iStar/Superblock public hearing: Time & Venue Change

istarwarsATTACK OF THE CLOWNS, but rebel residents strike back! Thanks to a push by Legislator Denise Ford, the iStar/Wayfarer/Superblock project public hearing is now at City Hall on Wednesday, June 3 at 6pm.

Ford Secures Location for i-Star Public Hearing
Nassau County Legislator Denise Ford is pleased to announce that, through her persistent efforts, the i-Star public hearing has been re-scheduled for June 3, 2015, at 6:00pm at Long Beach City Hall. The purpose of the hearing is for the Nassau County IDA to review the application for proposed tax credits submitted by Long Beach Wayfarer LLC for the proposed building of two 15-story towers on the portion of land known as the “Super Block.”

WHEN: June 3, 2015 at 6:00pm
WHERE: Long Beach City Hall 1 West Chester Street, Long Beach

All concerned residents are urged to attend this meeting.

Meanwhile…Westholme Civic Association did some math regarding those 450 jobs we were promised. This was written on their Facebook page:

When is 30 jobs 450 jobs?

Some of us had the chance to view the actual application that iStar submitted to the Nassau County IDA. We will be posting some of the application in the next few days, we need to wait for it to be mailed( Mailed? This is 2015 right?). Some notes that we took away from the viewing:
The current tax bill on the property is $1,103.795
The height of the building will be 166’9″
The number of jobs in the building in the first year will be 10 Maintenance, 5 in the Health Club and a resident manager, in year 3 that total will grow to 30 (20,9,1)
Phase 1 is projected to be complete in 9/2018
Phase 2 is projected to be complete in 12/2018
10% of the housing will be set aside for those households make less than 130% of the median Long Island Household income
The project is expected to add 23 students to the school district
Only 18% of the residents are expected to come from outside of Nassau County
One section of the application stated 1450 construction jobs and another mentioned 2200(we need to wait for our postman on that)
The projected 450 jobs are “indirect” jobs based on some report they made.
There will be NO impact on traffic in the 5 intersections around the site

As we said when we receive the copies we will post them for you. One question we have is if over 80% of the people will be moving from other parts of Nassau County are they really creating 450 jobs or just moving them around? [LINK]


7 Replies to “iStar/Superblock public hearing: Time & Venue Change”

  1. Will Denise Ford come out against PILOTs?

    My prediction is….. She will either not attend this hearing, go and say nothing, or speak in a wishy washy fashion that panders to all sides.

    Let’s see Denise Ford tell all of us that she’s against this project and against the PILOT. Please, Denise, take a stand and let us know how you truly feel.

    No facebook post or letter means anything when you go to Newsday and say your not against PILOTs. Let’s see what you do on June 3.

    IDA = Denise Ford and the County Republican party. If IDA gives a PILOT, it means she wanted it.

    She does what they tell her to do.

  2. As long as Denise stays on the short rope that Alfonse D’Amato has her on, she will be re-elected. She came out strong for the LB Hospital before getting the call from D’Amato. Alfonse has Peter King’s son, Peter Jr working at his lobbying firm Park Strategies, and he recently installed Erin King-Sweeney as Angie Cullen’s replacement and Bruce Blakeman to Hempstead Town Board. Alfonse is orchestrating TOH Supervisor Kate Murray’s replacement to be Council member Anthony Santino, who came out in strong support of John Vitale’s “gated hamlet” in Island Park. Vitale is the lifelong developer buddy of D’Amato that Al installed on the Board of South Nassau Hospital. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Democrap or a Repubican that runs because it must be approved by Alfonse D’Amato.

  3. This is great stuff Anthony. Thanks. So finally we get a chance to read and critique what the City Council deems as honest and accurate. First, the jobs are total BS. If it generates 100 jobs we will be lucky. The project itself will probably have 300-500– ROTATING construction jobs, depending on the stage of the project. All union (we guess) which means at least 25% are unnecessary. Then the part about “no impact to the intersections.” OK, so we add 500-100 more people and there won’t be any additional traffic??? I see, they will be INVISIBLE CARS!!! And yes, the employees will all walk or take their bikes to work. lest we forget that none of these people will want to invite friends or family to join them at the beach. Not a bit of impact here as I see it. And Denise Ford, bless her, is such a nice woman. Since the last time she ran she was actually beaten by a local retard in Long Beach, let’s hope this is her shining moment when she realizes that her neighbors are actually watching. This is her moment to stand FOR US and make the call that is OUR best interests. If you are reading this Denise, give us a break for once. Work for US and not Al.

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