A possible Democratic Primary in Long Beach?

DemocraticLogoCheck out this Newsday article in which Nassau County Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs says he’d like to see changes in Long Beach: “I would rather see it in a primary and let the voters decide if they want reform.”

Although Long Beach Democratic Club chairman Mike Zapson disagrees: “We will oppose any attempt by outside influences in Long Beach,” Zapson said. “These are the official candidates of the Nassau Democratic Party, recommended by the Long Beach Democratic club. I’m not aware of anyone else looking to run, and I’d be surprised.”

Read the full article over at Newsday: Democrats splinter over slate in Long Beach

30 Replies to “A possible Democratic Primary in Long Beach?”

  1. Wow! I guess both Republicans and Democrats alike think the current council does not have the city’s best interest in mind. I’m all for a completely new City Council. Enough is enough!

  2. says the president of Angelo Lomonte’s republican fan club. Is joe Mondello inning a primary against the Hennessy/Moriarty LB Slate? Of course not. Only Dems are dumb enough to fight with each other.

    It’s the only way the Republicans even have a prayer.

    Eramo and Torres are locks. Whoever lines up with Adamo/Moore could possibly squeak in. Who would repubs put third, Quinn?

  3. Eramo and Torres a lock – really now.
    Do not know what you are basing this upon.
    I am not aware of why Dems would want to reelect these two based upon performance.

  4. “We will oppose any attempt by outside influences in Long Beach,” Zapson said.

    This has to be the best line ever. So long Emperor with no Clothes.

  5. Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss

    There’s nothing in the street
    Looks any different to me
    And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye

  6. I would not vote for any of our current elected officials. It’s time for some change around here. The istar plan pushed me over the edge. Make sure your neighbors and friends are registered to vote! Let’s make some serious change this year!

  7. Eramo stood mute as residents complained about the istar variance, then later said he would fight things like istar. What’s he going to do now?

    Eramo told many people he was all for cutting the firefighters and getting more ems at lower cost. Now he says city should settle with fire dept

    What gives with eramo?

  8. I want a primary.The more candidates for the people to choose as candidates, the better.

    I’m done with Zapson deciding who he wants in office, who he wants hired in the city, who serves his best interests and not the people of Long Beach.

    “We will oppose any attempt by outside influences in Long Beach,” Zapson said. NO, Zapson, this is not up to you. This is up to the collective voices of Long Beach voters.

  9. “I really didn’t want to divide the party, and I think it’s going to be a tough race in November.” – Robert Solomon, Long Beach Herald – June 18, 2014

  10. What is so beautiful about it? It’s falling apart. The roads are a disgrace, storefronts are a hodgepodge of signage (and now toilets for planters), parking and other quality of life issues haven’t been addressed in years, City Council did little more than pay lip service to the efforts of preventing the losing of close to $200 million in FEMA funds for the hospital, they’re standing idly by while the iStar debacle unfolds, the bonding for City expenditures goes unchecked at literally an unsustainable pace, and on, and on, and on. This isn’t about who’s a good guy, who grew up here, who has the best interest of the City at heart. This is about competency. No one, and I mean no one, in Long Beach City government has been truly competent, qualified, or has had a resume and proven track record to run this City in a very long time. It’s been a popularity contest for far too long. Time for real leadership. People who can defend their successes. I’m sorry, but we don’t need any more real estate agents, telephone repair men, firemen, etc. We are going to need a success story coupled with a visionary to get us out this mess.

  11. “Only dems are dumb enough to fight with each other.”


    I don’t think most people would say “democracy works best when you just tow the party line.” But, whatever.

    That being said, I don’t think most (informed) people would say “Long Beach is definitively headed in the right direction!” Why shouldn’t dems oppose never-ending bonding, huge tax increases – etc.

    The cynic in me says that the party bosses realize this, and may just swap in new faces with the same policies; time will tell.

  12. Republicans deserve a primary too. Why not let those voters decide too? Instead we got Lomonte and his invisible thugs shoved down our throats.

  13. @unsustainable – I share your frustration, if not all your points. As soon as I enter the west end, I feeling I’m on vacation – is it Nantucket it even the quaint parts of the jersey shore? No, but whatever; it’s doing the best it can under the current system.

    The biggest issue facing lb IMO are the insane salaries. Does it require a visionary to fix it? You need a visionary to tell you the head of the police department w/a population under 40K should make more than that of NYCs? We need 2 beach managers making over 6 figures each?

    I don’t know how you reign this shit in, but this city will be crushed by taxes and debt (isn’t their a $50 million lawsuit looming?).

    You don’t need a visionary to tell you what LB needs, and what businesses could thrive here. The busienes community knows it’s just about making coat feasible.

    The taxes are thwarting development because it’s not bring spent on things that promote growth.

  14. Unsustainable, I agree with you 100% and that is why we can never move to a Mayor system in Long Beach. It would become a popularity contest and we would end up with a lawyer that never ran a business or supervised anyone other than their secretary.
    We need someone like Michael Bloomberg to fix this City and even he would have a hard time !

  15. I do agree with your statement. I suppose I see the potential LB has. Nonetheless, you are right- we need qualified candidates. Look at our current council! It’s a joke! I’m really hoping for some change come the fall. Hopefully some of these new candidates will come through.

  16. The republicans are clearly the idiots because they keep running invisible candidates who never show up or stand for anything other than to fire Shnirman.

    Novel iDea for the republicans. Praise Shnirman and help him guide the city. The angry f u dems stuff works for a few hardcover radical internet people but not for moderates who like the cm.

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