[POLL] Petitioning Nassau County IDA Deny Long Beach Wayfarer, LLC aka iStar a 25 Year Tax Exemption

Yes, my photo was used, but I had nothing to do with setting up this poll.
Yes, my photo was used, but I had nothing to do with setting up this poll.

Poll Link: Deny Long Beach Wayfarer, LLC aka iStar tax exemption

“The petitioners request that Nassau County IDA reject Long Beach Wayfarer LLC’s request for a 25 year tax break for their project located on the Superblock in Long Beach, NY. Despite the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, residents (including those who continue to be displaced) have been responsible for all city, county, state and school taxes. We believe since the residents of Long Beach pay their taxes, so should iStar.

The Development was given a variance by the ZBA in January of 2014. At this time there was absolutely no mention of a future request for a PILOT. The Zoning Board transcript from this event presents a very different iStar. Mr. Frey stated, “…we are extremely well capitalized developers, I can say the best you will ever see …”

We urge the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency to listen to the citizens of Long Beach and vote against this tax break. The PILOT will have a direct and devastating impact on our community today and into the future. [LINK]

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  1. The Democratic Legislative candidate Keith Lebowitz has said that he is against iStar. Denise Ford is FOR the project and FOR the PILOT. Uf she goes to the meeting and speaks, that will be clear because she will NOT speak out against the labor force who will benefit from it. LB Republicans will side with Lebowitz.

  2. Ford was at the meetings before the I-star project variance was approved and spoke out against the variance at those ZBA meetings. I know, I was there and spoke out as well. Where has she changed her position?

  3. You my friend are seriously off kilter, Denis has spoken out against this project from day one. The fact that you are throwing out Lebowitz shows you are a political hack and should be ignored.

  4. “I’m not against PILOTs” – Denise Ford

    We will all find out at the IDA meeting.

    We’ve all heard the rumblings. Denise will not oppose the PILOT or the project. Everyone in the know is saying that Ford is backing this project 100% and that she will NOT clearly oppose it at the meeting.

    If the IDA approves this, it’s because Denise Ford wanted them to. Plain and simple.

  5. Denise has not put out a statement that clearly states she is against the project or against the PILOT. Ask her to do it and you’ll see that she won’t. When pressed, she will not oppose this project. She’s for it and her lack of an official statement against it speaks volumes.

  6. @Google Is Your Friend – Google “I’m not against pilots” “Denise Ford” – you get three pages of you being quoted as saying that on this Website.


    But, if you have the tenacity, and fortunately I do, to go to the 4th and last page of the search, you can click one of two links and see this quote from Denise Ford…

    “I’m not against PILOTs per se, but in this instance when you look at the property value now, you realize how much more the city can get in taxes immediately than 25 years from now,” Ford said Monday.

    That doesn’t sound like she’s in favor of these PILOTS, does it?

  7. Uh…. where does she say she’s against pilots? It says she’s not against them.

    “I’m not against PILOTs”

    If you are not against it, you are for it.

    Case closed.

    Ford supports the project and the pilot. Everything else is pandering to fool you.

  8. @Ford – Seriously? When you stop reading in the middle of a sentence, the meaning changes.

    It’s like, I’m not against lions, per se, but I don’t think they should be allowed to roam the streets of Long Beach.

    That means I am against lions roaming the streets of LB. Despite me saying I am not against lions.

  9. Ask her to put in writing that she is against this PILOT. She will never do it. She will never explicitly say she is against this PILOT. I promise you that.

  10. None of the people on here think developers should ever receive tax breaks for 25 years. Denise ford says they should….. sometimes?

    Her silence is deafening. Putting out vague statements that let you interpret what you want to hear is different than a letter saying she’s against the iStar project.

    Call her office or email her and demand a letter In writing that specifically states she is against the istar project being built.


  11. Ms. Ford is not stating she is against the PILOT program in all instances. A tax break is warranted at times to develop areas.

    In this specific case of iStar, Ms. Ford, is against this developer getting a 25 year tax abatement in the City of Long Beach.

    So for sake of argument “Ford is working you”, you win.

  12. Nothing in life is black and white and getting distracted by parsing politicians words simply clouds the issue. Sign the petition, show up at the hearing and voice your opinion.

  13. LONG BEACH WAYFARER LLC, a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware and authorized to do business in the State of New York as a foreign limited liability company.

    Why Delaware?

  14. Eramo stated: “…..my hope is that they encourage the use of a project labor agreement so that the mission of the of the IDA, which is to support local labor, will be enacted”. A project labor agreement is done to work out UNION terms prior to starting the work. That means higher cost for iStar. So iStar will go along with IDA in order to get a big tax break, and the unions will be happy with IDA, Eramo and who else? And so we will pay for their self serving deal. Do I have this right?

  15. Spot on, but you might want to add that the unions will express their gratitude to Mr Eramo in the form of “donations” to this year’s city council election race as well as his attempt next year at the NY Senate or NY Assembly.

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