LB Herald: School budget passes, Tangney and Mininsky retain seats

Long Beach Herald has all the news you need regarding yesterday’s school budget/trustee vote. READ: School budget passes, Tangney and Mininsky retain seats

“By a count of 1,140 votes to 462, residents overwhelmingly approved the Long Beach School District’s $131.9 million budget for 2015-16 on Tuesday. The passing rate of 71 percent approval is the largest passing margin in over 15 years, school officials said.

The spending plan is a 1.48 percent increase over the current budget, and includes a 3.19 percent increase to the tax levy, the maximum allowed amount under the state’s tax cap formula. School officials say it will help the district get on a path to long-term financial sustainability and rely less on its reserve funds in the future. [LINK]

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  1. It’s unfortunate that every apartment renter in Long Beach voted themselves another rent increase. Every home owner voted himself a $100 tax increase in every subsequent year he owns a his house.

    Yes, the State will refund the increase for one year, if you own a home. But the increase is forever. If you pay rent, your rent is going up again.

    And while the School Board brags of long-term stability, they looted their reserves to increase spending more than double of what the increase pulls in.

    They also gave us the BIGGEST TAX INCREASE ALLOWED under the State’s cap.

    All this to hire 14 new teachers while enrollment has dropped.

    You got what you want, and that’s higher taxes.

  2. Your guess is probable way off – assuming 1,140 people work in the school system – the likely hood that they actually live in LB would be low, because teachers don’t want to live in the school district they teach in.

    That being said, everything I’ve read about the budget sounds suspect.

  3. By The Sea, did you just crawl out of a cave? This is for the Children, the Children for pete’s sake.

    btw When the Herald stated Ms Tangney would not be resting on her “laurels”, what were they talking about?

  4. Your extreme partisan rhetoric is tiring at best. Every renter and homeowner? Less than 1,700 people voted in a place with over 30,000 residents, with more than 80% being of voting age. Yeah, OK EVERY renter and homeowner… ::eye roll::

    Less Than 10% of eligible voters voted. Yeah, but every renter and homeowner…

    14 new teachers – how many retired? How many are being replaced? Over a 5 year picture – are there more are less teachers with the new budget?

    Either you don’t know. Didn’t think to ask. Or the answer doesn’t benefit your cause.

    If you’re going to write back “typical liberal/progressive blahblahblah you’re probably a teacher yadayadayada” don’t bother – neither of which are true.

  5. There’s only one person calling names here, and it isn’t I.

    I speak sooth and nothing but. The new tax increase affects everyone. It is the only increase, of the many we receive that we can choose to vote against.

    Under the new budget, there will be 14 new teachers hired to fill 14 new positions that are not here now and never were here.

    That’s 14 new friends and family to be hired on your nickel. Fourteen new employees we didn’t have or need until now.

    I guess it’s partisan to those who have a problem with that, eh? Is it also partisan to also point out that one of the duly elected school board trustees never finished high school?

    How about her husband being the highest paid police employee in the Nation? Is it partisan to mention that?

    Wow, I guess nobody should know that either.

  6. Its amazing, no matter where criticism is espousd a lacky of the teacher’s union is allways around to retort with the standard propoganda to personally insult tax payers. Its a shame that once again a sham budget with tax increases to support teacher raises and bloated administrative budgets has passed becaue of voter apathy and unions propoganda campaign.

  7. “Fiscally responsible”? Does tangent understand what that even means? Now that the cost of their crazy bonds has become an issue, do any of them have a plan? It’s amazing how apathetic the taxpayers really are. I guess we deserve this. If people don’t get the info and vote, this is the result

  8. The real scandal here is that these school elections are not held during the normal November election day. That’s why turnout is so low. A State law should be passed to eliminate these May elections and force them to take place on the regular November ballot cycles. But of course that will never happen, the teachers unions want low turnout in these elections, that’s why they are held in May.

  9. With all the complaining I read about LB taxes, the majority of which are school taxes not city or county, how is it that the two open seats were uncontested?

  10. Yeah it’s a real “scandal” that American’s might have to vote 2x a year. Nothing quite infringes on rights quite like the opportunity to use them.

  11. I didn’t call any names.

    I suppose I viewed what you wrote as partisan based on other things you’ve written, and education discussions usually are had at party lines. But that’s irrelevant.

    The bloated salaries are what will destroy LB. How does this get fixed?

  12. Maybe you should study English a bit more~ illegal is an adjective, not a noun, AND if it were a noun, as you used it, you would not put an apostrophe to make it plural.

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