NY Post: The Alterna-Hamptons. READER: Where’s LONG BEACH?

unnamedTaken from the real estate section from the New York Post, the above image was sent in my a reader who wants to know why Long Beach wasn’t mentioned as an alternative to the Hamptons. READ: Off the beachin’ path: 3 Long Island towns far from the East End

“On the barrier island of Fire Island, in the quick-hop historic village of Bellport and in the far-east town of Greenport, affordable housing prices and a lack of pretense are making these three sleepy summer retreats true contenders for the title of “the Anti-Hamptons.” Some are even leaving city life behind and moving to these beachy havens year-round. [LINK]


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  1. Does this really need explanation? Anyone who has been to those towns knows exactly why the comparison was made and LB was not included.

    If you were a Breezy resident making this statement it would make sense, but LB is NOT a quaint little sleepy summer retreat. I wish it was, but it’s not.

  2. There are a host of reasons Long Beach isn’t on that list. Start with the garbage that is everyplace. Storefronts with dirty windows that are covered with flyers. Plantings that don’t come close to those in other beach towns. Too many mediocre restaurants.

  3. Not saying anything said is wrong, but there might be more to it.

    My first career was in Public Relations. It was my job to get stuff like this written. Coincidentally, my niche was luxury travel, so this topic isn’t too far off.

    How people think these articles are written:
    *Writer gets idea
    *Writer researches idea – calls company/person/etc. for info, quotes, tours.
    *Writer writes article

    This rarely happens. Whatever your definition of rarely is, divide it by 10.

    It’s a dream when it does; because it involves minimal legwork for the PR person whos norm is 60-80 hours p/week, and fruitful weeks were just as long as barren weeks.

    How these articles actually get written:
    *PR department/agency spends countless hours and rewrites putting together press kits – I mean, a lot of time. Just as it’s printed and ready to go out – a change gets made and you have to re-do it.
    *Sends out releases to 10,000 publications
    *Calls them to follow up and pitch idea
    *Graciously/Confidently begs them to write the article, and offers are kinds of cool free stuff

    A lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$ is spent on this.

    A writer from NYT/NYP or a major national publication, all they’d have to do is pick up a phone, call any hotel in the world and say…

    “I’d like to write about you, can you arrange my stay,” and everything would be comped – food, red carpet treatment for someone with a degree in English and a Twitter feed, dinner with the CFO – in some cases their airfare would be covered.

    My clients were hotels that were well over $1,000 p/night and famous names in desirable locations – whatever your definition of desirable is – multiply it by 10 – and yet, these phone calls rarely happened. I’m not bragging, but I’m just trying to stress how hard/lucky getting this cover must have been.

    We’d call and offer things to people, and you’d be lucky to get a firm yes, and the article might get written and printed a month later. It’s a tough job.

    If LB isn’t on there, it’s because they weren’t a part of the outreach to the author.

    Having lived in LB and NYC, I don’t think LB residents realize how the majority of city people have never heard of/been to LB. Who’s ever in charge of marketing here has not cracked that market, and yet, anyone I bring here loves it.

    Just two weekends ago, I took someone from the UWS – single, employed, makes bank – and she loved it. Quote “I can’t believe I’m only an hour from the city. It feels so far away.” Now granted, this successful woman in her 30s looking to start a family might not be the type of clientele LB is trying to attract, but they might want to consider it.

    She gets her nails done, likes the beach and drinks alcohol, too. I mean, c’mon – it’s a perfect fit. 😉

  4. New York Times wrote a big story about how great LB real estate was a month ago. It was in the NY TIMES real estate section and the republicans blasted Jack and Gordy for orchestrating it by making LB look too good.

  5. The common factors in these 3 towns are charming environments, attractive commercial areas, and things for the guest to do in addition to sitting on the beach. Fire Island and Greenport are obvious, Bellport has that big outlet mall and a revitalized downtown. Long Beach has the beach and no specific downtown area. And what we have has all the charm of Jericho Turnpike, no particularly interesting shopping, and nothing to do except go to the beach. And this is how it will remain unless someone lights a match under our so-called Economic Development Dept.

  6. @Wendle – anyone who’s seen their taxes go up, watched their city’s debt explode, watch their quality of life go down, watch city’s admin. size and pay go up, should blast Jack and Gordy for saying LB is back! This is back?

    @NY TIMES LB MARKETING – that’s not really marketing. You can’t come down here and see Billy Crystal.

  7. “Having lived in LB and NYC, I don’t think LB residents realize how the majority of city people have never heard of/been to LB. Who’s ever in charge of marketing here has not cracked that market, and yet, anyone I bring here loves it.”

    You are absolutely correct.

  8. Freeport?! Stony brook? Cold spring?? Smithtown?! Montauk?

    Guess what didn’t make the list in Time Out New York’s “Day trips from NYC to beaches, parks, wineries and more”…

    Long beach! That’s right – save 10 minutes before LB and go to effin’ Freeport or spend 2 hours beyond LB and go to Montauk or Stony Brook – wtf?

    How does LB manage to not get on this list? It’s not even a list – it’s a full fledged article!


  9. I just came from a visit to some friends in Frederick, MD. The town was as clean as could be and there were not many empty stores. It’s done a huge turnaround to where lots of people are moving there now.

    This place is NOT the almost, wannabe, or anything else that people who go to the Hamptons want. Unfortunately. All we have is a beach and a boardwalk, the rest of the town is meh.

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