4 Replies to “YAY! Street signs on the boardwalk are back!”

  1. Anyone know how much the City takes in by having those offensive advertising banners? Is there no sacred ground in Long Beach? Why must everything be an assault on our senses. How about offering to sell the space to someone that promises NOT to hang anything? I want to buy a clear plastic banner that has no graphics at all.How much to rent the space?

  2. Unsustainable, Is how much the city makes for having those banners really the most important issue that our elected and appointed officials have to deal with?

    The more important item they will be considering is how many election signs they can purchase with the $7,000 in campaign contributions the company who has that contract has donated to various campaigns and political parties in Long Beach.

    In fairness to the company their contributions have been fairly evenly spread across both parties here in Long Beach, funny thing is when the republicans held the majority the democrats got very small contributions and since the party in control has switched so has the proportion of their contributions.

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