Huffington Post article on the Long Beach Medical Center

Huffington Post:  After Superstorm Sandy, a Community Cries Out for Its Hospital

longbeachmedicalcenter“Building a new hospital in Long Beach — as FEMA intended when it allocated $154 million for that purpose — will lead the country as a venue for new modalities of care for survivors of catastrophes. It is an opportunity that FEMA, the New York State Department of Health, and South Nassau Communities Hospital cannot afford to ignore. 

“We needed our hospital before Sandy. We need it even more now. We are diminished without it,” said Father King at the recent health care forum held at Long Beach city hall. “It wouldn’t just be bad, it would be wrong for the people of Long Beach to emerge from this crisis impoverished, and for the South Nassau brand to some out of this enriched — or, as they say, “enhanced” — at our expense.” [LINK]

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  1. Would it be at all possible for the people advocating for a hospital to use accurate facts? From those standing up and saying our population increases by 17,000 in summer. to over 4,000 jobs lost , to even the simplest count of the people at the NYS DOH forum being reported as over a thousand, every time I see one of these articles I wonder if these people are intentionally misreporting the facts or if they are clueless.

    At least with other articles you needed to read a few sentences in before the horse hockey started surfacing, this author wastes no time and spouts nonsense from the first sentence “The second deadliest hurricane in U.S. history, Hurricane Sandy”. The second deadliest? if you are going to use facts make sure they are accurate. I stopped reading after that because if the first sentence is incorrect what will the rest of the article lead to?

  2. Below is a lost of people who have died as a result of Long Beach Hospital being closed:


    Stop being dramatic. It would be great to have the hospital for jobs and for convenience but it’s a private business and not a necessity. Be honest with yourself. We’re getting an emergency room that’s pretty much all we “need”.

  3. I don’t understand how any resident could be against the rebuilding of the hospital; just as a matter of principle.

    It sounds like youre being fleeced by SNCH.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, LB was given the $ to rebuild it.

    It’s not like you’re being charged for it – am I wrong?

    Imagine you lost your car because of Sandy (not tough for some).

    You’re owed $30,000 by your insurance company – they give you $4,000 because, really, a smaller, less reliable car is all you need.

    They give the other $26,000 to someone in Island Park to get improve their car – and they say you can borrow it every now and then.

    That doesn’t sound fair – but is the comparison that off? Or do I have the facts confused?

  4. When Dr. Shah said LBMC was in the red, and to close LBMC was running at a 2% loss. Generally, in bankruptcy, an organization is given time to come up with a plan to get out of bankruptcy. We did not get that opportunity. And 2% is a ridiculous reason to close a hospital. We need a hospital here. Glad for the naysayers that they have maintained their health to date. It is not fair that SNCH is using our $$ to build a new 4 story facility in Oceanside. One day the true story will come out and we will find out which greasy palms made $$ off this deal.

  5. You got t o love these politicians.. all supporting the hospital 3 years after the fact. The are all, and I mean ALL are full of shit

  6. LBMC spent approximately 26 million dollars, which were reimbursed with FEMA funds, to repair the West Wing Emergency Department at LBMC, to receive 911 ambulances, prior to June 2013, and submitted a Financial plan in accordance with the Burger Report, recommendations, reducing the number of hospital beds, from 162 to 80. Both Plans were rejected by the New York State Department of Health a.k.a. Gov. Cuomo and LBMC was urged to declare Bankruptcy to rid , LBMC of its debt, and be taken over by another Not- For -Profit Hospital, which LBMC did, and delivered millions of dollars in vacant land and buildings to SNCH ” Debt Free, ” along with 174 million dollars in FEMA funds to build medical facilities under SNCH Federal Alternative Use Plan. SNCH has committed approximately 40 million of the 174 million to the Barrier Island and now SNCH takes the position the “Berger Report is outdated.” The Barrier Island’s “Public Safety Is Outdated” . Its not about the size , of the New Medical Center, its about what Hospital medical services are going to be restored. October 29th, 2012, still waiting, for a 911 ambulance receiving Emergency Department. If SNCH believes the Berger Report is outdated, the Federal Alternative Use Plan, for the 174 million in FEMA medical building funds, should be split between SNCH , it’s sister Hospital, Winthrop University Hospital and Saint Francis, to rotate in their best Doctors and Nurses and build a New Medical, to insure that Quality Hospital Medical Services are Restored to the Barrier Island.

