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  1. My husband and I LOVE the SoBi bikes! We bought a season pass ($50 for the whole season per person, includes 1 hour of riding a day) and think it’s a great bang for the buck. We passed other SoBi riders on the boardwalk who yelled out, “Aren’t these bikes great?!” and we couldn’t agree more! The only mistake SoBi made was issuing cards to unlock the bikes — they don’t work and aren’t necessary. Just have to log in on keypad with account number and PIN and you’re good to go — no pass/membership card needed. And yes, they have lights for night time biking. Also, you can track your riding hours, mileage, calories burned, etc. on your online account. Can’t think of anything better for LB apartment dwellers who love to ride bikes but don’t have bike storage or don’t want to keep bikes in their apartments.

  2. That sounds great for you and your husband (and it sounds like a SoBI employee Yelp review) but not for us. As full time residents we prefer to support local bicycle shops who employ local kids to work year-round. We also support our local shops for bike rentals because we know that is their bread and butter that keeps them afloat in this seasonal town. We already lost one bike shop this winter, we do not want to see another close up because a seasonal bike share underpriced independent store owners. If they raise their prices it might have less of a Walmart effect but until then no thank you.
    Save it for the tourists, it will suit them just fine.

  3. @Resident – you’re wrong. Well except for that part about the poster sounding like a Yelp review – it’s like that mixed with a bad script for SoBi – “aren’t these bikes great?!” Yeah – that didn’t happen. Definitely a SoBi rep.

    Residents will use these bikes. Why? Because the concept is great! They’re easy to use, and get to!

    Long Beach didn’t lose buddy’s bikes… Buddy’s bikes lost Long Beach.

    The other local bike shop in town? Why don’t you read their yelp reviews and see why they’ll close next. Spoiler alert: they’re not good.

    It’s not SoBis fault or problem a business that’s been here for years couldn’t give LB what it wanted.

    What else shouldn’t come to LB? Another coffee shop? Another restaurant? I mean, we have those already – so anyone who wants to bring a better product has to do so elsewhere?

    The mindset among Long Beach’ians is puzzling.

  4. To set the record straight: I’m not a SoBi rep/employee and my intent WASN’T to sound like a yelp review . . . that being said, I’m glad, in fact, the review did sound like a glowing recommendation because it was. Sorry if the “dialogue” sounded fake to you but it actually happened (yes, it really, truly did). So sad that people can’t believe something good happens in their own backyard without being cynical. I stand by my original comment: the bikes ARE great. There was–and IS– nothing stopping any private bike shop in town from advertising and promoting their own rentals. If they’re priced competitively and offer as good or better a product/service, they’ll have no problem getting exposure and customers. Sheesh, people, lighten up and be glad there’s something positive to report.

  5. Bikes are great. Been a resident here for 35 years. Buddy’s Bikes closed up because he ran a crappy business. If you want to complain so much go and open a bike shop yourself…..Screwing into the Boardwalk? Lights, signs, railings, workout stations are all screwed into the boardwalk…Get a life SOBI bikes are great!!

  6. Well that’s too bad. I bought a number of bikes there but his opening hours were erratic to put it mildly. Not a good way to run a business.

  7. Moronic – This was put out for bid. Did anyone “local” bike shop bid?? NOT ONE. This town has turned into one giant bitch fest and most of the time people don’t know the facts from their as*.

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