7 Replies to “Long Beach Fire Department 2nd annual Open House [Sunday, June 7th!]”

  1. I went to this – was cool to watch the demonstrations. Too bad the “paid” guys didn’t come out – would have been nice to see they actually give a hoot like they say they do – guess there was no opportunity for them to ask for more staffing or pat themselves on the back so they stayed home. Thanks from a lady who pays your salaries – would have been nice to ‘meet’ you.

  2. They were told this was a volunteer only event and not invited. It’s only one department when it’s convenient to the volunteers, they love taking credit for everything when it comes to their fundraising efforts and call volumes. Even the flyer was fugase, they touted the calls that only tha paid guys go to.

  3. Boo hoo for the paid guys. You didn’t miss a thing Wendy. Bunch of overpaid babies. They’ll be gone soon all together. Until then….let em cry, all LTs too. Joke.

  4. Please vote republican so we can truly correct the FD issue by eliminating the entire paid department (aka 19 guys). Not needed.

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