Reader Allegria Observation & Opinion [Plus paid parking next door]

A readers observation on the Allegria Hotel. Plus, did you know the vacant lot next door has paid parking now? I saw it last Saturday, so I’m thinking it might be just weekends.

allegria“I observed this weekend that the Allegria no longer supplies chairs/ towels/ umbrellas to their guests.

As I was taking a walk on Saturday I asked the doorman and he said that is correct- the Allegria no longer supplies their guests with beach amenities and they no longer give beach passes. This means people coming to spend the weekend at a beachfront hotel, have nothing but a small room with tepid water and horrible service-

I wonder if they are trying to go bankrupt – who would want to spend time there.  And the parking situation is REALLY AWFUL.

I think a beach front hotel in Long Beach , just a train ride away, should be a positive thing- bringing in lots of visitors to our great city.

14 Replies to “Reader Allegria Observation & Opinion [Plus paid parking next door]”

  1. It’s ironic that they
    A. have a parking lot under the building they use for mostly storage
    B. Charge for valet parking but park in spots on the streets and in the empty lot near Edwards
    C. Get police details on busy weekends at the taxpayers expense

  2. This place is a joke. High prices for a small room, they charged $25 a day to park my car and I got it back filthy. Moron valet said it was from the sand. So I had to leave there and then go get my car washed. I will never every stay there or recommend that place.

  3. we told our visiting friends that the allegria was beautiful-didn’t know they wanted 499 a nite and a 2 nite minimum-what planet are they on and why are they in long beach???

  4. And now they are blocking off one lane in front of their building to use for the valets. I was under the impression that the street was public, but silly me.

  5. I wonder how much of their income is from events–I’ve been to several weddings there which were great. Maybe that’s what they’re trying to focus on? No idea.

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