Clang, Clang, Clang goes the trolley, TODAY!

Don’t forget it’s a  free ride with a beach pass. Green & red with new routes, inspired by the post we did on this blog last year [LINK].  You should be able to catch a trolley every fifteen minutes. Soon the city will be installing ‘bus stop’  style signs with schedules, making the experience a whole lot easier. Yeah… I like the trolleys.
10348659_854182401328182_934338563107000319_oThe City of Long Beach trolleys will begin running on weekends starting today at 9:15 AM. They are FREE to ride with a valid beach pass.

For more information, please visit:


7 Replies to “Clang, Clang, Clang goes the trolley, TODAY!”

  1. is this the same ghost trolley that supposedly exists, rare spotting are seen, and nobody knows where to get it (link for trolley on this site and on city site does not fully load), and no real summary of info is given anywhere like….does it run all week? left us and 5 toddlers stranded last year waiting for an hour on a street corner, never came… city decided not to run it that saturday in summer. no reason. curious if i will ever ride it, if you can find the ghost trolleyyyyy the guy on the rip stick is more reliably seen than this thing.

  2. I lol’d at the ripstick guy comment, but I’ve definitely seen this trolley around, and the map makes it obvious where to get it. I don’t know – anyone riding this thing?

  3. I understand the schedule i have is for the trolley, but there are two kinds? one is closed and one is open? and there is no way to tell which one is coming? we are interested in specificaly the open air trolley. more mystery for the ghost trolley of log beach…

  4. I am happy to report I rode the ghost trolley sunday. it actualy showed up on time, and it was a pleasure to ride. my son and i (and a few other strange train station hangouters) were the only ones onboard. i asked the driver which house was billy crystals and he had no idea. ha. not that he should be a tour guide. but… cmon. how about a little fan fair. Anyone else notice that the gaps where the floor meets the rail is about 14 inches wide. a child up to about 6 years old could slip through that. god i hope there is never an issue, just seems weird that they would be so open. and trust me i am not a nervous nelly helmet padding parent. but i couldnt help to notice how dangerous that looked. the song when we stepped onboard?….two tickets to paradise. ha. it was classic.

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