Who wants a new dog park? Nominate Long Beach!

Skateparks, ocean beach park, playgrounds. Dogs need a place to play too, right? The City of Long Beach wants us to nominate The City of Long Beach to win a $100,000 Petsafe dog park!  Check out the info below. Bonus points if your dog actually does the voting. Extra bonus points if this potential dog park means less poop on our sidewalks.10429285_853773061369116_5552404900386588916_n

Bark For Your Park: Win $100,000 For a Dog Park In Your Town!

Petsafe will be awarding five U.S. Communities with funds to build their very own dog parks; One $100,000 grand prize & four $25,000 grants for a total of $200,000 in dog park dollars!

Please click the links below to nominate Long Beach for “Bark For Your Park ” by voting twice a day; once at https://www.facebook.com/PetSafeBrand/app_321086731284099 and once at petsafe.net/barkforyourpark

Nominations close on June 10th, so please share this information and let your friends know about this great cause!

4 Replies to “Who wants a new dog park? Nominate Long Beach!”

  1. Why would the city need another dog park? The school district already has Lindell Field that is used as a dog run each Saturday and Sunday morning. Just remember the gate opens at 8AM, just be gone when the little kids come to play ball. There is a garbage can to place the dog crap in and there are also water fountains where you can lift your do up to get water. And there are huge fields for them to run on.

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