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  1. Hold up where are all those trolls who said D’Amato and Ford were pushing for the PILOT? Guess they are home trying to wash the egg off their faces.

  2. Still haven’t heard from Ford on the matter. Inviting people to come is one thing but will she speak out against the PILOT? The answer is no.

  3. Do NOT sing the praises of D’Amato. Keep in mind that D’Amato installed his own Vice President, Anthony Cancellieri, of his lobbying firm Park Strategies on the Board of South Nassau Hospital. South Nassau has in turn paid Park Strategies over $800,000 in lobbying fees in the years that Cancellieri was installed. In the past 2 years, Park Strategies was paid by South Nassau $120,000 to lobby “FEMA funds for Long Beach Medical Center”. He is orchestrating the siphoning off of close to $200,000,000 (yes, million) that was designated to rebuild/repair our hospital, but is instead going to Oceanside’s South Nassau. That would have meant the return of over 1,200 immediate jobs, some 2,000 ancillary jobs and an estimated 250 million back into the local economy. He has an angle on this deal. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, Alfonse D’amato sees this as a way to have the project fail so he can bring casino gambling to Long Beach. After all, Park Strategies gets paid million from the gambling industry. Google D’Amato and Casino gambling and the search engine lights up. Remember this article http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/05/16/plan-for-huge-long-island-casino-in-the-works/

    Best opinion on D’Amato comes from conservative blogger George Marlin – “Like Cuomo, D’Amato has no core principles and no interest in promoting the common good. He only promotes what’s best for him”.

    “Since leaving public office he has been a lobbyist, paid handsomely to represent the interests of the people that hire him. To further client causes and to enrich himself,…”

  4. I think you might be beating a dead horse on the Hospital but the casino theory is an interesting one. The iStar project gets nixed, no one else can allegedly develop it without the tax abatement, in steps Alfonse with Casino gambling. It’s been widely reported that he lobbies heavily for gaming, OTB, and casinos. There is just no way he is looking out for the taxpayers of Long Beach. Something is afoot.

  5. 1,200 immediate jobs = lie
    2,000 ancillary jobs = preposterous
    $250 Million into local economy = Total Bullshit

    If you are going to present an argument, at least try, even if just a little bit, to use accurate numbers

  6. The numbers for employment and cash into economy relate to the construction of the building. It goes into the economy, but not Long Beach except to extent using labor that lives in Long Beach which will be a small portion of the force.

    Does anyone know whether the school tax portion of the taxes, which is 4/5ths of the RE taxes, will affect the school district at all? Or is the project part of a class that pays X dollars and it would just reduce istar’s portion of X but not X?

  7. The employment #s are bs, but it’s somewhat verifiable. if they were true The Avalon buildings would have brought a 1/5th of those jobs – did it?

  8. No doubt the numbers are inflated. They are part of istar’s sales pitch. They are also loose in how and where they use the numbers and what they relate to. But if you read the IDA app and the attachments, what you will see is those numbers actually relate to the construction. For example, the building – labor and materials is estimated at $220 million. Add $30 million for impact on local economy because of activity. I’m not saying they are accurate. Just where they are getting the numbers from. The $220 million I could believe. Ho many jobs and how much overflow into local economy? A lot of jobs for sure (few local I would guess) and some overflow for sure, but not at their numbers I would guess.

    Interested if anyone knows answer to my question above.

  9. Get a tax break, build up the place, skim some money and farm out jobs to friends…declare bankruptcy before tax break ends. Rinse. Repeat.

    How’s the occupancy at the Aqua these days? Oh yeah, still pitch black. How are the condos next to the LB Hotel? Oh yeah, still pitch black.

    Sounds like an excellent idea for more unaffordable luxury units, the market is just totally devoid of anything like it!

  10. Hey Captain, why do you say 1,200 jobs lost at the hospital is a lie? It’s in the bankruptcy court dockets, it was reported by Long Beach Medical Center spokeswoman Sharon Player in the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, CBS, etc. And 2,000 ancillary is not preposterous. I believe the statistical data showed 2,300. You have to consider every support job from linen service to pharmaceutical sales, to the delivery driver, the cabbie not making drop-off/pick-up over there, etc, etc. The 250 million out of the economy was not pulled from thin air. If I still have the page bookmarked I will refer you. It either came from a governmental source or financial statistical data compiled specifically for the Long Island region. Google “Long Beach Medical Center Struggles To Open After Hurricane Sandy” and you can read the Huffpo article

  11. Aqua some how built without a tax break. The building near the Allegria Hotel is set to break ground soon and that one too does not require a tax break. istar is taking a risk building such big buildings but it’s a risk that shouldn’t be passed to the tax payers. I’m not happy with the size like most of LB, but I will let it go just to get something built. However now they are asking for more from the residents to overlook than just height. Does anyone know how much istar paid for the superblock land? Can the city start making they cut the weeds? Why are these empty lots allowed to be overgrown?

  12. Unsustainable, How many jobs are still employed at the nursing home? Are you counting them in the 1200? If the dreamers such as yourself and others who believe a smaller hospital could be built how many less jobs would that smaller facility need to operate? 2,000 ancillary jobs? That is not only preposterous but also bullshit, sort of like the number of jobs that will be thrown around tomorrow evening. I hate to break this to you but just because the hospital closed it does not mean that those alleged 2300 jobs disappeared, the need for linen services, delivery driver is still in the economy, those services are just being done at different locations. So instead of Acme Linen dropping off linens at LBMC, the driver now drops additional linen at SNHC, Winthrop and others.