  7. We are a barrier island with a big population. We need a full service hospital that is well managed. People are crooked or don’t care about the needs of Long Beach citizens. LBMC was more corrupt than City Hall. That is hard to believe.

  8. People, look no further than the offices of former Senator Alfonse D’Amato’s lobbying firm Park Strategies LLC. Check out and look up Park Strategies and you will see that they have been paid $120,000 per year by South Nassau for as many years as Alfonse has installed his own Vice President, Anthony Cancellieri, on the board of South Nassau. Somewhere to the tune of $800,000. He also installed on the Board of SNCH his lifelong Island Park Developer buddy, John Vitale, who just so happens to have political backing to build a “gated hamlet” in Island Park directly across from the Long Beach Medical Center property. We also know that SNCH people have been spotted being driven around Long Beach by certain City employees looking at other possible areas to build some sham of glorified doc-in-a-box ambulance receiving emergency room. We’re talking about almost $200 million dollars in FEMA money slated for Long Beach that D’Amato is determined to siphon off to South Nassau in Oceanside. This is on the SNCH website. It’s getting built with our goddamn money!

    Healthful News and Resources
    South Nassau Construction Updates

    Interested Construction Management firms are invited to prequalify for the opportunity to participate in the Request for Proposal process for a potential campus expansion project at South Nassau Communities Hospital located at 1 Healthy Way in Oceanside, NY. The proposed project consists of a 4-story, approximately 60,000 SF addition and campus utility infrastructure upgrade for future Operating Rooms, Critical Care Beds, and Primary/Urgent Care expansions.
    Interested respondents are asked to contact South Nassau Communities Hospital’s Program Manager for minimum prequalification requirements and instructions. The prequalification will take place from May 1, 2015 to May 31, 2015. Following the prequalification period, qualified firms will then be issued the formal Request for Proposal.

    “South Nassau Communities Hospital is a recipient of funding from FEMA and HUD, with some or all of the Southwest Addition Project to be funded by grants provided by these two entities.”

    There are at least two of these posted online as well. See line #16

  9. Well, after D’Amato is done fighting against I-Star Pilot program, he should be investigated for SNCH. If Skelos can be audited, so should all who financially benefited from not having a hospital here. Also beware, rumor has it that D’Amato wants LNG and has some involvement.

  10. All you have to know about SNCH and the New York State Department of Health a.k.a. Gov. Cuomo, is that in 2013, after LBMC made approximately 26 million dollars in Repairs to the West Wing Emergency Department at LBMC, to open and accept 911 ambulances, SNCH, and the New York Department of Health were stating that LBMC will never be more than an Urgent Care Center, can’t accept 911 Ambulances. To this date, the Barrier Island is still without an Emergency Department. And even more disturbing is SNCH is presently applying to the Federal Government to use the majority of the 174 million dollars that LBMC qualified for as a result of damages to LBMC from Sandy, under the Federal Government Alternative Use Plan , to spend such funds in Oceanside to expand its hospital services there. And yet, there is no Federal Hearing Open to the Public, to comment on how SNCH is going to spend the 174 million in Medical Building Funds. Where are U.S. Senator Schumer and U.S. Congresswoman Rice on this issue ? New York State Department of Health and SNCH have essentially stated the Berger Report is outdated, they don’t care about Bridges , and they don’t care if the Barrier Residents make it to the Hospital. We really could have had a New Medical Center on the Barrier island, with top Doctors and Nurses working at a New Medical Center, with a a 24-7 911 ambulance receiving emergency department specializing in trauma , pediatric , geriatric care, supporting departments of X-ray ,MRI, labs, reestablishment of outpatient services for Dialysis, Drug and Alcohol programs, physical therapy, family services, behavioral services. Unless the Residents of the Barrier island recognize this opportunity and fight for this New Medical Center, this opportunity to restore quality medical services to the Barrier Island may be lost. We lost Hospital services after Sandy on the Barrier Island and we are letting those services be built in Oceanside, rather than on the Barrier island. The FEMA MEDICAL BUILDING FUNDS IN THE AMOUNT OF 174 MILLION HAVE NOT YET BEEN SPENT BY SNCH OR OFFICALLY APPROVED FOR EXPANSION IN OCEANSIDE, BUT THEY WILL, UNLESS OUR STATE, FEDERAL, CITY, COUNTY , AND RESIDENTS DEMAND OTHERWISE. WE NEED TO RESTORE QUALITY HOSPITAL MEDICAL SERVICES TO THE BARRIER ISLAND.

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