8 Replies to “Red Roof tiles going up on the potty/food stations. I’m glad to see the city going with an actual theme.”

  1. Its the wrong theme! I dont understand why we can’t start fresh and adopt a truly seaside theme! Like the above post everything looks like a cheap taco bell! Blues,greys,whites should be used to define our city. Look at newport, cape cod, etc. these are all vacation destinations with a continuous theme. Instead we are stuck in a time warp……is it just me? Who is making these decisions?

  2. Better eliminate any and all ways of climbing up onto the roof from the BW. The roofing material on the roof of the rest rooms/ icecream building on the BW at Riverside was frequently vandalized by the local dirtbags. Proximity of railings, benches, and partition walls provided an easy climb for the dirtbags. Looks like an expensive long life roof that will last if dirtbags can’t reach it.

  3. *Purportedly*, cameras are going up at the comfort stations and on boardwalk, as well as a police booth in the middle (E/W) of the boardwalk, along with regular boardwalk patrols. Hopefully, this will deter bad behavior/acts.

  4. LB used to be cool – this town is now occupied by whiners, complainers and pure idiots who bitch 24/7. There’s NOTHING wrong with the “look” – jeezzz ya’ll suck

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