A possible Democratic Primary heating up? Long Beach Professional Fire Fighters are reporting that Dave Yolinksy has joined the race

11406947_1004216016278149_696546320975226507_nLong Beach Professional Fire Fighters are reporting that Dave Yolinksy has decided to Run for Long Beach City Council. With three Long Beach Democratic candidates already chosen [LINK], will Yolinksy’s run force a primary?

“He is a Life long resident, founder of Long Trunks charitable clothing company and former LB Professional Firefighter & Paramedic! He will be an advocate and represent the residents! The residents deserve real elected officials! Take Back Long Beach! He is running in a Democratic Party primary, and will need your support and signatures on petitions! [LINK]

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  1. daves priorities

    Step 1 Fire Schnirman
    Step 2 Fire Paramedics
    Step 3 Give Paid Firemen huge raises with retro pay
    Step 4 Quit council and go back to being a fireman making $150,000+ a year

  2. Jay Jacobs dem party boss making a deal with the devil? Dave will lose in embarrassing fashion and serve as another black eye to the Nassau county democrats. Jj really doesn’t have anything better to do than try to ruin long beach?

  3. Zapson loyalist trolls already at it!!!! Just shows how scared they are. Have you seen Torres speak? Are you kidding? The people see that this council is full of it. Tic toc tic toc………….

  4. Step 4 fire Corp Council Agostisi (Dix Hills) Not exactly a strong lawyer and lacks ethics.
    Step 5 Actually take stances and answer citizens questions at council meetings

  5. The Corporation Counsel provides legal services to the City including the City Council.
    Get it?
    Counsel. Council.
    Something like two, to and too. Or there, their and they’re.

    Get out your unused sixth grade grammar book and you’re sure to get up to junior high school level.

  6. Your first sentence would read much better with the addition of a comma, as in: “….services to the city, including the City Council”.

    See what I just did right there?

  7. So where were Adamo, Moore and Yolinski last night? You skewered the Republican candidates for missing a city council meeting but these three get a pass? Double standard much?

    At leat the Republicans are three candidates with regular jobs just like the rest of LB and they get the plight of the working class. Unlike the sitting Dems (with their cushy county jobs or allowances granted for political duties) or primary Dems (a FF, a RE agent & college professor).

  8. Errrrhhhh, Silly question , or maybe a really obvious one (see what I did there?) Since Mr Yolinsky is a member of the IAFF, will he not need to recuse himself from any and all matters concerning the IAFF including all public hearings and votes on the budget as well as most likely the capital plan as well.

    And is not the budget one of the most important tasks/responsibilities of the City Council and its’ members?

  9. In Long Beach the council won’t even discuss the fire department. They just refer to the out of town guys to do that. Robert Agostisi made if clear in one of his rants that the council has nothing to do with the restructuring. So I doubt it would be a problem.

  10. Really ridiculous — a page out of the GOP presidential primary – every nut on the planet can run – lets hold primary now and get rid of the this wacko, who simply has a chip on his shoulder about the cushy part time FD job he lost when the grant ran out – not exactly a guy with the people in mind – just himself and his fellow 19 union thugs.

  11. I think this is a great start. He is no less qualified, and perhaps more so, than the batch of council members we have now and in the recent past. If nothing else, we need transparency and we need a council that answers questions put to them.

  12. Yolinsky is exactly what LB doesn’t need….. He’s running for one reason- to give the FD everything they want. For him this all about getting himself and the paid FD what they think they deserve not what’s best for taxpayers!

  13. @ Reliable, I disagree. If he wins, and right now I hope he does, his will be a lone dissenting vote when it comes to the LBFD. I think the layoffs AND the lack of transparency and the breakdown in communication with our current elected officials it what made him run. I don’t think you’ll find a lot of people that will charge this guy solely as a self-serving individual. I believe in the coming months we will find him to be more than the one-dimensional person you’re trying to make him out to be.

  14. @LB for life, your comment suggests that the current City Council runs this city. Thanks for starting my day off with a good laugh.

  15. This city council is not even hiding the face that this city is presently being run by people from outside Long Beach. On all important issues with the exception of skate parks the council is silent (or how Len put is recently “Neutral”) The only people allowed to speak on these issues are Jim LaCarrubba (Brookhaven), Robert Agostisi (Dix Hills), and Jack Schnirman (Brookhaven). They are not even hiding the fact that out of towners are now running the show!!!

  16. Those “out of towners” actually got us back on our feet after sandy and back in the black after the “locals” financially ran us into the ground. My only complaint is that this town only complains.

  17. Assuming two individuals are otherwise equally competent it seems to me that a local resident should get the job.
    An out of towner spends his/ her leisure time someplace else. They don’t walk around, drive around,bike around, skate board around, shop, eat , stroll the BW, take the bus, taxi, go to the beach, the movies, see city workers , experience things on a normal , daily basis so don’t see things like a resident does.
    So if the current out of town employees are far superior to any residents in their qualifications then why complain?

  18. I could have gotten this place back on it’s feet too if I had unfettered access to bonding like Jacko does. People here just don’t get it!

  19. Not sure – there seems to be something in the water here. Plus, continued patronage privileges enjoyed by entrenched local royalty, passed down from generation to generation, seem to a big part of the problems we see in gov’t.

  20. @Its time to change – There were no layoffs. A grant ended. Out dated reference but: if you put a quarter in a pay phone for 5 minutes of talking, and the phone call ends after 5 minutes and bf you were finished, the phone company isn’t to blame.

  21. @Really?? Your definition of “back on our feet” is increased spending, high bonding, increasing the debt, $50 million dollar lawsuit pending, iStar/PILOT, increase in taxes, and nowhere to go but up for taxes? Wake up.

  22. @beachguy – you’re right. A local would do all those things, but look how the locals keep voting. Are you sure that they’d do better?

  23. This “out of towners” comment was originally made by the head of the LB Democrats and related to the head of the Nassau Democrats supporting a primary, which could loosen Zapson’s control by offering candidate (s) he doesn’t control. Personally, I’m all for it.

  24. Dix Hills Rob Agostisi told the council they had to be “neutral” for the istar meeting. Torres said this loud and clear during last council meeting. Watch Video yourself. Out of town corp council tells the council what their position is to be on any given issue. Time for change, Zapson is done!!!!

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