    If you are using HuffPo for your $250 million attribution you will need to dig deeper, since just yesterday another dreamer posted on HuffPo and the first sentence they wrote was a load of BS as well. Let me ask you what was the annual billing of LBMC? anything close to $250M, definitely not and definitely not anything close in our local economy.

  13. @Captain, according to a report from the AHA (the report I read, which I’m still trying to locate, was specific to NY and Long Island)
    “The goods and services hospitals purchase from other businesses create additional economic value for the community. With these “ripple effects” included, each hospital job supports about two more jobs and every dollar spent by a hospital supports roughly $2.30 of additional business activity. Overall hospitals:
    Support one of 9 jobs in the U.S.
    Support over $2.2 trillion in economic
    Read more in Beyond Health Care: The Economic Contribution of Hospitals at http://www.aha.org under “Research and Trends0.”

  14. Unsustainable, since you now seem to be focusing on the “ripple effect” jobs, apparently you now realize that the 1200 jobs number your spouted was in fact a lie. Lets look at 2300 number for ancillary, since 1200 is no longer the actual number of “real” jobs lost, you will need to decrease from the 2300 “ancillary” jobs you are saying were lost. And do you have any number of the increase in jobs at other health care facilities that have seen increased demand since LBMC closed? and what about the “ancillary” jobs that new demand has created, but that does not fit your narrative.

    Also since you have not once made any statement on the impact the closing has had on the healthcare needs of the residents on LB, is it safe to say that you and the other dreamers are now realizing that the impact is almost non-existent and now the bunch of you will be throwing around these nonsense number as some kind of jobs package.

    Get over it, the hospital is gone. You can spot your nonsense all you want, but there will be no hospital built in Long Beach, SNCH is going to expand our access to medical services where it makes the most sense, in Oceanside. Perhaps they will provide some services or back office work here in LB, but hopefully they will come to their senses and rethink the medical arts pavilion and place the Satellite ER someplace on Park Ave and be done with it.

  15. i always find it intersting that city workers and trucks clear that land before the fireworks. Does iStar pay for that or LB is cleaning their private property for free?

  16. Anthony Eramo stated that “…my hope is that they encourage the use of a project labor agreement so that the mission of the IDA, which is to support local labor, will be enacted,” Of course then, IDA forces higher construction costs thru union labor, then gives away tax abatement so that iStar goes along with it. If you think a lot of LB residents and local businesses will work on this project – think again.

  17. I’m wondering if that was what they paid for the entity that held the mortgage on the Superblock. There might have been other assets.

  18. @ Captain, thanks for jarring my memory, I hadn’t thought of or used the term fu%#wit is some time.By your logic, if we close Winthrop, then there is no concern for job loss as LIJ will show some increase. The jobs lost in Long Beach = the jobs lost in Long Beach, It’s pretty simple stuff. Stay with me, this might get tricky for you. Simply because I didn’t make a statement concerning impact on healthcare needs/services that doesn’t mean they weren’t impacted. To help out your small mind, I’ll illustrate an example. Victim from our Barrier Island now has to get transported to SNCH, ambulance cues up for a time but chooses to depart for Nassau University Med in E. Meadow because of the delay. Good or bad for victim? I’ll help you out. Bad!

  19. Unsustainable, are you saying the “ancillary” jobs or your fictitious 1200 were jobs lost in Long Beach. Try to type a little slower this time and explain what your “victim, cues up, departs” sentence means, perhaps you have a point in there but it did not come across too well in that attempt at written english

  20. City Council remains silent on the istar issue. They constantly let the out of town Lacurruba, Schnirman and Agostisi’s run the show. Time to give Long Beach back to the citizens of Long Beach!!!!!!!

  21. Forget that. Let them build condos, not rental apartments. Rental apartments will turn LB into the Rockaways – there is no way they are going to rent 522 apartments at those prices to actual paying tenants – they have to use subsidized housing to fill it.

  22. What percentage of the paid fire dept lives outside of long beach? 50%? Do you immediately become a less valuable fireman if you aren’t from the town you work in?

    How about all the lb firemen in hartsdale? Are they all useless ?

  23. Hartsdale did not fire Hartsdale citizens to hire ones from Long Beach. You really don’t see the point here?

    not even close to 50% you are a lying troll.

  24. All I know is that I live down the street and the place looks largely vacant 24-7. Same for those beautiful townhouses next to the LB hotel (directly abutting awful Section 8 apartments).

  25. You need on duty professional firefighters to protect a city with the demographics such as this. And as an added bonus those guys also provided excellent service on the busiest ambulance in Long Island. Exposed? If it was so well exposed than why has the city council not answered a single question about it? hmmmmmm

  26. At least Sen. D’Amato has the cajones to say what most are too timid to say. IStar is doubletalking their way through this project; the City Council is complicit as they are controlled by Zapson who is IStar’s ace in the hole. Some local supporters have self interests BUT Long Beach Joetaxpayer will get the shaft. End of story

  27. LET ME REPEAT, Do not praise former Senator D’Amato. He directed the $150,000,000 plus million in FEMA money intended for Long Beach Hospital over to South Nassau in Oceanside. He has, and is, paid by South Nassau to lobby for them. His lobbying firm, Park Strategies, has been paid over $800,000 since he installed his own VP of Park Strategies and other friends on the hospital board. In the past two years Park Strategies was paid to specifically. This is a link to only one Senate disclosure form Read line 16. “16. Specific lobbying issues –
    FEMA funding related to storm damage at Long Beach Medical Center”.
    He is up to something and I don’t believe it is just saving face. I think he wants the Superblock, Don’t forget he is paid huge money to lobby for the casino and Gambling industry. He may want to see iStar fail so he can saddle us with more of his self serving garbage.

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