Bocce League: More teams are needed!

Barefoot Mini Golf & Bocce. Long Beach, NY
Barefoot Mini Golf & Bocce. Long Beach, NY

The Barefoot Bocce League so far has five teams out of the allotted eighteen: Bocce Knights, Fuhgetabocce!!, Deboccery, Born to Bocce and Take the Cannoli’s.

These team names are absolutely hilarious and awesome, but there are still a lot of spots open. If you’re interested in forming a team and joining the league, please check out the BOCCE LEAGUE SIGN UP page for all the information you need. It’s a great way to meet people and have fun! League standings will also be posting on the main website: Bocce League Standings. Sign up now!

2 Replies to “Bocce League: More teams are needed!”

  1. Isn’t this site a block away from where the riots took place a year ago?
    Maybe this year the police can direct the rioters to these courts and they can get their jollies rooting for their favorite bocce team instead of shooting at each other.

    But be careful of bottles and other debris being thrown from the BW if their favorite team loses.

  2. Or maybe the potential rioters can be persuaded to put some teams together and enter the league.

    Instead of aspiring rappers we will have aspiring bocce players.

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