18 Replies to “Photo of the day!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Oh man – if people hated the new movie theatre sign, I can’t wait for the comments on this one! Not to mention those from those who don’t think the beach needs bathrooms!

  2. This is outside the nail salon next to burger king. I did a double take last night while I was out for a walk.

    I spent the rest of my evening thinking of bad puns:

    “Talk about crappy advertising”
    “We’ll do a piss poor job on your nails”
    “Cop a squat and get your nails done”
    “If we can make this shit pretty think of what we can do for your toes! ”

    I wasn’t sure how the nail salons could make any more enemy’s, but mission accomplished!

  3. Wow. I can *maybe* imagine using this in a tongue-in-cheek way if it were relevant to the business itself — but, that is just hideously inappropriate. Wow.

  4. don’t hate on the Asians for their cultural preferences. In China, these gardens are planted to appease the Gods and grant the gardener much relief of the digestive tract

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