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  1. You are absolutely right! I want to hear plans and strategies to move the city forward. I’m not into ideologies…if your going to do good things for the city step up and be counted.

  2. You’ve got THAT right, WTFLB! 😉 The last thing I’m going to worry about while I’m watching a film INSIDE the theater…..is how it looks on the OUTSIDE! Looking forward to seeing the theater owners get back on their feet!

  3. Reply to “B”: You are correct. This building has been an eyesore since it was built! It does not reflect a Beach community and style of the business area of LB.This eyesore greets every person entering the city.If this was a photo taken for the “where is it- game”, I would say:”Somewhere in the Middle East”

  4. a lot of people don’t like that mustard color with the red. kinda looks like a dirty McDonalds to me, but I am extremely happy every time I see something happening at the theater. I really miss it and cannot wait to see it reopen.

  5. J-Bird, if anybody in LB knows this answer, it would be you.

    Do you think a music venue, say the size as The Space in Westbury would work in LB? There is nothing like that on the south shore. Or perhaps is LB just not ready yet? I always wonder if they could have squeezed some sort of venue in the theater.

  6. 5/26/15

    Hi Anthony and thanks for reaching out with your question, which prompted me to pay a visit to The Space in Westbury a few days ago and look at the venue, so I could give you a decent reply! (After all, how could I answer you if I’ve never seen the place?) It’s a spectacular “state of the art” place, seating 1600 people and includes a large lobby as well as a decent size modern lounge area, beautifully converted from a previous movie theater. I’m sure the same can be done to our movie theater here in Long Beach, making an investment to add theater/stage lighting, (the stage itself is already there), upgraded seating and a professional sound system for starters, however the presentation of shows would preclude showing films on the same day….and then our movie theater goes by the wayside with respect to showing films. Your valid statement of “There is nothing like that on the South Shore” raises this statement from me…….”There must be a reason why!” Could it be that our geographic location is the culprit? A local entertainment establishment here in LB might have to prove itself to be financially self-sustaining through our local clientele if it doesn’t bring a draw of people from out of the area….which is just one of many possible reasons. Has there not been enough of a “need” to warrant such an establishment that has kept this concept at bay? Squeezing some sort of performing venue into our current local movie theater is really not a viable, technical option, in my opinion. I have my own ideas of what can be done here, (all it takes is money, and boy oh boy, I wish I had it!), but I’m waiting to see what our upcoming, new LB Arts Council will come up with, in their search for a local Arts/Performance venue. I know exactly what I would do, in a heartbeat!

    Thanks again for coming to me with your question….I’m always here for you! And thanks for your great job with this blog!
    Joanne J-Bird Phillips http://www.j-birdlivemusic.com
    Yup….this is me….(On social media): https://www.facebook.com/jbirdphillips/notes

  7. Parking, the never ending issue in LB, is important to theater goers whether movies or live entertainment. Is there adequate parking within a reasonable distance from the building?

  8. Only the foolhardy are going to drive from RVC on a rainy windy night in March to see the live 50s Dowap competition only to have to park east of LB Blvd and then risk life and limb crossing over to the theater and getting pneumonia in the process.

    One could park in some of the parking provided at some local businesses but upon emerging from the performance there might be Initial confusion over just where the car was left. ” I’m certain we left it here Millie , didn’t we? What does that tiny sign over there , ten feet up, say? Private. Call Tows R Us?”

    A multi story garage north of the theater might work but would require a very visible security presence to thwart the drug fueled gun toters who might be drawn from their usual areas of operation in the stairwells at the LIRR parking garage or in front of police headquarters.
    “It might be better to stay home and watch reruns of Long Island Medium or Say Yes To the
    Dress, don’t you think , George”?

  9. WET! Hahahaha. Is that wishful thinking ? Of course it should be secure but would it be? Who knows? TILB after all.
    How about a shuttle from the LIRR parking lot, assuming security was beefed up there and Ed and his volunteers maintained the stairwells in a sanitary condition?

  10. Eh, I tend to think if a company invests a ton of money to operate a parking garage – it would do what it needs to, to keep it safe. There aren’t any muggings in the residential garages attached to apartments.

  11. The parking garages attached to apartment buildings generally require a card or fob to enter and the surrounding areas are generally safe which may not be the case with the theater.

    A parking garage behind the theater probably would not be economically rewarding if it only could rely on patrons from the theater. Daytime parking would be minimal.

    There are a number of restaurants and such in the block
    to the west but for the most part the parking in the median and at the curbs suffices.

  12. And who would build a garage over the theater? The theater remains closed all this time after Samdy so how long would it take for a project such as the one you suggest ?
    Don’t hold your breath.

  13. We’re talking about two different things. I’m not saying it has to be for a movie theatre or in that location – but if they built a concsrt area (like the one in Huntington) it would make sense to build it over a parking garage.

  14. aw thank you so much! And what a response! I guess our geographic location could be a reason why… but do you remember when Island Park and Lido used to get big acts? My sister always brags about seeing U2, The Ramones and The Pixies over at Malibu Beach Club. Is the LB Arts Council actually seeking a venue operator?

  15. I got it backwards, WET. Many things are possible but TILB.
    The city fathers and the planners are busy developing the mini golf and bocce extravaganzas. How do you expect them to find time for your worthy ideas?

  16. I dont know if the planners are to blame – like, I don’t know what they could do. They don’t own the commercial space. Do we even have planners?

  17. @beachguy – but you touched on a problem that plagues LI: the lack of undeveloped land. Why/how would a landlord reimagine a space that if they wait it out a little – a nail salon a (doomed) beach craft shop will move into?

    It’ll close, and people will blame Obama, taxes and the chamber of commerce. This isn’t to say taxes taxes aren’t to blame – the high taxes stop people from taking chances and banks from taking marginal risks on unknown entrepreneurs.

    PILOTs may make sense for commercial space, maybe not, but definitely not for residential – especially not for large scale. Speaking of which, the new model for cooperatives and apartment buildings is retail space on the street level. This will pass LB by because of the parking issues.

  18. Well do you mean do people exist on the City payroll who are described as ” planners” or are you saying that these people exist but you are questioning whether they actually plan anything beyond picking up their paychecks and accepting awards given by out of town groups?
    It would seem to me that their planning efforts and results are a well kept secret.

  19. I meant who are they? Do they exist? I’ve never heard them mentioned by name; just referred to criticiLly by title in STBC comments.

  20. I dont recall their names but they have been mentioned in online comments and have received some awards that were reported online- The Patch I think.
    Well whatever their identity they don’t seem to have accomplished much that I’m aware of.

    Perhaps iStar is exaggerating the number of jobs that will result from it’s project is to make it appear more of a commercial type and thus bolster it’s argument for a tax break.

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