Westhome Civic Meeting/Flood Insurance Information presentation

Thursday June 4th at 7PM in the VFW Hall (675 W Park Ave, Long Beach NY 11561)

****Free insurance seminar****
Learn about all the new insurance rates and how it effects you. Have questions about your flood insurance? Want answers?

Insights and Strategies for your Flood and Homeowner’s Insurance
Hosted by: Scott M. Primiano, President
The Insurance Advocates
Flood Direct National Insurance Program
11 Stuart Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701
516-264-0014 C: 215-431-1194 F: 888-958-2105
www.cciadvocates.com www.flood-direct.com

One of the significant side-effects of Sandy has been an enormous impact on our home and flood insurance rates and, for that matter, our ability to get insurance at all. We on the South Shore have gone from being desirable clients to being condemned as uninsurable by most of the traditional insurance companies. In addition, The National Flood Insurance program, The Biggert-Waters Act (2013), and The Homeowner’s Flood Insurance Affordability (2014), have made understanding and properly purchasing flood insurance nearly impossible. Compounding the problem are brokers and agents who are too confused, too busy, or too heartless to provide us with the information and education we need to make good decisions about what to do.

We need help. That is what our session is all about. We will provide you with the information and education that you need to create a strategy for getting proper coverage and the best rate available. Presentation will include…Insights and Strategies for your Flood and Homeowner’s Insurance

  1. The state of the Homeowner’s Insurance Market on Long Island and how you can navigate it.
  2. Changes in The National Flood Insurance program, the impact, and what you can do about it.
  3. What to expect from your Broker/Agent and why you deserve it.
  4. The future of our Insurance “Problem.”

The presentation will be as brief as possible to allow for your important questions. The presentation should be approximately an hour followed by a Q & A session.

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  1. I called ford’s office and nobody answered. The posts on this site make it pretty clear theres something to what is going on. It does seen like she is being indirect for a reason. It’s enough to satisfy “miss liz” but not me. I want to hear her so she’s against the pilot or have her put it in writing. I am against the projecf and will go to the Ida meeting. If she doesn’t unequivocally say she’s 100% against it, we’ll know she’s actually supporting it behind the scenes. If it gets done it’s on her. Ida is with the county. She’s our county legislator. She will show us her true colors next week.

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