idea is to put it out as close to pick up time as possible. Some businesses open early and close early. Some businesses open late and close late. All businesses have staff present between 11am and 4pm. The sanitation and recycling pickup should occur in that time period. Sanitation dept and the stores must follow the same route and start at the same time every day. The stores will learn the range of time that Sanitation arrives daily and can fine tune when they put their stuff out so that there is as little “garbage at the curb” time as possible. This will make the streets cleaner, be more pleasing to the eye and generally be better for business all around.  Of course, the public refuse containers should be emptied at this time also and businesses should never use those containers! In the summertime, the public refuse containers may need to be emptied in the mornings also.”

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  2. So why is this discussion even taking place? Don’t we have a City administration that is supposed to be handling these issues?

  3. Attended the City Council meeting last night. A couple of us raised the issue, although I believe it came up in comments by Council even before then. Regardless, the agitation regarding this issue caused it to grab root with the City and the Chamber. Keep up the emails and other contacts.

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